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Hobby Weekender 02/11/2018 – Straight to Video Edition

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    1st rule of painting . if you have a huge pile of shame. buy more ! WAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH




    Hey guys been busy so haven’t posted, and have my son again this weekend. How are we all?



    Hi @mage

    Right now I’m tired as f***. You know this feeling when nothing seems to be any fun and it’s hard to find something to have some relaxing time.  I have a feeling I could sleep all weekend long. But things are planned. Next week there will be another game of Legion (testing Boba and the E-Web) and my best buddy has his bachelor Party. Getting married and stuff. So if you don’t hear from me from Friday to Sunday… I’m probably recovering ,)



    Hey Team, apologies for the late post re awards etc, have been out of action for a few days with a tension headache. Mostly back together now though so please don’t worry about me 🙂

    Well, everything was close this week, and awards were really hard to sort so great team effort everyone! I could say something terribly cliched like ‘Hobby is the real winner here’ but then you would all point and laugh at me, so instead this weeks winner was @horati0nosebl0wer just sneaking in ahead of @rayzryr – awards list follows:

    · Most Valuable Player (most engaged with topic) – @horati0nosebl0wer
    · Fire Starter (topic starter, encourages the member circulation) – @rayzryr for the follow-up on the frosted varnish solution
    · Hobby Champ (most hobby over the weekend) – @mage for finishing his Iron Hobby project and then backing up with a stupildy large amount of more hobby just to mix things up…
    · Meme Lord (ryhmes, funnies & memes) – @horati0nosebl0wer for the space marine pic 🙂
    · Pun-Tertainment (best pun) – Didn’t see anything too noteable/terrible so no winner this week.
    · Brush Licker (painting & terrain) – going to say @dawfydd for quietly chipping away every week doing stunning conversion work and slow growing a unique and distinctive tabletop force. And also for inspired use of the colour shift paints.
    · Headliner DJ (most eclectic music) -SO HARD TO CHOOSE! @horati0nosebl0wer
    · Armchair Commander (weekend battle reports) – Going to give this one to @sundancer because reporting on a con counts as a battle report, right?…
    · Community Usher (helpful & engaged) @rayzryr
    · Storyteller (weekly discussion & story)  – @rayzryr for the school project

    @lancorz grateful if you were abel to alolocateawards when you have an opportunity, thanks 🙂

    @tuffyears moar horde for the Waaagh! good to see 🙂




    Good work @horati0nosebl0wer ! Well played.

    glad to see we’re doing our job and making it difficult for @evilstu lol!

    thanks @evilstu for running this week’s event.



    Huzza I got an award! 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 91 through 96 (of 96 total)

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