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Hobby Weekender 11/01/… So if I carry the 1… That must make it 2019….

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    @mage once again a nice mixed smorgasboard of a pledge. Huge congrats on the PB on the weights 🙂 Just finished Daredevil s3 last week. really enjoyed it. So glad that he got a netflix series rather than a rebooted movie – one of the more complex characters in the Marvel stable so nice to see them have an opportunity to work on those themes in a little more detail. Was going to move on to Altered carbon but got distracted by Frontier – This may lead me to starting a French indian War project (because 7 historical armies queued up for attention clearly isn’t a big enough backlog… :-/ ) Glad to hear D&D is still ticking along. this has been a reasonably long running campaign now hasn’t it? 30 caramel crowns for question responses and a bonus 10 for the PB 🙂 20 more for night vault progress – the spectral green effect looks tremendous! 60 total

    @dawfydd really good news that they have located the issue that’s been causing you pain. Hope you can get it addressed successfully and soon. let us know if we can do anything to help you out as far as recovery or support and motivation to get fitness back p to speed when the time comes 🙂 More awesome conversions, but I do have to ask – did that axe come off a bloodthirster? wow, even Ork warlords would be intimidated … 40 caramel crowns.

    @woldenspoons nice tidy work on the base colors for WD -they look tabletop ready to me as they presently stand 🙂 How did you find the game? 20 caramel crowns.

    @horati0nosebl0wer So. Much. Resin! Do you have a paint scheme chosen? Is this a ‘for fun’ project or are you going to roll this on ein to an AoS Dwarf Overlords force? Wake up tunes work, but wake up tunes with coffee work better 🙂 And there’s the drops I was looking for… Hope you got through the surprise shift OK. 20 caramel crowns.



    @mage we’re probably all still in holiday mode 😉 I’ll confess that I didn’t get to my Brets on the weekend. did get some other bits and pieces progressed though. Should add some pics I guess… But right now, because I have had the song stuck in my head for 3 days straight,




    OK, my hobby progress for the week was as follows:

    Got another pass of red ink sprayed down on my Knights of the White Wolf. Much happier with the coverage and tone now.


    A blue ink wash over the dragon I’m working on. really toned down the colour shift effect but I do like the end colour resulting from the combination.


    Put together a block of crossbowmen out of spare and scrounged bits for my Middenheim force


    Converted a replacement right arm for the mounted Valten model (he may end up being a mounted generic lord im my Middenheim force) and ran a proof of concept test on a halberdier given the bodies I had set aside weren’t going to work (they became my crossbowmen)


    And started putting together some more proxies for Teutogen Guard. Will need to greenstuff some big cloaks and tabards for these guys. I’ve pretty much come to peace with the need to do an order to Norba for some of theri proxy minis, and wanted something to break up the uniform nature of the posing for theri proxy Teutogen Guard. Hopefully having some of these guys scattered through the ranks should be enough to make it appear that there is a bit of variety in posing.




    Gonna do things backward here a little;




    It is indeed a… one of those boards… And thanks for the congrats! I need to get back to the gym. I had my son up for a few days so fitness fell by the wayside. Im hoping to go tonight after my twelve hour shift.


    I’ve started it. Im two or three episodes into S3 and loving it. Really need to find time in the next few days to finish it. It is true about his complexity, I give you that. Altered Carbon is also something I would strongly recommend you watch. It is so good.


    Yes, holiday mode indeed. Im kind of relieved Christmas is over with everything that went on and things starting to ‘normalise’ a bit more now.


    Those Knights of the White Wolf are looking fantastic. Can we get a close up? Beautiful red. So nice!


    What range is the dragon from?


    Cool crossbowmen. Is this all for Warhammer Fantasy or another game? Or both? Which editions? Are they current empire crossbowmen with Mordheim legs?


    I think the Valten should be your own creation! Like a Seneschal, Elector Count, Noble, General or Grand Master or something.


    Just checked out Norba, and that is some really nice stuff. I like their Witch Hunter.




    Also, shall I host this Friday?



    Hmm I’m technically officially biased about Here’s Negan so take my cheery over optimistic exaggerated review with a pinch of salt.

    It’s totally awesome. Ahem.

    In all seriousness it’s a cracking little game, usual quality you would expect from Mantic. The walkers are straight ported over from All Out War except they are bright green. The Saviors are all brand new sculpts and really good quality. Mantic figures hold a wash really well do I’m looking forward to finishing painting these.

    The game itself is fun. You control it, do everything in an orderly fashion and then well Here’s Negan happens and all your plans fly out the window and he’s hitting you with Lucille (He actually killed Sherry in my game).

    The boards are small squares and double sided so there are so many ways to put thet together it’s great.

    I’ll try to get pictures if ny figures as they are now as they are much better than in those pictures.



    @mage sure if you are keen to host this week and have the time 🙂

    Will do a close-up of the White Wolf knights when I get the chance – at the moment they just look metallic red. Going to give them white cloaks with dark grey/black horses and an ivory and gold accent on the armour which I hope should differentiate things a little.

    Dragon is a ‘stormwing’ from the reaper Bones line which I picked up in their Bones 3 KS (pro tip – if jumping in on a reaper KS go for the fun big stuff):

    Crossbowmen I think are mostly current range bits for the Freeguild – unsure. I picked up a mass of 2nd hand spares from Ebay a year or 2 ago and fished most of this lot out of that. heads were from the old Mordheim/6th ed Empire Free company sprue to give the unit more of a ‘rustic’ look befitting Middenheim.

    Yeah the Norba Witch hunter is pretty epic. May need to add one to the list. And the Alchemist/Engineer with long rifle too.  Also coveting some of the Bretonnians…

    Have just picked up another mini I can use to represent Boris Todbringer in the Middenheim force so might leave Valten as Valten or keep him aside for a Sigmarite themed army – will see how how the mood strikes me later on. After converting the Grandmaster of the White Wolf I’m just not up for hiding all that comet iconography on another model right now:-P






    Sounds like a fun game and I am glad I am reading your thoughts on it. I prefer to go on forums and hear or ask people about their thoughts then go the facebook route or check reviews, maybe with the exception of certain youtube videos.





    I will give it a whirl, one good turn and all that!


    Sounds like some awesome plans you have for the auld Knights.


    Stormwing? Nice! Might pick one up for d and d. How big is it next to a human knight on foot?


    Free Company were what Mordheim Human Mercenaries got reboxed into then, that explains it! Goregous minis.



    I want a witch hunter army! How that would work I do not know. Sounds like I should browse the entire range just to be safe. So I do not miss out on anything.


    I’m sure your creativity will steer you in the right direction as to what minis to use as what. Cant wait to see what you do and how you execute it.



    Page 2 Responses:





    Its been three years already? That’s a long time to be dealing with that.


    Benign is good, but scary stuff all the same. Hope it works out well and happens soon!


    Swimming might be good for helping. No impact or serious strain at the joints, everything gets worked out, good for muscle building, toning, cardio and flexibility.


    Nice space wolves. I love the kitbashing. As for the Wolf Guard Leader that is one big axe. Perhaps a suitably cheesy name with a pun involving the axe might be appropriate for him?




    The Walking Dead stuff is looking great.




    Cool airship, make much progress since?





    Thanks guys; won’t deny this thing in my back that it’s been weighing on my mind a bit, but being able to have hobby conversations with you mad lot helps take my mind off it 🙂

    @evilstu funnily enough it’s the stock axe you get in the Thunderwolf Cav kit….

    @mage you mean somethin like Tovi the Questioner? Because he “axes” people  questions?



    No, nothing?

    Jeez, tough crowd 😛




    @evilstu Hold there!

    **“galloping” in at full speed on a hobby horse, sporting a plastic helmet with oversized horns, wearing cardboard armor and a hastily sown together mishmash of those ungodly sheepskin throw rugs found at IKEA, wielding his trusty mop aloft with the dangly bits flapping in the breeze (because that’s how you roll when you’ve got dangly bits!) while enthralling all that behold this wondrous sight with a rendition of ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ on the kazoo (not to be confused with the melodica)**

    Before you go any further with your conversion there are sights to be seen. Keep the arms and mod the hell out of it with bits. The Norba are interesting but really the hammers are the only selling point.


    Or @dawfydd you can add the following torso mod for your Space Wolf stuff

    @mage @evilstu I might need to break out the Mordheim warband I have collecting dust in seeing all the good work. This I will wait for as yes, there is so much resin. Realistically I might just gift the project for Xmas as I don’t play AoS at all. I could change my mind if I really decided to set aside my painting but that’s crazy talk (righting the horned helmet after such a vigorous display of martial prowess)

    @mage The airship has come along a little. The detail work is really where I’ve been going at the thing since the model comes in so many pieces. I’ve been filling in gaps with Apoxisculpt and cutting the hull to have the planks look closer to seamless from bow to stern. I’ll probably do some more infill with gloss varnish and then sand it to level.

    Color scheme.. I already hate myself for thinking of going NMM but to make it a useful gaming piece I’ll break out my true metals because otherwise I’ll spend too much time trying to be careful in details and I know how much I’m standing by with on the backburner. Aside from that I’ll use a lot of warm neutrals for the ship and bring some life through the dwarves onboard. The airbrush is a great tool for such large areas and will give some good practice for highlighting before I start on my tanks.


    Now some more random music to let your brain wander with and just get lost in



    @horati0nosebl0wer well at least you didn’t tell me to Stop. Collaborate and listen 😛

    @mage snapped a quick pic f the Knights as they presently stand – primed in AP platemail with 2 airbrushed coats of Vallejo Red ink, water and Vallejo flow improver in approximately a 1:1:1 ratio. Will post better pics when I get on to progressing.


    I should go and fix up my 3d printer but it’s still nearly 40 degrees outside so don’t really want to be hanging out in the garage where it will be hotter. Might leave it for the weekend instead. Proper comments and points later 😀



    @mage yes I have a bit of a thing for cyberpunk so keen to see how the aesthetic of Altered Carbon looks. I’m still really looking forward to the idea of doing a cyberpunk gaming table one day. No idea what I’d do with it – Possibly use it for HINT or Afterlife? Maybe treat it as an administration world in 40k?… yeah the Xmas / New year period is nice and all – I really do like seeing the family and friends – but it is very busy and really quite stressful. Not sure why, you end up spending time catching up with people that you should feel relaxed around? But I wind up feeling a little burned out every year and actually look forward to getting back into work.

    Yes the Mordheim box had 4 sprue types from memory – the terrain fixtures (windows, door frames, plastic frame slots for the card buildings to fit into etc) the Humans frame (later re-released as the 6th ed Free Company box), Skaven frames (again later re-released as the 6th ed gutter/night runners box set) and the fabled ‘Mordheim Sprue’ which had such fancy components as a lantern, coil of rope and treasure chest and sells for a big wad of cash second hand if you can ever find one. Although nowadays by the look of it any frostgrave box or 2 would give you way more bang for your buck conversion wise. Still, the kits were full of wonderful options for their time. 30 caramel crowns for posts and responses.

    @woldenspoons thanks for the (totally balanced and not at all impartial) review 😉 Glad to hear it’s proving to be so entertaining. Is it stand-alone or does it require the main TWD game to run? 10 caramel crowns.

    @dawfydd had assumed bloodthirster or maybe Ork meganob or something. Oh well, I guess it’s natures way of saying give the grizzled space viking a it of personal room 🙂 And that axe pun was completely terrible! 10 caramel crowns for the post and another 10 for the groan-worthy pun.

    @horati0nosebl0wer thanks for the parts suggestions! I like the Spellcrow stuff (used them for some Ork Kommandos a while back) but not sure I’d drop that sort of bank on a unit for a second-line army that I’m only really doing as a bit of fun. I’ll definitely keep the components in mind though and if I do another order might grab some stuff to kitbash a few minis for variety. TBH fur cloaks I can sort of get way with greenstuff for the time being. colour me intrigued – which Mordheim warband? if it’s in good condition you could be accidentally sitting on Ye Olde Goldmine on that one, so you may wish to price check the value before you consider parting with it. Ah yes, NMM. I had the bright idea to do an undead army in black and white and NMM to force myself to learn the techniques required. In my defence I did get about 3 units done before I parked the project… 😛 10 caramel crowns for post, 10 for responses and 10 more for tunes.


    Ok, it’s now after 9pm here and the temperature has fallen to below 30 degrees so I’m going to go and pour some water on the garden in the hopes that some of it might survive the next few days (forecast is for local temps north of 40 for the rest of the week… ). Wet palettes for the win!



    So, I made a comment on the last weekender which had too many mentions in it so it got moderated. It’s now live but buried in all other comments but I am rather proud of the little text, so here it is (with mentions removed) for your enjoyment 😉

    That Intro…. one time there will be a man the size of a troll entering the shop with a baseball bat in his hand. “I’m looking for warzan I want to DING” *smashes a table* “his DONG” *smashes another table* avernos instantly falls in love, dracs drops dead with a heart attack while dignity and johnlyons make a run for it. brennon watches it all live on stream while the Troll walks up to warzan looks down on him an reaches into his pocket pulling out a little bell and make it go “ding”. The Troll then leaves through the hole in the wall dignity and johnlyons left on their escape while lloyd comes into the room yelling “keep it down will ya, I’m trying to wo….” warzan goes *meep* Anyhow, back to the video 😉

    This text also serves as exercise in “who is who” in regards of real name/user name.
    Edit: I wished quoting wouldn’t ruin spacing in text :S

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    • This reply was modified 5 months ago by  sundancer.


    I really missed out on that one… hmm. I’ll make up for it with some more story.

    Here I am, Rutherford P. Warbler, just taking a day in my life with the least of all problems in the world and bouncing about the forest, singing to the ladies as I am wont to do on the odd chance of striking up their fancy. So here is the scene with nary a canary care to bother anybody with a beak and then there is this startling sound which nearly had me lose my droppings.

    Some fool without feathers on the ground is hitting a large metal bell and causing the most awful racket. Thankfully it isn’t all that often but he is repeatedly doing so which is getting rather annoying. Hopefully it won’t interrupt my divine arias from reaching the ears of everyone far and wide who would be thankful for but a small portion of the complete performance.

    For Fluffen’s sake (as Fluffen looks down upon all warblers with the greatest of joy.. more than those greebes, martins and stupid titmouse.. titmice?… whatever) … could he atleast find something better to accompany me with? I see that there are flutes over there. There might be a shamisen just tucked into the corner of that room. Hell, even one of those complicated looking koto might be nice for a break. FFS change it up and shake some maracas!! I hear that’s standard for barbet bands in South America. Knock it off with the bell!!!

    No, I will not stop with my singing! I will carry on with these songs, the Songs of my People! I will change the world and move the hearts and minds of those who hear me.

    (Some time later)

    Ok, I am getting a bit hoarse. Maybe we can reach an agreement Featherless Fool? I’ll take the morning and wake the world in grand style to bask in the greatness of the day. Around lunch I’ll let you go on and clang away at your bell to give everyone some time to reflect on how woeful their life is without my songs and then I can come back to ease into a late afternoon show before the wind down about sunset when everyone should be returning to their nests. You know, to give the world balance once again.

    GAAHH!! l have to alert the pigeon patrol to look into this and promptly foul him and that thing as to have it all stop. Really… to think that the neighborhood is going this way.





    @evilstu it’s totally stand alone although it does give you plenty of biters for the main game and what would be a ready made faction except you don’t get the All Out War cards in the normal retail version. I believe they will be made available at a later date. (Naturally I have them).

    Now I think except for any tidying up and maybe a wash and dry brush on the base I consider these done.


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