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Hobby Weekender 16/11/2018 – Back before you can miss it!

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    Hey Team, apologies for the absence, got distracted on Wednesday evening by all my loot from early Black Friday shopping arriving in the mail (embarrassed to say how many minis I have accumulated this month…) and then family stuff yesterday evening. So quickly catching up!

    @sundancer second link worked a charm πŸ™‚ and made me giggle πŸ™‚ Ah! wrong parts! That’s annoying. Can you get a replacement bit shipped out to you? Or sculpt with the arm under the robe, reaching for one of the other stash of concealed weaponsΒ  that the Guards apparently carried? 20 Silver Florins for hobby progress.

    @rayzryr really like the texturing and colouring on those stone bases! Apologies in advance for the pun but they really do ground the models nicely. Oh yeah, forgot about dark elves being able to absorb darkness like that – based on 100% science πŸ™‚ Yes the philosophical outlook of the Elves determining their faction seems to be a much more appropriate way of determining factional allegiance πŸ™‚ And nice progress on the old-timey (4th edition WHFB?) high elves. 40 Sliver Florins for posts and hobby progress.

    @querion nice progress on the Deepkin – really like the colour pallette. 20 Silver Florins for hobby progress.

    @limburger yes you’re not wrong on KS timing. even when original delivery dates for 3 projects are months apart they seem to run early/late and all land at once πŸ™‚ With regard to the Carnevale starter, there might be info on the package weight on the TTCombat website? I saw that the starter box had just gone up for preorder. 20 Sliver Florins.

    @dawfydd good news on the Highlander KS. Sounds like a good excuse to watch the movie again. But not the sequels… But maybe the 90’s TV series too… πŸ™‚ 10 Sliver Florins.

    @horati0nosebl0wer great painting/colour tips! 30 Silver Florins for posts and feedback.

    @mage nice progress on the dwarves. And your friends first mini is way ahead of my first several hundred in terms of quality – please pass on my congrats πŸ™‚ Work on the keepsake looks tremendous – wow, a job with absolutely no pressure there πŸ˜‰ Seriously though, keep up the fantastic work. and drybrushing and terrain? Nice colour choices on the ruins – nothing like I would have chosen but now that I’ve seen your pieces… /steals idea and runs off into the night cackling maniacally…. Could you just use balsa and coffee stirrers to ‘bulk up’ the goblin town without having to use so many plastic components? ie use the plastic bits to add some extra detail/texture here and there? 60 Silver florins for heaps of hobby progress, battle pics and feedback.

    @woldenspoons I hear you on Legion. I’ve held off so far but if they roll out an AT-AT then none of us can be held responsible for jumping on board… 10 Sliver Florins.



    Also, going to formally close the thread at this point. As always, feel free to keep posting πŸ™‚ Back later with awards etc.



    @evilstu : I’m going to know tomorrow anyway.

    And it looks like my habblock (at least that’s what I’m guessing the 10 Kg of wood is) and Carnevale (which has been waiting for me since tuesday) will be with tomorrow-ish.

    See … I don’t need to go to a gym. Order plenty of kickstarters and you’ll be doing lots of lifting too.

    (I so hope my Joan d’arc kickstarter doesn’t require pickup ;-))

    Show us your black friday loot … we wants to know.

    Besides … as long as you’re safe and healthty there’s nothing embarrasing about spending money on plastic & metal minis.



    @limburger heh, the “Kickstart yourself fit’ strategy – could be something in that :). Ok, but first you have to promise no interventions or anything πŸ˜›


    About 600 historical minis. Or, more correctly, my painting project for the next 5 years πŸ™‚ Managed to pick this lot up for less than the equivalent local cost of 10 GW blood knights, so quite pleased with that. Will get the GF to set aside and give to me as a Xmas gift, so saves me feeling guilty and her worrying about picking me up something. Of course this means I don’t get to play with the new toys for another month…Β  Β The AWI armies are pretty much self contained and well rounded forces, I have enough British Napoleonic bits and pieces that that box will bulk out my current forces nicely. The Russians I will probably need to add some command models, jagers and artillery later on. And maybe some cavalry if I’m feeling fancy…



    Aaaaand…. @dawfydd is this week’s winner in a tightly contested competition πŸ™‚

    Awards are as follows:

    Most Valuable Player (most engaged with topic) – @dawfydd
    Fire Starter (topic starter, encourages the member circulation) – @dawfydd
    Hobby Champ (most hobby over the weekend) – @mage
    Meme Lord (ryhmes, funnies & memes) – @rayzryr

    Brush Licker (painting & terrain) – @mage
    Headliner DJ (most eclectic music) @querion
    Armchair Commander (weekend battle reports) – @mage
    Community Usher (helpful & engaged) – @horati0nosebl0wer

    No puntertainment or storyteller this week (clearly we are all poorer for the absence of @biggabum – I personally haven’t recoiled in horror at a disturbing mental image after reading a post in weeks… πŸ˜› )

    @lancorz would be grateful if you would be so kind as to assign awards.

    Thanks everyone for joining in, hope to see you all in the next one! Speaking of which, anybody able to host this week?



    **looks over atΒ  @sundancer and @biggabum** I believe that we’ve been challenged for puntertainment



    I’ll let you all know: I have coffee and will use it. Today I’m “best man” but tomorrow…. tomorrow! You just wait!


    “Come on god, answer me. for years I’m asking why, why are the innocent dead and the guilty alive?Where is justice? Where is punishment? Or have you already answered, have you already said to the world here is justice, here is punishment, here… ”

    Good morning everyone. \m/



    @evilstu I’m happy to host this week.

    Finally I’ll have some time to do hobby might as well host the Hobby Weekender as well.

    Wow that looks like a fine Christmas present. Four brilliant boxes.



    Well done, well done all round!

    Thanks to @evilstu for hosting, and looks like a nice β€œlittle” present for yourself there πŸ˜†



    Good show for hosting and now for a third back to back 12. I really should go more hobby at work while nobody’s there. Such a pain to try and cart all the paint about and the joy of solitude will soon be over. Bah!



    Woo! I won some achievements!

Viewing 11 posts - 106 through 116 (of 116 total)

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