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Hobby Weekender 10/05/19 A bit of gaming philosophy this time

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    Phase 1: Underpants


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    @mage naaa…. the strategy applies only to tabletop hobby, PC and videogames.


    @limburger Dark endings where evil survives is lazy in many ways but does round out that idea of evil having a power to it that will continue. No matter the efforts of humanity The Great Other/ Elder Things will still be. It does give the triumph of victory that much more succor when people do survive and end the threat. In the case of ‘Cabin in the Woods’ it was hilarious to see the trope turned on its head as the story took the geek knowledgebase and blended it together.

    Yes! I have had ‘Rare Exports’ pop up on my radar a few times and I’ve just not gotten around to watching it.

    @warzan I see flying bases! The whole kit came together real well for refurbishing your forces. The Carnotaurus and Triceratops additions really stand out and give weight to the otherwise short/squat skinks.

    @robert The bag looks good. Switching between textures makes for a better piece visually. Sweater cabling has a certain appeal that way. Then again you can do all sorts of things like taking off the back entirely for certain appeal to sweaters (Blast you pixiv and your motifs!).

    @mage If you want high quality Korean food porn (not splosh, you degenerates!) then check out the YouTue channel for Maangchi

    Her videos make my mouth water from thinking about the yummy goodness that she is creating. I wish that I had the ability to enjoy it more often but then it would lose its wonder as a sometimes food (kinda like pomegranates).

    As far as the Gatormen I’ve put into my head the plan for a project to paint them and set them on 40mm recessed bases for resin work to create swamp scenery. I don’t play WarmaHordes but they’d still be on playable bases if I got the urge/had the need to part with them. Pragmatism is key with space. I can make display pieces but they won’t be useful to me unless I make them so.

    @woldenspoons Ouch! We need to get some sugar for that salt.

    @sundancer Right! Hobbying commando style it is for the lot of us! I think that might work for sauna but maybe not gathered together at the FLGS. There’s enough nightmare fuel without adding more.

    Aaand on tying that to the comics films I present this


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    No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service.


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    @mage I may not like superheroes as a genre, but I do appreciate a good movie 🙂
    Captain Marvel had a uniform that could change colour for some reason that wasn’t really explained …
    Or at least the only one that would have made sense is ‘camouflage’ except they didn’t bother with that so *meh*

    I must admit that my appreciation for ‘bad’ movies varies quite a bit. Capt. Plank did have its share of weaknesses, but I think there were a few assets that made it worth watching 😀
    Batman vs Superman had none of that.
    Suicide Squad was a completely different level of bad, but I did like Harley Quin …
    hmm … I think I’m sensing a pattern here 😉


    What is the consensus on ‘Orville’ ?
    I’ve seen the pilot episode … and I’m not sure yet.
    It’s better at being Star Trek than the JJ Trek movies, but the ‘comedy’ is sooo lazy & lame it failed.

    At the moment I prefer Hyperdrive


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    Give the Orville a chance. It’s solid and when it leans more into the drama side it’s the best Trek in years



    There’s good humour in Discovery and even some spots that would be at home in the Orville. Very recommended.

    @limburger nothing to catch your eye in BvS?

    Thinking ahead I think you’d enjoy Aquaman 😉.

    Hmm this leads me to a question for the more fantastically orientated wargamers about Superhero characters in your games.


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    @woldenspoons like the rest of BvS  it was so dark it barely registered.


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    One series I have started to watch is Chernobyl.  Don’t know how historically accurate it is, but it is bloody good drama so far.


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    Gonna call this one closed guys. Night!


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    One last thing before chaps – if anyone fancies a free 30 days of anime through Crunchyroll try out this code: GK9ASTHF4BU

    I got it as part of my Twitch Prime rewards  for this month but I already have a subscription so I can’t use it….


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    This was a tough one to do with the ten page monster we created. It took a while too so off for lunch.

    Okay, here are the points totals and awards (awards have xp attached). Thanks for participating in this one, and apologies for my patchy hosting and late totallings. Any feedback to my hosting is appreciated and I am sorry if I missed something.

    @warzan 195 poinrs
    @wolfch 180 points
    @woldenspoons 150 points
    @robert 135 points
    @horati0nosebl0wer 135 points
    @limburger 125 points
    @evilstu 95 points
    @sundancer 80 points
    @dawfydd 65 points
    @crazyredcoat 30 points
    @avernos 20 points

    · Most Valuable Player – @limburger 50 EXP for discussion and debate
    · Fire Starter – @mage
    · Hobby Champ – @warzan 50 EXP
    · Meme Lord – @horati0nosebl0wer 50 EXP
    · Pun-Tertainment @warzan 50 EXP Cocksoreass rex…
    · Brush Licker – @wolfch @sundancer tied 50 EXP each, I will forgo my own for hosting.
    · Headliner DJ – @horatio0nosel0wer 50 EXP
    · Armchair Commander – @crazyredcoat 50 EXP
    · Community Usher – @robert 50 EXP
    · Storyteller – @avernos 50 EXP for popping in with useful information

    Two more threads to go, haha.

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    @mage Thanks for hosting again. Always good have you along when time permits


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    @mage huzzah! I didn’t do too bad. except that as usual I was way too ambitious. Sorry for the lack of participation last weekend I had a few 100km to drive and then on Sunday my work decided it’d be fun working from 5 am to 2 pm 😛


    so no hobby for me last weekend. more to come this week!




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    Hope your ok after all the driving. The new thread will continue til Thursday so feel free to pop on by if you feel like it

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