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Hobby Weekender 14/06/19 – Halfway through the year already?

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    @mage no problem.  Just don’t shout when I mess it up!



    @mage I will when I got time this weekend. I’m not happy that I’ll have to re-prime all my spacemarines again, but then again … I could call it a zenith highlight *grin*

    I am thinking of doing my minions first, because a good prime and paint will re-energize my hobby more than dusting of one that didn’t get a good start.



    This is overd due!

    Okay, Ill let the thread continue on til 21:00, probably a bit late to be saying it now but sure hey, pobody’s nerfect. 8)

    Ill go back over music and points later, there is so much of it and listening to it all is time consuming 😉



    Page 9 replies:

    @mellett68 <10 points>

    Welcome to the thread, 10 points for the pledge. Don’t be afraid to jump in and have fun. To quote Austin Powers kind of , ‘We don’t bite… hard…’

    @robert <10 points>

    Decent progress on the plane. 10 points.

    @limburger <10 points>

    Greetings 42 year old! People tell me I look younger than 32, and I have a witty, politically incorrect reply to that that, well, quite frankly would get me banned from the forums. Moving on…

    When do you buy alcohol?

    Pic of the dragon! Und Das Loot, bitte schon.

    10 points

    ……. Holy crap that’s big! Can of coke beside it for scale comparrison?


    You might get points if you right one… 😉

    And a precious, precious forum achivement…



    Page 10 replies:


    Yelling? Haha no what gave you that impression. Still, cant help myself with this one.


    Maybe spray one and see how it turns out. And even if you have to respray everything again, it will mean you get the army done quicker eh?

    Doing your Minions first might be a better idea based on what you describe with motivation.



    I am off to play my Nintendo Switch, paint my Space Marine Captain and then play the Coriolis RPG at a friend’s house. Ladies and gentlemen, I bit you adiue.



    Argh! I’m happy to know of UV cure acrylic use in the dental field. I chipped a tooth after knocking my head on a trailer and slamming my mouth shut. This is a segue into hobbying as I will be investing in the Greenstuff World material when I get back home from this experience. If its anything like the dental material, clear resin will be qu20190611_195602ite durable. In other news, that time back at home won’t be for a few months so my year of hobby pledge might not get fulfilled as I anticipated.
    You all here on the forums are my lifeline to civilization (a terrifying thought indeed) but you lot keep my spirits up when I get a chance to sneak away and check the site.

    Other good news, it seems that a Kickstarter that took off a while ago, but was impacted by the Soda Pop fiasco, will be getting some work out of Warbanner for sculpting Renaissance ogres soon. It makes my day a little brighter to get that news… now about getting it warmer. Its already feeling like fall here and its not even July.

    I include a picture of part of the expansive Great American Nowhere as I was driving up. I remember @avernos mentioned a harebrained idea for making a catalog of geographic references for tables. Here’s something for the Great Plains of the US.




    I’m pretty sure someone (I think @limburger or @evilstu) posted a video about using Dental resin for hobby stuff in a past weekender.  I remember watching it but was put off the idea due to the price of the resin.  The Green Stuff World stuff looks cool but it is pricey!

    Beautiful country side as well.  We don’t get those colours in Ireland unless it doesn’t rain for a month, which very rarely happens.  I can’t remember as rainy a June in forever.



    @mage  a can of coke ?

    I didn’t know they sold that stuff in cans … always thought it was bags … 😉

    I think I’ve got my pledge for next weekender sorted 😀


    Relic Knights is getting ready to complete a sort of two player starter set in parts based on the latest info for backers.
    So I guess they’re doing alright-ish now.
    It still sucks that they were almost dead in the water and that we may not get everything, but they’re not the only ones at that level of progress.
    OTOH … the ratio of completed kickstarters vs ones that crashed and burned due to inexperience is pretty good (at least based on my own list).

    There’s always a risk with investments at this level, because the low cost of entry attracts a lot of beginners who will underestimate the entire process.  It’s also incredibly good at exposing weaknesses in internal processes of a company when a kickstarter overfunds and stretchgoal happy (as we’ve seen with Dropfleet).
    The only ones that have felt 99% safe with minimal delays were effectively preorders.
    And that is to be expected (the more mature the project is the less risks).
    It does make kickstarters into preorders though, which kind of robs the experience of its own charm.

    However … if you’ve always wanted to know how the sausage gets made and if you’ve got money to burn then take a chance.
    You’ll gain some insight into what it takes to take a product from idea to retail with almost every single one of them.
    I’m tempted to say that anything created by Mythic Games is a good choice if it’s your first one. Boardgames and roleplaying games are somewhat safe, but anything that requires technology is extra risky as there are no shortcuts that work.
    However don’t be fooled into thinking it is 100% safe. Retail is the only thing that can get you that kind of reliability …

    oh … and never ever trust those deadlines. It rarely ever gets completed on time.
    And even if it does there’s still the time it needs to ship from factory to your house. A logistical feat that is not to be underestimated.

    Plus it pays to be aware that things can and will change. This is a good thing(tm), because it does affect the quality of the product and it shows the commitment of the creators to deliver something that is ready for retail and beyond.

    And thank [insert deity of choice] that not every kickstarter is Star Citizen …

    Did I miss anything ?

    /kickstarter rant

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    And thank [insert deity of choice] that not every kickstarter is Star Citizen …

    I would say there are way worse KS projects than Chris Roberts’ pipe dream 😉  At least we have Alpha 3.5 to play around with 😉 Other projects just vanish into thin air or simply go bankrupt.



    Okay the thread is officially done for this period. I will do responses and totals sometime tomorrow, which is a busy day with payday. Thanks for joining in everyone!



    Hey guys,

    Apologies again for the lateness. It can be hard to sit down and do this when I sit down at work on a computer all day. Today I walked a lot on a day trip out and now I am sitting down, tired and in the form to do this on the… forum. Here are the points!

    robert 175
    limburger 155
    sundancer 120
    woldenspoons 80
    warzan 125
    robert 55
    woldenspoons 45
    tuffyears 80
    crazyredcoat 10
    biggabum 75
    horatisenoseblower 50
    crazyredcoat 30
    dawfydd 35
    mellete610 10

    And onto the awards!

    Also there are bonuses for the following ‘Achievements’:

    · Most Valuable Player @limburger 50 XP
    · Fire Starter @mage 50XP
    · Hobby Champ @warzan 50 XP
    · Meme Lord @limburger 50 XP
    · Pun-Tertainment @limburger 50 XP (Coke remark)
    · Brush Licker @woldenspoons 50 XP
    · Headliner DJ @sundancer
    · Armchair Commander @biggabum 50 XP
    · Community Usher @robert 50 XP
    · Storyteller @sundancer 50 XP

    Also @horati0nosebl0wer it was great to have you stop by on here, was just too busy man, so sorry. Hope all is well with you.

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