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Hobby Weekender 16/11/2018 – Back before you can miss it!

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    Welcome All to another Hobby Weekender!

    Intro blurb shamelessly cut and paste below  (again ) :

    To the uninitiated, this is a virtual hobby hangout here on the forum. It is something fun and silly with a little more ‘oomph’. Its not just show and tell with your models. Its chatting, getting to know one another, community building. Think of it as a sort of club like hobby session. Everyone is welcome, of course, and there are a few rules to abide by. Let it go as OT as you like with chatting with folks. BoW is a special, unique community, and this little weekly thread is a tradition on these forums. Though not for everyone, if you are still reading and keen, then it is for you. If not, best click out.

    We do a few things on this thread that usually lasts from Friday or Saturday til about Wednesday or Thursday. Hosting alternates between myself and @mage though on occasion others have hosted too. Our say is final in this silly little corner of the internet. Fear not, for this is your safe place against the outside world of flame wars, trolling and all that other crap.


    (1) Make a pledge for the weekend. It can be painting, assembly, priming, converting, background writing, terrain, you name it. Just gotta be relevant to hobbying or gaming.

    (2) Chat with people. Be friendly. Do get to know one another, be kind, provide positive reinforcement and constructive criticism. Do not post up your real name, credit card, bank details or home address info.

    (3) I will list out questions. Answer them. Longer answers = more points. Also, points are being assigned to something else as it confused some folk for a while.

    (4) Awards will be given out at the end of the thread and you shall be awarded XP, added to your account profile by the wonderful @lancorz . Think of him as the ever vigilant Batman of the forums who keeps a careful eye on the status quo, but also acts in a way, like Alfred; with a calm disposition and the attentive nature of a concierge.

    (5) Scottish Pub Law rules: no discussion of religion or politics**. Keep it clean. Behave. Be nice, be kind. Walk away if you get angry. Don’t be a dick.

    Also there are bonuses for the following ‘Achievements’:
    · Most Valuable Player (most engaged with topic)
    · Fire Starter (topic starter, encourages the member circulation)
    · Hobby Champ (most hobby over the weekend)
    · Meme Lord (ryhmes, funnies & memes)
    · Pun-Tertainment (best pun)
    · Brush Licker (painting & terrain)
    · Headliner DJ (most eclectic music)
    · Armchair Commander (weekend battle reports)
    · Community Usher (helpful & engaged)
    · Storyteller (weekly discussion & story)

    Note: All points are awarded in fictional currencies…

    And there are weekly questions to get the conversation going. So, for this week:

    1.    Seasonal gift shopping – For those of you in regions where it’s a thing do you still bother? If so, have you started yet?

    2.    Jigsaw puzzles – have they ever been a thing in your household?

    3.    Name a type of food you wished could just be delivered to your door on demand in the same manner that pizza is.

    4.    What kids toy do you wish had been available on the market when you were younger?

    5.    Favourite pie filling?…



    CoG Member

    1. Seasonal gift shopping – For those of you in regions where it’s a thing do you still bother? If so, have you started yet?

    I start early’ish. Given my daughter (7) has lot’s of wishes those have to be organised within the family and relatives 😉 And I make sure that I have a clear list of my wishes. Somehow getting a “wrong” gift always gets to me :S

    2. Jigsaw puzzles – have they ever been a thing in your household?

    Yes. Especially with my daughter and I really love 3D puzzles… But since they take up much space most puzzles are stored in boxed in parts 😉

    3. Name a type of food you wished could just be delivered to your door on demand in the same manner that pizza is.

    Um…. well… can’t think of anything that isn’t already available via delivery service… Maybe real Italian ice cream.

    4. What kids toy do you wish had been available on the market when you were younger?

    NERF guns. Hands down. We had sticks or later those guns with little red rings of ammunition in it that go bang. But those weren’t allowed in house 😉

    5. Favourite pie filling?…

    None. I like the more dry pies and cakes were you slap whipped cream on.


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    In like flint for a change 😉

    Pledge for the weekend – 1st I’ve got to finish up the latest Rivers of London novel, Lies Sleeping, a series I really cannot recommend enough. Then my hobby plan is to try and finish up on that unit of Fenrisian Wolves, and then either start in on another Space Wolf pack (I still have like 80 of the mad buggers to get painted) or something that’s already in progress. i’ve various 40k bits I could go back to, or I might just work on some Infinity for variety…..


    1. Yes it is and I picked up the first bit of this week. Knowing me though I’ll still be doing it right up to Christmas Eve >_<
    2. My Grandfather still does them but I havn’t in many a year.
    3. Maybe Mexican?
    4. Oh so many possibilities. I admit to being jealous that my niece & nephew get to experience the likes of Transformers with some of the best engineering around (not that I still buy them for myself, nosir…)
    5. Beef steak & gravy, closely followed by chicken & gravy. No ale, no onions, no peas 🙂


    Heya everyone! After some missed weeks i’m back again!

    Let’s start with my pledge: get working on my Idoneth Deepkin again and if i can manage to get them finished start on the next ship for Dreadfleet (and create a project for them).


    Now for a bit of music:

    Some songs from Beyond the Black:


    Some awesome covers from Exit Eden:


    One classic:


    last but not least: the original songs were two of my guilty pleasures in the 90s … and these new version with an orchestra will be a guilty pleasures too i fear (they are doing several dance songs from the 90s like that).


    My answers:

    (1) Gifting was never a huge thing in my family, the kids would get something of course, but once they (myself included) get old enough it stops. I have a few friends i exchange gifts with, but just small and funny things with a max budget for everyone.

    (2) oh yes they were. I puzzled a lot with my parents when i was a child and we all had a blast with it. And we did something a bit … well not in the spirit of jigsaw puzzles. Those with the best motives we really liked were glued onto cardboard and hung on the wall.

    (3) Here i have to name two: Good Sushi and Ramen. I love sushi and there is a reastaurant with really good sushi not to far from here, but still i need to get into the car or train whenever i have the carving for sushi. And i love Ramen (japanese noodle soup) but to get a really good one i have to travel almost two hours by train …. and i do that often enough …sigh.

    (4) To be honest for me it’s more the other way around, i’m sorry for the kids today that they can’t have the toys from my childhood. Transformers, M.A.S.K, He-Man, Dino Riders and stuff like that is something i wouldn’t want to miss from my own past. Or some of the good old Lego themed around Space, Knights and/or Pirates.

    (5) Hmmm hard to say, but i would say different versions of apple pie or plum pie in autumn. If we would be talking cakes it would be butter creme from a Frankfurter Kranz or a creme made by different chopped nuts for a Nusskranz.


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    Ohh new weekend, new weekender 😀

    Pledge ? I am expecting anywhere between 1 and 3 kickstarters to arrive within the next few days based on the tracking e-mails/messages I’ve got.
    The only ‘problem’ is that I could only identify one as being Carnevale as it was a message from TrollTrader Ltd which is TTCombat … I think.

    There’s also another one that mentions “mdf terrain 4mm” … which may or may not be the habblock kickstarter (all 10 kilos of it … )

    1. Seasonal gift shopping – For those of you in regions where it’s a thing do you still bother? If so, have you started yet?

    Saint Nicolas is about to arrive saturday … except it’s not the fun kid-friendly affair it used to be, because a bunch of *beeps* have been extremely disruptive.  It’s gotten to the point that we’ve got police with bullet proof vests running security and all rest of the security theatre that modern society demands … 🙁

    This is how it used to be :

    And this is the pc version that kids get to suffer as a result :

    Anyways … on to happy thoughts.  When we were kids we still had presents and associated shopping by our parents.
    These days we’ve moved it to Christmas. Shopping isn’t easy when no one really knows what they want. Add to this that my nephews and niece also get presents from Saint Nicolas I can’t start shopping until I know what they have been given.

    2. Jigsaw puzzles – have they ever been a thing in your household?

    nope, although I do remember my parents having one puzzle framed as a picture.

    3. Name a type of food you wished could just be delivered to your door on demand in the same manner that pizza is.
    that’s a trick question, isn’t it ?

    4. What kids toy do you wish had been available on the market when you were younger?
    I’d say Warhammer 40k and all the other miniature wargames we’ve got these days.

    5. Favourite pie filling?

    Difficult. I’d say cherries, but there’s also apricots and gooseberries.



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    Hey, Huzza! I already did some hobby… stuff… things… yeah… like I told in the last weekender yesterday I had a long game and thus had stuffed everything in my box before getting back home.

    So my hobbystuffthing I did was sorting and cleaning my stuff from yesterday XD

    And you gentlemen?


    CoG Member

    @sundancer ah yes best to get stuck in early with the gifts if you have a little one… Unless she changes her mind with what she wants later on of course 🙂 3d puzzles – have never tired those – unless you are counting lego of course 🙂 I’m going to be stuck for gifts when my nieces and nephews grow out of lego 🙁 Ha, Nerf! top answer. although I’m fairly sure if we had had access to nerf it would have just ended in tears. Or possibly in losing all of the darts… Glad you are methodical in sorting your minis out again after a game 🙂 30 Silver Florins.

    @dawfydd sounds a busy weekend hobby-wise. Keep us posted on how you progress 🙂 Up to Christmas Eve? That’s terribly brave, I couldn’t do it. I am usually done by now, and am actually starting to get a little stressed that I haven’t started. I think I might cheat and just go exclusively with mail order gifts this time around to save facing the masses at the malls… Home delivered mexican would be amazing. Have just finished a late breakfast and suddenly I’m hungry again… Mmm proper pie filling. Am now even more hungry… 30 Silver Florins.

    @querion welcome back 🙂 some good nautical themed hobby there 🙂 Haven’t heard of those bands before, thanks for sharing.  Particularly like the Exit Eden tracks. yes we stopped doing gifts between adults a few years ago. We worked out we value having less clutter in the house more than the gifts 🙂 Door to door ramen cart – there has to be a gap in the market there. Proper ramen though, not just someone with styrofoam cups of noodles and prepackaged flavouring and boiling water on hand. Excellent point with regard to kids today not necessarily having access to older toys (after all, they are all valuable collectibles now). Yes I remember my old castle lego and compare it to the nexo-knights castle lego nonsense of today and it just doesn’t seem fair to the little ones. 50 Silver Florins for responses and tunes.

    @limburger inbound KS’s nice. Ooh Carnevale! very shiny. I have to admit that the aesthetic of that game is very tempting – I could quite happily order a bunch of the TTcombat terrain and build my own little section of venice. 10 kilos of habblocks?… All I’m hearing is thousand point game of Kill Team 🙂 Please keep us posted on what arrives 🙂 Have you considered doing gift registers or something similar between the adults? Yes buying for little ones can be a bit difficult like that. I was considering getting a lot of kids books for gifts this year but I don’t know what all the children already have in their libraries. Heh, I’m just trying to imagine how big our miniature collections would be if we had all started another 10 years earlier 🙂 30 Silver Florins.


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    Well my morning (and yesterday evening) has been spent doing online retail therapy for myself. Black Friday pre-sales are on apparently – I may have accidentally bought myself a Russian Napoleonic army and a bunch of other units and boxes for AWI Sharp Practice. Hobby pledge this week will be to get my fireforge foot soldiers based and varnished, and do some work on the other stuff on my painting bench (Bretonnian battle standard bearer and some British and French Napoleonics). Will post pics as I go. For now though, caffeine calls!


    A pledge huh? I will finish the next phase of model building in my current project to sculpt detail/prime/block colors. I might finish out the basing as well since it is for a week.

    Seasonal gift shopping is something I try and have done by July/August to avoid anything crazy with the holiday ramp up from Halloween onward. Typically some January sales to clear stock work well enough to address those things that people will appreciate but never saw until opening it on Christmas.

    Jigsaw puzzles were not a thing for entertainment in my home. There was too much activity going to devote time to a sedentary pastime like that.

    Korean food delivered on demand would be great. Bulgogi/galbi/dolsit bibumbop (difficult as its served in heated stoneware) at my beck and call would be wonderful. Since we’re going all out on it I’d have the namul added as well.

    Kids toys that I wish had been around when I was young? I can’t say that there is one. LEGOs have been a pretty strong brand that has weathered time well.

    A favorite pie filling… hmm… Chocolate creme or cherry. Then again Shepard’s pie or chicken pot pie are pretty good. It depends on the meal and how I feel for the menu.

    @querion Egad, so much music out of the gate? I’ll need to get home from work and listen.

    @limburger Carnevale… I missed the KS as my wallet wept out of emaciated agony. The figures were well done for the traditional Italian costumes I remember seeing as a kid.


    @querion Got home a while ago and sat to check out the music. Great stuff with the covers. I think I shall provide some originals and their covers.


    I got to see Triforce Quartet live at a gaming convention and it was great


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    @horati0nosebl0wer another fan of the early gift procurement strategy. That pretty much seals it, going to prep a draft gift list tonight and try and get some stuff ordered. Yeah, delivered Dolsot Bibimbap would be great but the heated stone bowls would just melt straight through the plastic delivery bags 😛 I have had it in plastic bowls with a pre-fried egg – it kind of works… Originals and covers you say?…

    50 Silver Florins for responses and tunes

    Progress today has been somewhat mixed – my fireforge minis are based and the matt varnish on them is presently drying, pics tomorrow once it’s all settled down. and got base colours on my French and British guns, with a first pass on the blue uniforms on the French gun crew. So not as productive as I had originally hoped. Still I did manage to get a bit sone around the house and garden – mowing the lawn was more like locatinally distributing all the dirt that used to be a lawn – stupid drought conditions :-/ Anyhow, will see how we travel tomorrow 🙂



    @evilstu maybe you’re lucky and they will never grow out of LEGO … my best friends has her birthday on christmas eve so she will get a litle double present, and she will get something from LEGO Minecraft. And her Husband will get a book themed around Steampunk LEGO … so there are even adults who can and will enjoy it 😉 (I myself would too). And i know a lot of people that still enjoy lego even into old age. I guess if you really jumped head first into this stuff it will never fully leave you.

    Considering gifting on christmas, the adults just thought why do we all gift each other something that we are not even fully sure the others really want it, so just keep the money and use it to buy something for ourselves that we really want.

    And Ramen … well i went so far as to buy myself a very good ramen cookbook and make my own soups and noodles. Still it’s not as good as those made by a real pro, but worlds apart from the instant-stuff.


    @horati0nosebl0wer i just couldn’t decide on some tracks, so i just put them all in instead of leaving some out. And i enjoy looking for tunes for the hobby weekenders, most of the time i stumble upon some bands that are new to me and that i really enjoy. So it’s a win-win for me 😉 And some great stuff you put out there too!

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    @evilstu : lack of any terrain was why I backed the habblock kickstarter … so with that and the cardboard terrain I got from the battlesystems kickstarter I can probably build a spacehulk and the town it crashed in 😉

    Which kind of gives me the opposite problem : not enough storage/display space. *eep*

    I’ve also completed the pledgemanager for Anno Domini 1666 and some of the stuff in there should fit in the Carnevale universe.
    At least depending on actual size of the miniatures when that thing ships.

    I reckon I can fill two rooms with hobby stuff if I unpacked everything *grin*
    I am totally not suffering from ‘shiny syndrom’ … LOL

    The gift shopping usually sorts itself out, but I would prefer it to not be so last-minute.
    And the little ones have been happy with the gifts they’ve gotten so far. So I’m doing my part as a god parent by spoiling them.
    Need to think of ways and means to get them into this hobby. The oldest one is just about the right age for 40k … but I’m not sure if he likes building stuff.

    @evilstu : gift registers ? that wouldn’t work for my parents as they literally say that they don’t want or need anything.
    I am also unaware of any such things existing in my region (it would have to be in Dutch).

    I usually try to get them to make lists of stuff and then the rest of us decide who buys what.

    Because the lists tend to be 2 or 3 items it’s not much of a surprise and thinking outside of the box is tricky.



    1.    Seasonal gift shopping – For those of you in regions where it’s a thing do you still bother? If so, have you started yet?

    I don’t bother, the wife and I just spend money, last year I got myself Mortarion. Not so sure for this year. I even missed out on the Secret Santa this year. True story I always draw out the same person.

    2.    Jigsaw puzzles – have they ever been a thing in your household?

    My wife spends a lot of time in hospitals so she has her moments with them but I think she likes the theoretical over the practical (little nod to our Ultramarines fans).

    3.    Name a type of food you wished could just be delivered to your door on demand in the same manner that pizza is.

    100% I wish I could get a Sunday Roast dinner delivered. I’d probably never eat anything else. Failing that McDonalds as it’s a pain for me to get to. Scratch that, Burger King. Same reason but tastes better.

    4.    What kids toy do you wish had been available on the market when you were younger?

    Some of the Lego kits today blow my mind. Luckily I’m old enough to buy myself toys just not rich enough to afford to do so.

    5.    Favourite pie filling?…

    Hmm filling you say? I don’t think you can go wrong with a pork pie. Especially one topped with apple sauce or cranberry. Delicious.

    Hobby wise I may get some paint on some Death Guard, pictures if I do. I’m considering how to go about squad markings for the marines and the pox walkers.

    There is a 40k tournament at my local store but I’m still sulking.

    Other than that just played best of 3 on AoS Champions against @coco. Good games all round.


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    Hey guys,

    Im a tad late to the party. Was a little busy yesterday.

    My pledge:

    Work on, and try to finish, my Goblin Town Goblins. There are like 38 of them. I need to do their loincloths, straps, and backpacks. Some have wooden handles and weapon straps but not all of them. The ones with more details I shall put off to the end as not all of them have that step.

    Im also assembling a floor plan for Call of Cthulhu, assembling some 40k stuff and priming some A Song of Ice and Fire stuff. Im also priming Star Wars miniatures. I need to get posting pics. I played some Arcworlde during the week and will post up pics of that game. Tonight is also D&D night.

    1. Seasonal gift shopping – For those of you in regions where it’s a thing do you still bother? If so, have you started yet?

    I do, of course. I started, kind of, by ordering something online for a relative a few weeks ago. I will be starting properly soon, very soon! I love it, its great to express friendship/family/caring than exchanging of gifts.

    2. Jigsaw puzzles – have they ever been a thing in your household?

    They were, but never a big thing. I remember putting them together as a kid, but they don’t really have any appeal to me now sadly. I don’t think they are bad, its just the amount of time one would spend doing one, as an adult with a busy enough shift pattern, shared custody, friends, training and other hobbies its just not something Im willint to a lot time to.

    3. Name a type of food you wished could just be delivered to your door on demand in the same manner that pizza is.

    Sushi. A thousand times Sushi. Dragon Rolls, Spider rolls, sushi bentos, california rolls, sashimi, gyoa dumplings, prawn sushi, tempura… The nearest place opened in my town a year ago but went out of business. They had several health code violations. The nearest favourite is in Limerick city.

    4. What kids toy do you wish had been available on the market when you were younger?

    Lego. Now while there was lego when I was a child, the lego now… is wow. I mean, Marvel, DC, Lotr, doctor who, lego. So many different lego properties! Star Wars too!

    5. Favourite pie filling?…

    Im not a huge pie fan. Ill go for the classic apple, all warm, gooey and tasty. Which is weird because I love pastry.

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