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Hobby weekender 17/05/19 – A good tone, tone deaf, dark tone? AtmosFearic!

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    A thread where the subject matter is theme and tone…

    Ladies and Gentlefolks, hello! Welcome to the Hobby Weekender.

    This is a somewhat niche thread on BoW that acts as a weekly painting support group, social thread and friendship circle where all are welcome. We have a host, participants, meaningless points, awards, and post pictures and music. It is a little silly, not to everyone’s taste, but is fun and I encourage everyone to participate. My intention is to make the thread as friendly, welcoming and inclusive as possible.

    So, we start with a pledge, and post pictures of our work and post up music as well from there. Also, I act, or the host rather, as an arbitrator. Such a serious word! So the host moderates, runs and hosts the thread. They also post up questions to stimulate real conversation so this becomes as real as possible, as if you were at a club or friends painting night. That way we get to know each other better and have conversation going on as well, even if our personal lives and hobby time prevent us from immersing ourselves to the degree we could prefer.

    The rules: don’t be a dick. Use your common sense. Keep the swearing and innuendo to a minimum if possible as these posts appear in other users inbox if they subscribe by email to different forums on the site. Also, no religion or politics: it NEVER works. Be supportive, kind and respectful. In turn, we are all positive, encouraging and once more welcoming to all.

    So please pull up a chair and join us. This is not an exclusive club, so join on in! 😉

    Also there are bonuses for the following ‘Achievements’:
    · Most Valuable Player (most engaged with topic)
    · Fire Starter (topic starter, encourages the member circulation)
    · Hobby Champ (most hobby over the weekend)
    · Meme Lord (ryhmes, funnies & memes)
    · Pun-Tertainment (best pun)
    · Brush Licker (painting & terrain)
    · Headliner DJ (most eclectic music)
    · Armchair Commander (weekend battle reports)
    · Community Usher (helpful & engaged)
    · Storyteller (weekly discussion & story)

    This thread will run from today until maybe Wednesday. Or Thursday. Ish

    (1) When have you played a game where a game mechanic has enhanced the gaming experience overall in regard to creating an atmosphere, tone, emotional response or anything that you feel encompasses the spirit of the question? Be it board game, role play game, or anything that fits into our collective wheelhouses?

    (2) When has such a game failed to do so, in your experience, with an overall contrived result? As in, when has a game made a deliberate, clear attempt to reflect a setting, license or feel and resoundingly failed to do so due to ineffective or misplaced design?

    (3) When have you implemented a house rule to a game to enhance it for whatever reason? Why did you do so, did it work and how do you feel about this in general?

    Meh this version of the song is waaaaay better, I think:



    Sorry for sort of bugging out towards the tail end of last weeks weekender; life got in the way a tad, as it is want to do. 😛 As compensation, have some music. Hopefully it works properly, this time…

    (Got it to work after a few tries…)

    I did manage to get the Volksgrenadiers/Veteran Grenadiers finished that I was working on, and here they be! Pleased with how they turned out, even got a Rifle Grenade on one of the guys…I will not be doing that again…fiddly bugger that was…


    As for the questions…

    1. Bolt Action’s order system. It adds a great element of reality to the game because you don’t know what’s happening next. Makes the choices you make much more enrapturing, like you are actually dealing with a real situation. The biggest draw, next to the historical context, for me in the game.

    2. I’ve yet to come across one that is so detrimental that it ruins the game for me. There are things I find frustrating, but nothing so major as to make me not want to play a game.

    3. House Rules are always fun, though my older brother tends to go overboard on them to the point of ruining balance. Until the actual rule was inputted into 2nd edition, I always played by my own personal rule of never shooting with or at medics in Bolt Action, that’s more of a personal rule, though, than a house rule. I always play by the Geneva Convention for that game, though. It’s why I pick background for my armies very carefully. But that’s just me.

    As for pledge, I still have 20 Grenadiers to build, but rifles and MP40’s for this next lot. I might also build a Hanomag and the other two Custodes I have lying around somewhere in box that I haven’t gotten to, yet. I may also get some more paint on the 5 Intercessors I have in my cabinet that I haven’t touched for a month or more… We’ll see…



    @mage I like the 1992 Donnington version more.

    Making progress with my x-34




    1)  I adore the ARO system in Infinity, as it really keeps both players engaged in every action that takes place, and encourages a cooperative play experience, even )from the games I’ve played) a more competitive environment.

    2) Can’t think of one off the top of my head….

    3) Never really been once for house rules per se, but the closest example that comes ot mind is when we were playing OG Warhammer Quest and ruled that the halfing your gold from lightning strikes was a bit OTT. Admittedly that was because one of our players got hit every. damned. time. we ventured between a dungeon and settlement, and in the end managed  to get hit twice in one journey so we decided to just show some pity on them….

    And my pledge? well painting is off the table but I’m going to try and get some more of my older stuff stripped 🙂



    Hey hey folks ! Happy hobby times 😀

    Answers first :

    (1) going to have to agree with Bolt-Actions’ order mechanic.
    The added advantage is that it is so nice and simple so you’re never wondering what you can do.
    Battlegroup morale mechanic is a close second, but I haven’t played the game (yet).

    (2) as a concept I’d have to say the ‘I go / you go’ system tends to break down really fast when armies are outmatched …
    Nothing sucks more than seeing your units get killed with next to zero options to counter. It can’t be fun for the winning team either, because the best fights happen when they’re close.

    (3) house rules ? I think pretty much anyone plays Monopoly not as it was meant to be. So I’m not sure if the ‘fixes’/mis-understood versions of the rules are better (or worse) than the official ones.

    Going to collect my Brookcity kickstarter today 🙂
    And I’ve got another kickstarter bit incoming next week. I hope to spend some time on my minions, but we’ll see.

    Music  ( *warning* may contain spoilers for Game of Thrones ) :

    Seeing the destruction that a single dragon causes in this video clip really made me wonder why the heck they wasted human armies to fight the undead when they had two of those beasts …



    Do stuff… won’t know until I get there.  I have gardening and housework to do first.

    I might answer them later if my brain decides to wake up

    I do have to agree with @sundancer regarding the version of Fear of the Dark. I remember listening to it live on a very bad FM radio at the time, and I have the original release of Live in Donnington on cassette.

    Also think I am up to S,T and U in my music my alphabetical order nonsense.



    Dice Bag

    Finished another dice bag… this time is Sci-Fi Urban Camo 🙂  Well it isn’t finished yet.  It is currently getting pressed flat under my considerable weight in my armchair and I need to sow up the top.

    Hoping the rain stops so I can get my weeding done in the garden.  Off to shed to have a play.



    @crazyredcoat <65 points>

    10 for the music, I like it. More, please.

    G’way with your apologising. This is a chilled out thread with no obligations. Good to see you. 10 points for the first post.

    Those Warlord kits? Its great they have so much plastics but they can be fiddley. 10 points.

    As for the questions…

    1. So it gives a fog of war kind of effect? How does it make you feel on an emotional and immersion level. 15 points.

    2. Name something frustrating so, the worst you can think of even if it is only a medium tier problem.

    3. That’s actually really cool and I like that. Can you tell me more about how you did it compared to how it eventually became official and how the IRL Geneva Convention would work with medics on the battlefield. 10 points.

    10 points for the pledge. Sounds interesting. Cant wait to see pics! You can do it!

    @sundancer <30 points>

    20 points for the progress on the X-34. 10 for maiden

    @dawfydd <25 points>

    (1) What in flying spaghetti monsters is AR). It sounds fun but without knowing what it is I am at a loss for… words.

    (2) Try! 😉 Points are on the line my main man.

    (3) That’s a solid house rule. 15 points.

    10 points for the pledge. Why is painting off the table home boy?

    Bonus question for just you: come up with a warhammer themed transformer. Give me your elevator pitch!


    Hobby times right back at you, you BvS hating GANGSTA!

    (1) 10 points, derivative answer and downright theft of what @crazyredcoat said! Can you tell us about the Battlegroup Morale mechanic.

    (2) It does, especially with some editions or lists with 40k where you face a leaf blower army: it blows yours off the table in one go…

    The alternating, random activation token in bag thing is also there in Knight Model’s Batman game and it works. The odd battle report I have watched for Infinity I think, it worked, unless I am misremembering something and the game does not in fact work that way. 15 poitns.

    (3) Ah, that isn’t a house rule, cmon! That’s just plain ignorance hahahaha.

    Brookcity? What is that? You better work on your minions dude! You need to get stuff done 8) 😉

    10 points for the pledge.

    I hadnt seen the episode yet… thanks…

    @robert <60 points >

    10 points for the pledge.

    Take your time with the responses, no rush, pressure or obligation.

    10 points for the Saxon song. Dad named his Doberman puppy after the band. Said puppy is now 2 or 4 years old but still a puppy. 15 for Testament; have you checked out their Album Dark Roots of the Earth? Its amazing. Uriah Heap? Dad loves them too and I think some of their tracks were used in Life on Mars. 15 points.

    Its drizzly here but not as nice as the last few days. As for the dice bag that is Glamoflauge by the looks of it. GLAMO!

    10 for the bag.



    So my day is about to free up after a morning of dog minding, house work and the usual. Also cooked lunch in advance. My pledge is:

    (1) Last night I did some work on my three Inceptors which are now nwearly finished. I just need to touch up the metal, gold and do the verdigris.

    (2) Do my next set of Ryza Ruins (I have now doubled my Conquest subscription). They were assembled, primed and I started painting them yesterday.

    (3) Work on my Primaris Apothecary and Chaplain. The FW shoulder pads for them arrived during the week. The assembly has been completed and they have been primed so I will start on them after the Inceptors are finished. They will be a break between grinding away on units of Space Marines. The Hellblasters will be next

    (4) Prime my remaining Bolt Action Hamlet terrain.

    (5) Assemble some MKIII Space Marines.

    (6) Total up and award the last three threads. Ive been very bad for this

    (7) Play Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    (8) Catch up on my youtube subscriptions

    I will answer my own questions later. Have to leave the house now for a bit.



    @mage the Active Reaction Order – whenever you activate a model in Infinity your opponent checks to see if they can react with any of their models. That can be something as simple as taking a shot as your model passes their line of site, performing a hacking action on the model that activated if in range or in range of a Repeater, dodging incoming fire, attempting to reveal what a camo marker is, or even alerting models nearby to a threat they are not facing so that they can change facing and be ready to react if it activates again. It really makes you consider every action you take and potential consequences,  and makes you think about your positioning for when it’s your opponents turn and you can react….


    A Warhammer-themed Transformer? Ok, challenge accepted:
    Ultima Maximus is one of the last Glorianna-class Battle Barges within the fleets of The Imperium, and no one quite knows for which Primarch it was built, but it serves as mobile fortress monastery to The Sons of Primus chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. A system-control ship, the Maximus is not just laden with firepower comparable to small fleets but has hangers and docks large enough to serve The Sons fleet of Strike Cruisers and Escorts, as well as enough internal space to service a Legion of Astartes, let alone the requirements of the chapter that now call it home. As such there are large portions of the ship that have gone un-tread for millenia, and expeditions into these depths to accurately map the vessel are often used to provide training for the novitiates of the 10th company.  Of the secrets that have been uncovered, the most closely guarded is a unique machine spirit that provides an incredibly intuitive connection between the crew and the ship, and which can – in times of the utmost dire need – allow the vessel to reconfigure to a titanic approximation of a fully armoured Space Marine, capable of engaging like no other vessel in existence, but at the cost of a battle brother who must intergrate their nervous system with that of the vessels core….
    Unbeknownst to Sons of Primus their vessel is in actuality one of the lost Cybertronian Titans, lost, critically damaged, and forced to hide his existence from the universe at large, lest his systems be scavenged by those who would abuse them.

    That do the job?

    As for why no painting, I’ve had a bad week pain wise and am just trying totake it easy today. As such I’ve even binned he idea of getting some stripping done, instead I finished off building the minis from the Blackstone Fortress core set (lovely sculpts, but I really need to pick up one of the bespoke foam sets out there for it…), built an Umbra Samaritan I’d had knocking around, and delved back into the 3rd Edition Space Marine Codex to mount Pedro Kantor’s wingman, the Crimson Fists own man of Iron, Captain Aleissio Cortez onto a 40mm base.

    2019-05-18 14.41.35

    Seriously though, what were CB thinking with that sculpt and putting it on a 25mm base?

    2019-05-18 14.41.56

    Yeah he looks a little derpy (and his legs are especially slim), but threw on a more blinged out Sternguard backpack (which has the bonus of having an Iron Halo sculpted on) and I think he looks pretty great 🙂

    Otherwise it’s been a day of catching up on videos online – a few bat reps from Tabletop Tactics and Guerilla Miniature Gaming, a spread of What Culture’s latest offerings, Cinema Wins Rogue One video, and I’ve had through review disks for the Netflix Castlevania anime to watch and do a write up on for a site I (very) occasionally contribute to.

    Also after spending a few years looking for sources of transfers for the Raptors chapter, I find not only does this site have just the sheets I need, but also does sheets of Roman numerals. Looks like I’m saving buying the 3d-printed versions….

    And as it’s Eurovision time, here’s my personal favourite winner 😉





    @dawfydd <50 points>

    Okay that is cool with the ARO so 15 points.

    Did the job, indeed. 20 points

    That’s unfortunte with the bain.

    Captain Cortex and an Umbra Samaritan? 5 points. I still love the Cortex mini.

    I might do my Primaris from Shadowspear, when I get it, as Raptors. I want to do some Badab themed stuff, and I know Primaris came after Badab, but still wanna do it.

    10 points for Lordi.




    Lord above the Eurovision has become a joke, Lordi notwithstanding.



    @mage yeah, I’m all in on using Shadowspear for my Raptors. I’m looking at re-purposing the old marines I had for a force built around their Chapter Master Lias Issodon for combined sneaky deployment shenanigans alongside the Vanguard and the Phobos armoured Primaris (I dig the idea of getting Devastators or Assault squads into unexpected positions…).
    (I think I’ve mentioned I picked up a Legion Vigilator to use for as Issodon? If not have a picture 🙂 )

    2019-03-11 13.05.18
    I may also have put preorders in for extra copies of the Scouts issue of Conquest, and will probably do the same for the sniper Scouts issue….

    Cortez grows on you, and I adore how for the WD Crimson Fists Index Astartes article one of the chapter-specific Warlord Traits represents Cortez’ will not die durability 🙂 .

    Yeah the pain sucks but I’m hoping to get confirmation of my surgery date soon 🙂



    Hi All

    Brilliant questions again this week. I need a bit of time to consider those mmmmm


    This evening Andrea kicked me out of the house (in a nice way) to go and spend a bit of time doing some hobby. I wont spend too long at it as tomorrow is ‘family day’ just a silly thing we do to mark the 19th May when we first met as we both value the family we have ended up with so we always try to mark it in some way for the kids just to remind them how important family is. And this year is 10 years so a special one, so I’m feeling a bit soppy lol.

    But tonight im back on lizard folk and starting to plan out a rebasing project for an ogre army that was decommissioned as well. (There was a spate of decommissioning here in Northern Ireland and these armies got caught up in it too lol)



    Last night I got a game in with Lloyd and Gerry with the elves and the dark lord, it was awesome to finally kick back and chuck some minis on the table and throw some dice.






    Oh I remember your ebay cheapy purchase of him for the Raptors Chapter Master.

    I have marine armies upstairs that are still grey (not many nor big) or on the sprue and I kinda want to do a few Badab War armies: Fire Hawks, Charcharodons, Lamenters, etc

    I doubled up on Conquest so I can have some Vanguard and Scouts together in one big ol force.

    Ah that’s a nice touch! Maybe his progenoid or whatever it is passed that trait on…

    Sorry about the pain dude. Does anything help? Like takeout?

    @warzan <35 points>

    Hello once again! Thought first time was a fluke, nice to see you back 

    I try with the questions haha. Usually it stems from something I experience which I really like or p***** me off to some degree. Take your time with em. Or ignore em its all good.

    Ah, she used reverse psychology to give you ‘me time’. I like the family day sentiment. It’s a nice tradition. It is ok to feel soppy and shed manly tears of joy and totally not fall to pieces.

    Family is important though. I cherish the custody time I get with my son, and he seems to be getting along well with the girlfriends little boy.

    Haha, love the decommissioning joke. Make sure there aren’t any republican ogres in there lol. Hope that wasn’t too tongue in cheek.

    Beautiful ogre army. What were you thinking of doing with ye olde bases?

    As for the game who won? Looks fun!

    10 points for the pledge.



    @mage Eurovision was a joke long before Lordi … I’d say it is a legacy of an era before radio and tv had 24/7 stations.
    And it’s in Israel, which isn’t exactly in Europe on any of my maps. So *eh* maybe it’s a parallel universe ?

    Speaking of Gangsta :


    One more :

    Brook city ?

    It’s an 80’s era cop show as a boardgame. There’s more than a few references to shows old and new with totally-not-a-copy of [insert show] characters.

    Miniatures are on par with ‘the walking dead’, so nothing special but definitely good enough as boardgame pieces.
    The stretchgoal box was more air than content, but that’s probably because they used the standard sized box for all of the expansions. I still think that on average the add-on boxes could have been smaller.


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