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Hobby Weekender 05/10/2018 – Now woth more typos…

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    Hello all and welcome to another Hobby weekender – now with 37% more hobby for no apparent reason…

    This is a collaborative, chatty thread. Not an exclusive thing or elitist. Please join in and enjoy a friendly welcome. Make a hobby pledge, post some tunes, let us all know how you are getting on. No religion or politics but otherwise discussion and chatting is encouraged. Points awarded for entertaining posts, being engaged or getting hobby done and there is a winner declared at the end.

    By tradition, there are questions to get the ball rolling. So, answer me these questions three…


    1) Grocery store sales and themed events in online games are alerting me to the fact that Halloween is approaching. What are your thoughts on the event, either the commercial aspect or its historical origins?

    2) What is one hobby product or accessory that you thought was gimmicky or a waste of time up until the point where you actually owned one and discovered how useful it was?

    3) As humantity moves out to colonise space in generations to come do you think the idea of national identity or traditions will still be relevant or will they all fall by the wayside?

    Please post tunes and hobby pledges (aspirational pledges are fine) and if you haven’t joined in on the thread before please do feel welcome and jump on in
    Also there are bonuses for the following ‘Achievements’:
    · Most Valuable Player (most engaged with topic)
    · Fire Starter (topic starter, encourages the member circulation)
    · Hobby Champ (most hobby over the weekend)
    · Meme Lord (ryhmes, funnies & memes)
    · Pun-Tertainment (best pun)
    · Brush Licker (painting & terrain)
    · Headliner DJ (most eclectic music)
    · Armchair Commander (weekend battle reports)
    · Community Usher (helpful & engaged)
    · Storyteller (weekly discussion & story)

    Points will be awarded by me for posts. Ordinarily I would divine the appropriate number of points by butchering livestock and studying the entrails, but as I don’t actually own any livestock and may faint at the sight of all that blood, I shall substitute carrots instead…




    First! 😊



    Well today has pretty much been a write-off for me hobby-wise. Still burned out from work last week so have gotten nothing done. Spent a bit of time flitting round on interweb sites looking at the availability of smaller scale minis (10mm to 6mm) and done a bit of online mindless PC gaming (DDO and Mordheim) beyond that nothing much done. Did notice that Ant Man and the Wasp is out on DVD this week, so might look to try and pick that up. Will probably retire early this evening and recommence tomorrow, hopefully with more of a game-plan. One thing I would like to try and achieve is list all the stuff I have sitting around in boxes and try and organise into coherent projects – actually considering starting a hidden project on the site to organize my projects…



    Hi guys. Been busy recently so though it time to jump in again on here


    @evilstu If you need any help with 6 or 10mm give us a shout as I’ve been using it for years


    Ok questions

    1.  Halloween. Always been big in NI but not until recently did the American trend of trick or treating really start . My cousin’s growing up in England had never even heard of Halloween as they always celebrated Guy Fawkes. Me and the wife don’t bother. Firstly because we don’t have kids and secondly as my wife being Australian it was never really an event over there. Like England the influx of American TV etc has started to make it a thing


    2. I was going to say paint brushes but in honesty my setup is pretty simple with just paint,brushes,knives and some needle files.

    If I had to chose something I would say pin drill. It about 30 years since I bought one but it was funky at the time

    3. Never been a big fan of the whole national jingoistic thing people seem to get off on.  I live where I live but don’t feel any great patriotic fervour about it. Sadly on social media you see lots of memes about click if you love xx country or share if you think your govt should spend more on farmers than send money to other countries in aid. There all just created by right wing white supremacist scumbags like Britain First or the White Knights in Australia looking to show how popular they are. They don’t care about the country they live in just their own sad little xenophobic views and how much money they can rip off the public for



    @mage first indeed! Mandatory first post bonus points – 10 points.

    @torros welcome back 🙂 Thanks, really appreciate that – I might take you up on the offer later on. Currently just seeing what’s available. I might just pick up a couple of packs in 10mm and 6mm and see how I found them to paint. Even with postage included least the cost outlay at this scale is pretty manageable.

    Yes the nationalism thing had me thinking about it’s applicability to a spacefaring future-humanity. How relevant would days of national significance be when you are probably operating on a very different solar year? Similarly, would national dishes continue when you likely wouldn’t be able to source the required ingredients? Sorry, just saw that the Japanese space agency had landed a couple of probes on an asteroid last month and once I got past what a feat that was I started contemplating how much longer it would be before people began to identify with a planet or asteroid as home rather than ancestral locales. 30 points for responses.






    Well it just so happens I’ve started a 10mm Greek project


    Time for the mandatory plug

    Hail to the Men of Bronze



    Question 1. I don’t mind Halloween and sometimes I even leave the lights on so trick or treaters know I am home. Always gives a good excuse to throw zombies into our wargames. For example last year there was an infinity co-op zombie mission that took over my local play group. And who doesn’t love a Halloween ice cream van eh @warzan?

    2. The GeeDubya painting handle. Like everyone else I was very skeptical about it but I did some independent research and found they were out there already but not as good and made of wood. At £5 it wasn’t horribly expensive so I bought one to try. Now I wish I had used them for years. Very much looking forward to getting another with my 40k conquest sub.

    3. We can’t all agree now, imagine how much worse we would be over that much resources? Human tribal nature isn’t a manufactored thing it’s an inherent species trait. Not sure if it’s a survival thing, probably is, but it’s there none the less.

    Hobby wise I completed assembly of my pipes etc for my kill team board. I’ll try for a picture at some point. Great kit though, would match that new Game Mat EU scenery the BoW boys showed off today to a T.

    Some music.



    nothing says ‘weekend’ like the hobby weekender thread 😀

    1) Grocery store sales and themed events in online games are alerting me to the fact that Halloween is approaching. What are your thoughts on the event, either the commercial aspect or its historical origins?

    Halloween is a purely commercial powered American tradtion that unfortunately is starting to grow over here as well.

    That’s not to say that our current tradtions aren’t as commercialised to heck, but at least they are ours.
    The only problem is that our ‘Saint Nicolas’ (who appears to be the source of the ‘Santa Clause’ story) is considered to be ‘racist’ because he has helpers called ‘Black Pete’. A small minority of *Beeps* has been consistently ruining the biggest event for children with their whining. It’s gotten to the point I can’t watch the big tv event where he arrives by steamboat.

    OTOH … we still have our traditional ‘pepernoten’ & ‘taai taai’ and they’re in shops already.

    As kids we had ‘Saint Martin’ on 11-11 which involved taking a lantern with a candle to watch a guy ride a horse around a huge fire. I doubt the kids use candles, because it is ‘dangerous’ like so many things.
    It’s not huge, but it was kind of fun to watch a big ol’ fire

    2) What is one hobby product or accessory that you thought was gimmicky or a waste of time up until the point where you actually owned one and discovered how useful it was?

    A figure holder

    I never drank enough to collect corks to use and blue tac is something I never saw in shops.
    I recently bought the one GW advertised and it’s been pretty useful.

    3) As humantity moves out to colonise space in generations to come do you think the idea of national identity or traditions will still be relevant or will they all fall by the wayside?

    I think we need a gigantic paradigm shift before that happens.
    A future like 2300 AD with earth’s nations intact as we colonize is more likely than a global ‘Federation’
    We’re too tribal to shift to let go of our basic instincts, although some of us in the west have at least dropped the more idiotic aspects of that.
    Heck, you only need to look at current conflicts in Africa and other parts of the world to see how difficult it is to let go of this ‘us vs them’ idea. And then there is a certain religious cult (and the political parties who oppose that cult) who seem to thrive on fueling this sort of behaviour. That’s all I’m going to say about this, because it’d get too political for this thread.

    I’d rather talk about fun stuff instead.

    Remember ‘Saint Nicolas’ ?
    The stories about him are usually pretty happy kid-friendly stuff.

    However there was a horror movie that cast him as an evil bishop who kidnaps and murders children whenever there is a full moon on 5th of December (the day he died). The movie is pretty average, but the idea is great.

    I mean look at this poster :




    Helllooooo everyone!

    First, sorry that i didn’t contribute last week, but i was away for a little holiday to hamburg with my dad, visiting some friends over there. I just came back a few minutes ago and still need to unpack and see what i missed during that time. So my hobby pledge for this week is just: try to get some sort of hobby in, whatever i’ll find time for.

    Well one could say a pledge from last week was to go to the Miniaturwunderland (Miniaturewonderland), a gigantic world of model trains (as of now they have sections for hamburg, bavaria, the alps in switzerland and austria, parts of the usa with the grand canyon, las vegas and florida (i guess), scandinavia, venice and rome. Their next project is Monaco and after that the british or irish coast.) Here are some few impressions, and @lloyd maybe you want to look at these too:

    this was just in a showcase where they show their terrainbuilding with the same place just in different time periods.


    some pictures from their usa-section:


    this one was in germany


    different places along their alps:


    a concert from DJ Bobo, and yes those are all tiny minis:


    i don’t remember where this was, but it looked nice:


    In Scandinavia they have a river with real water and gigantic ships moving on it, in germany they have a gigantic airport with planes starting and landing. And details everywhere, too much to see in just one visit. If you ever get the chance to come to hamburg, i recomend a visit there.


    On to the questions:

    1.) During my childhood halloween was almost not existant in germany, we knew it just from some american tv shows. In the last few years it became bigger, but it’s far from what it is in other countrys. There are some halloween partys, but kids going trick or treeting is not seen very often. And my personal opinion is that i’m fascinated by the historic roots of it all, but i couldn’t care less about the modern halloween and all the commercial apsects of it.

    2.) to tell the truth it has to be one of those handles to hold your mini during painting. I don’t want to miss mine, even if it is “just” the one from GW.

    3.) i would hope that the idea of national territory and identiy will fall away, but that traditions remain. That we have our traditions, but just think of ourselves as terrans and not americans, germans, chinese etc. A bit like in one of my favorite novell-series Perry Rhodan.

    Tunes … maybe those will be torture for some/most of you, but since i visited the musical for the lion king during my trip to hamburg, well some of those songs i can’t get out of my head.

    and to mix it up a little bit:





    and just because i just stumbled over this one:

    i wish there would be more advertising like this!



    it’s a big ad ?

    nah … that was a tiny one.

    The original with subtitles for those who can’t understand latin :



    @limburger i take that one and raise you with 10000 japense singing the ode of joy 😉



    don’t forget … new season of Doctor Who starts on Sunday !

    Shift it …



    ‘ello… yesterday was a day in the pub with coworkers…. I might have stretched my liver a bit

    So today only big tool work.


    It’s a squirrel feeding station made from scrap wood.



    @sundancer : how the heck are those squirrels going to eat that ?

    And do those critters need feeding at all ?

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