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Hobby pledges for 2019

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    As some of you may know, for the past few years I’ve been running a thread like this.  This is a communal place to post your hobby new years resolutions. Please set yourself some goals below, add them to the spreadsheet and post your progress across the year here.  If we can all see each others progress towards these goals then it provides encouragement and motivation for us all.  I’m looking at the progress sheet for 2018 and I can see a lot of people on target for hitting their goals.

    Here are some guidelines:

    • Set yourself some realistic hobby goals for 2019, allowing yourself plenty of wiggle room to buy and focus on new stuff because its going to happen.  For example, I usually paint just north of 300 models a year, so I always pledge under 150.  It’s mid November right now and I’m on the final project of 7 models for my 2018 pledge.
    • Don’t let this force you to do things you don’t want to do, or to paint faster or harder than you are comfortable.  It’s meant to add encouragement and fun to the hobby only, not to ruin it for you.
    • You know those models you’ve been putting off painting for a while?  Perhaps they intimidate you?  Perhaps they’re a lot of work?  Pledge to get them done.  Setting yourself a deadline and allowing yourself to feel publicly accountable for missing it can be the push you need to get them done.
    • If you pledge something open ended like “hit 100% complete in my Tyranid army by the end of 2019”, do not count models gained in December 2019.  That’s not realistic, or fair on yourself.
    • Don’t be afraid to change your pledge as the situation changes.  Once again, it’s meant to be fun, not a burden.  I know mine will not be static until the start of the new year at least.  I’m still working out what my goals want to be and right now it covers 2 new games I don’t even know if I want to play enough to invest all that hobby time in.  Plus who knows what Santa will bring me that I might want to prioritise (Not that socks need a lot of painting)


    Anyway, here’s the link to the editable shared Pledge Spreadsheet for 2019.  Get thinking about what you want to achieve, and add yourself, and post a summary below.  Tweak as you see fit until the start of the new year.  Check out last years post and sheet for examples, and my pledge below.


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    My 2019 pledges

    Bare minimum:   If a faction hits 100% painted, it should end the year at 100% painted.  Anything new acquired for them gets added to the pledge for the year.

    Main Goals:

    • Space Wolves Terminators (10)
    • Space Wolves Tactical Marines (11) + Tech Marine
    • Land Raider
    • Rhino
    • Vindicator
    • Predator
    • Dreadnought
    • Venerable Dreadnought
    • Brewers Guild (8)
    • Masons Guild (6)
    • Wolves of Orboros (6) (The last few unpainted models I gained in 2017)
    • Cygnar Charger (The last few unpainted models I gained in 2015)
    • Stormcallers (3) (The last few unpainted models I gained in 2015)
    • 40k Chaos Demons (3)
    • Tharn Wolf Rider Champ
    • DZ Mercs (paint or sell?) (8) (The last few unpainted models I gained in 2015)
    • Either: MBP Gods x4, MBP Monsters x4, MBP Heroes x5 and MBP Units x6
    • Or: 4x Godtear factions
    • 2016 SmogCon Pirate mini (The last unpainted model I gained in 2016)
    • 2017 SMogCon alt sculpts for Eiryss and Reinholdt (The last few unpainted models I gained in 2017)

    Optional Target:

    • Optional: paint 5 Asset Drop Monster Boxes (5)


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    @lawnor Thanks for doing this again , I shall certainly be involved as it has kept me focused but I may not get to pledging until December…..



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    I only posted it now so it gives people time to think and because I’m almost done with 2018 so I’m getting ready to start 2019.  Pledge when you’re ready.  Hell, if someone finds this post in August 2019 they should feel free to post a pledge and join in for the remainder of the year.


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    I’m not entirely sure I’m going to hit the deadline for the Space Hulk Hobby Challenge but I’m pretty determined to get it done by the end of the year (

    Which means I’ll have an interactive playing surface for pretty much any tabletop game; a Space-Hulk-a-like is almost done. It’d be pretty cool to have at least a dozen genestealers and two different Space Marine parties completed, to play the game with!

    Hopefully that won’t take all year, so I’m pledging to have a Blood-Bowl-a-like game written and at least two full teams painted up (humans and orcs seem obvious but I quite like the idea of elves/dwarves).


    2019 Hobby pledge:

    • Don’t back anything on Kickstarter with an endless rabbit-hole of stretch goals and exclusives.
      • This was my only goal of 2018, and I’m happy to report it was successful-minus the Hellboy game, but I knew ahead of time that that would be my one cheat, on top of that Hellboy was the only games related KS I got in on.
    • Don’t back anything on Kickstarter that doesn’t have local interest.
    • Maybe just stop using Kickstarter…
    • Don’t give in to New Shiny Stuff™ — specifically minis from ranges I don’t even use, also, cut back buying new rules.
    • Purge games I’m not really using or flat out don’t play anymore (all GW, Bolt Action. Saga, Muskets & Tomahawks, and Blood & Plunder are getting close to the chopping block as well). It’s causing clutter in my brain, and in my house.
    • Current paint pile:
      • World of Twilight – Casanii, Dhogu
      • Quar – Partisans
      • Savage Core – Amazons, Cro Magnons
      • Tombstone – 7th Cavalry
      • Rogue Stars – Fear Agent (themed factions)
    • In the preorder pile:
      • Rogue Stars – Firefly/Serenity (themed faction from Blackwater Gulch)
    • Games I will keep supporting/playing in 2019 (fortunately they all have very low model counts):
      • World of Twilight
      • Quar
      • Savage Core
      • RelicBlade
      • Tribal
      • Red Book of the Elf King
      • Tombstone
      • Rogue Stars
      • In Her Majesty’s Name
      • Arcworlde
      • Rangers of Shadow Deep (maybe)



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    @derekkinsman. Wow. Brutal 😉


    Cult of Games Member

    Hmm…   Will have to think long and hard about this.   I’ve completely failed to come anywhere near to doing any of my 2018 pledges.

    I would love to say that I’ll paint at least one of my big Kickstarer boxes.   Something with nice miniatures that should be fun to paint, but not something with absolutely stunning miniatures that I’m afraid of starting for not doing a good enough job.

    Perhaps Deep Madness?



    Still a bit of time to go for 2018, so I’ll be able to cross of another 2-3 things from my 2018 list. But the main lesson for me from past year does come down to ‘slow your enthusiasm partner’. Nowhere near what I had hoped to get done for the year, though the stuff that got painted up has been a lot of fun. Just randomly building and painting stuff for Kill Team in particular has been a blast, really scratches my creativity itch.

    Granted it has been a mess of a year with all manner of ‘real world’ drama, ill family members, work shenanigans and what not. Free time and hobby energy have been at an all-time low, though in all honesty I suspect that just ‘forcefully’ planning in more hobby time would have been a good thing on many different levels. There is something near therapeutic about the building and painting side of our little hobby, borderline mindfulness training. 😉

    Probably the best thing for 2019 is for me to actually get stuck in and finish projects. Been indexing my to do pile (perhaps a bit too much of my research job bleeding over into the rest of my life) and there are like a dozen plus projects half to fully built and even undercoated that got shelved for all manner of reasons.  Most of them don’t even go past 15-20 models, there’s a lot of relatively fast progress to be made there I think. Planning to try and build up some momentum over the holidays, get several of those older projects ready for actual painting and sorting out stuff I won’t get around to to trade, sell, pass on or put towards charity.

    I’ll update the specific projects details somewhere over the coming week or two, still sorting out what there’s actually left to do. Plus the current year is short and still full of hobby projects. Have at least one Kill Team yet to finish for example. 😉


    @lawnor – Quick, general thanks for setting this one up again. Though I personally didn’t make it far through my 2018 list, it has been a lot of fun to see other folks get stuck in! Good idea by the way to set a ‘if fully painted now, it should end the year fully painted’-rule for yourself. Effective way to keep the new pile from overflowing.


    @derekkinsman – Know the feeling man. It’s so tempting to hold on to models and games because they’re cool or ‘we’ll get around to them later’. Still have some goodies from the Rogue Trader era because of that, reality still hasn’t fully sunk in for those. Cool selection of games you’ll continue to support though, lots of quite diverse and unique rules / settings in there. Plus how can I not look forward to seeing more World of Twilight stuff, have my own Dhogu on the docket for 2019.


    @angelicdespot – Big, daunting, but fun projects. Haven’t gotten a chance to play Deep Madness myself, but I do believe the majority of the game is scenario based right? If so perhaps combining gaming sessions with painting goals could help break up that pile of lovely models into more manageable segments. Thinking about doing the same with Star Saga, painting the heroes, terrain pieces and basic enemy types needed for the first 2-3 missions, play the scenarios a couple of times and then move on to the more elite enemies and bosses.


    My pledge are not too numerous in order to get things painted

    • to push out 3 minis from the Minicrate subscription to at least a decent tabletop quality
    • to paint up 4 of my project boxes that I’ve set aside for display. These ‘project boxes’, as I call them, are the plastic containers that Chessex sell for their dice that I put figures into that are readied with display bases I’m building up
    • to finish painting my Malifaux minis (Some’r Teeth crew-8, original Pandora crew-5, Miss Step, Rail Golem, The Scorpius, Blessed of December,  nurses-2 and performers/mannequins-4)
    • sell/trade figures to whittle down the number I’m keeping about (a reason for throwing in for a backstage aside from keeping the lights on at OTT)

    As far as other pledges

    • publish three projects

    Cult of Games Member

    Okay I have just finished this year’s pledges so while I am still basking in the rosey glow I am going to push the boat out with next year’s pledges.

    Like last year I am aiming for a minimum level. Some systems got extra stuff last year that I didn’t plan, so, like last year by publisher;


    WWX – Paint a hands box.

    Privateer Press :

    Warmachine- Paint that Trenchers unit that has been staring at me

    Minicrate- Paint 2 crates

    Steamforged Games:

    Guild Ball – Paint a team

    Godtear – Paint a Champion and followers.

    Warlord Games:

    Konflict 47 – Paint the German Starter set.

    Mantic Games:

    Deadzone  #1 – Finish painting the Nexus Psi box

    Deadzone #2 – Paint the Enforcers starter box

    Vanguard/KoW #1  – Finish my Basilean Kickstarter force

    Vanguard/KoW #2 – Paint the Nightstalker Kickstarter force.

    Games Workshop:

    Age of Sigmar – Finish Painting the new Starter box.

    Middle Earth  FBG – Finally finish the Goblin Town Starter Box

    Blood Bowl – Paint a team

    Necromunda – Paint Goliath gang

    Shadespire – Paint a Warband

    Kill team – Paint a Warband

    Warhammer Quest – Paint one of the two … (soon to be three) boxes I have

    .. and Squats if GW produce anymore Squats/Demiurge this year I will buy the hell out of it.


    .. a lot more than last year but what is life without challenges?

    Thanks again @lawnor



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    Still figuring out my little list for 2019, while slowly chipping away at this year’s to do list. But I saw this one pass by on the social medias, just too good / relevant not to post in here. Also some good musical inspiration for tonight’s humble undercoating session. 😉


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    Cult of Games Member

    @lawnor Hi mate thanks for creating the new spreadsheet.

    Would you like me to populate my column with the goals I outlined above??

    I am hesitant to do this without your permission as you go to all the effort of creating this service and possibly enjoy setting things out your way.

    On the other hand I don’t want to be a pathetic sod waiting to be waited on by someone who is doing me a great service.

    Your call mate, either way I am happy.


    Cult of Games Member

    @beardragon14 The spreadsheet is there for everyone to edit as they see fit.  No permission needed.  Go for it.  It is for everybody.  At some point if I get bored at work I may add people who have not added themselves.


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    Hi @lawnor

    I’ve seen these threads before, but never committed to them. This year I’ll participate for sure!

    I’m not really sure what my output will be like so I might set a goal and review it mid-year.

    So then, the goals:

    Dungeon Saga Kickstarter set: 113 pieces including minis and terrain pieces.

    Finish Kingdom Death:Monster base game set and some extras I’ve added: 40-ish

    Betrayal at Calth box: 38 minis

    My current Elf project should be finished by the end of the year, but it may spill over. If so I’ll add it in 😁

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