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Hobby Weekender 17/08/18

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    It’s a grey dreary Irish morning, coming at you LIVE from overcast Limerick City! Nothing like some Iron Maiden to cheer us (probably just me as its most likely Sunny everywhere else):



    Welcome to the weekender guys, your one stop shop to hobby and chat til you drop!

    So, the main rule is have fun! Also, no religion or politics discussion. Otherwise I copy and paste our formula as rewriting the spirit of this thread differently over and over is a waste of valuable social/hangout/hobby time! Without further adieu….

    Welcome to the hobby weekender, a place where anyone is welcome. This is a collaborative, chatty thread. Not an exclusive thing or elitist. Please join in and enjoy a friendly welcome. Main rules are don’t be a dick, engage with others, and do not discuss religion or politics. Post your progress, answer questions, chat to people, post up some music, and enjoy the show. Points get awarded and we have a sort of winner at the end.


    Thanks for reading!


    Oh and the questions of course! More detailed, technical, conversation furthering answers will garner more points than something short and sweet, of course. Unless you make a concise tour de force.


    (1) What is your opinion on cloning technology? If it was better would it be good for the world? What are the downsides?


    (2) Do you think we are the remains of a once more advanced society that suffered a calamity and since have had to rebuild our way back up since Ye Olde Caveman times?


    (3)  What is a game you have wanted to get into but have not yet done so? Board game, RPG, miniature game, computer game, all of the above and more. Tell us, go into detail.



    Don’t forget music peoples!


    Also there are bonuses for the following ‘Achievements’:


    ·         Most Valuable Player (most engaged with topic)

    ·         Fire Starter (topic starter, encourages the member circulation)

    ·         Hobby Champ (most hobby over the weekend)

    ·         Meme Lord (ryhmes, funnies & memes)

    ·         Pun-Tertainment (best pun) – @woldenspoons 100 EXP (carried over from last week as nobody won it)

    ·         Brush Licker (painting & terrain)

    ·         Headliner DJ (most eclectic music)

    ·         Armchair Commander (weekend battle reports)

    ·         Community Usher (helpful & engaged)

    ·         Storyteller (weekly discussion & story)

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    Just got back from ASDA and picked up these two for gaslands




    @tuffyears <10 points>


    Those are both nice, but damn, the Tank is a damn fine addition to gaslands @tuffyears




    Also, getting this one done sooner rather than later, for @woldenspoons winning an early double weekender rollover for puns (it entertained me but wasn’t quite a meme, either):


    @mage on the thread I talked about painting my purple sun black. My link there failed. In my next one i hid it quite by accident but it is there. Click on the word know. It’s my post with keep it secret keep it safe. ”


    I’m giving him the achievement now of 100 EXP



    Okay, so my pledge for the weekend:


    Finish my Ironguts (x4) and Bulls (x6) for my ‘Gutbuster’ army (Ogre Kingdoms in olden times) for Age of Sigmar (Warhammer Fantasy). Five of the ogres need a skin higlight which I do slowly and carefully, taking as much care as I can. I might do 2 – 4 in an evening if I am lucky. I just dont wanna mess up my previous work on the models. I’m also waiting on better weather to varnish them, and once dry adding grass and then done.


    For my ‘Battle for the Temple of Skulls’ project I need to finish the Butcher as well. I will recommence work on him once the above is done. Next payday I will get the generals handbook and objective markers and focus on the terrain. Assuming I complete the Bulls, Ironguts and Butchers before then I may do more work on the remaining Ogres.


    The remaining Ogres are: two old metal tyrants, two old metal gorgers, one maneater (all of these are in metal btw, still in production but in Finecast), 10 Grotz (Gnoblars), one Firebelly (resin), and one ‘Start Collecting Beastclaw Raiders set’. 21 models in total (more if you count the big monster, riders and mounts for the Start Collecting set) but they are all Ogre sized. So work on them is more with larger surface areas but easier insofar as they are phsycially bigger. So, the next two weeks for me is Ogre week(s) before it becomes terrain season.


    I may also be sneaky and fire out the last ten dark elves I have to do for that army (for now, the Daughters of Khaine call to me, you guys).



    I already did some “other” hobby stuff today.

    After 25’ish years my old metal west is falling to bits… literally. So I got a new west some time ago… and new patches… and today I found time, space and the sewing machine! I can go out in style again! BEHOLD!

    Screenshot_2018-08-17 Instagram

    Not seen: on the front a Twisted Sister patch and a “Rock and fucking Roll” patch.

    For the Questions:

    1) it’s good but since most people seek profit it will not have much positive effects on society if any.

    2) nope. it’s an uphill battle since day one and when we reach the top we will fall down the cliff on the other side.

    3) too f*cking many. I could just copy and paste my steam and list and that would fill pages… currently I’d love Fallout the Boardgame and Wasteland Warfare… maybe the new “speed freeks” from GW if it’s priced reasonable…

    Also I feel I got two achievements to many… or did I miss something. See screenshot:


    Last but not least, music! Some German metal, live in Tokyo. Enjoy!




    The supplements  for gaslands, extra rules and a such are found here

    Gaslands: Time Extended!

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    @sundancer <45 points>


    Different. 25 points. Also, with the ‘f-word’ please take it easy on swear words. That really messed up this thread in the past. I know you weren’t cursing per se (but describing the text on a patch), but there was an incident a good while back regarding it.


    1) 5 points.

    2) 5 points.

    3) The board games usually end up being nicely priced. Orktober looks like its gonna be great! Good choice of games. 10 points.


    Re the achievements they were over two threads.


    I’ll listen to the music when I can.


    @tuffyears <5 points>


    Points for a useful link!



    Well this week went quick 😀

    Firstly my pledge is to finish the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn as the classic Harley Quinn seems to have gotten lost in the Spanish Post (Fair Play to Knight Models as they have now dispatched a replacement).

    Made a start on it today so hoping to finish it tonight so me and Matty can get a game in tomorrow.DSC_0232

    Some Music… I can’t believe these are Golden Oldies now.


    And on to the Questions:

    1) Noooooooo, one Mother in Law is bad enough, definately don’t want some duffer making more of her (there would suddenly be a shortage of Broomsticks and Cauldrens)

    2) Nope… We were made by Aliens.

    3) Well i’ve been looking at Gaslands for a while now and with @tuffyears  showing his stuff off, it only got me closer to taking the plunge.



    @tuffyears nice, looking forward to see how you beef up that Tank.


    1. Cloning does pose some ethical questions, not least how there is nowhere to perfect the process without creating living creatures to gauge how the process affects their life expectancy. Beyond that you get into issues of what cloning is for. if you can clone meat in a lab without putting an intelligence to it, does that render the killing of animals for food moot? What are the risks to a society of clones if dangerous defects – biological or mental – arise but are identified too late for any remedy? if you clone a person are they property or a being in their own right? If the process is intended to extend an individuals lifespan, then how do you gauge that they are still the same person they were originally? Or will it be moot as any society advanced enough to have readily available cloning techniques available would be presumed to have already answered these questions? I’ve read a few different takes on this subject over he years in various fictional mediums, but highlights have been the works of; Peter F Hamilton, especially his Commonwealth books where keeping an updated backup of your mind is  literally an after thought so death is to many an abstract; Alistair Reynolds, whose most bold use for cloning might be the off-the cuff use of it in The House of Suns where the idle rich of Old Earth cloned themselves to create massive, extended families of still distinct identities to adventure out into the depths of space and explore the eons to come,each  “line” finding it’s own specialty; Star Wars, especially The Clone Wars which examined the ethical realities of having a clone army of sentients created to fight your Republics wars for you; Knights of Sidonia,where aboard one of humanities last great arks a devastating accident forced the use of cloning to create something resembling a diverse genetic pool to carry on the species, but not without some tinkering to make these new citizens better adapted to a life in space; Marvel’s X-23/The All-new Wolverine, Laura Kinney, the clone of Wolverine, created to be an assassin, who herself was cloned  to create weapons of a similar caliber if a bit more pliable. The journey Marvel have taken her on, and her sister Gabby, has been one of the best long-form arcs Marvel have committed to. I could name more but those are just a flavour…
    2. Archaeologically speaking right at this moment we are living at the slimmest wedge of human knowledge, despite having reached one of the highest levels of technical ability. We literally live in a world surrounded by ancient relics that some of our finest minds have  spent careers trying to understand the construction and function of – Stonehenge, and the Pyramids for example. if you want to get REALLY prosaic about it, then human history is effectively invisible prior to the end of the last Ice Age, and there were several global freezes that preceded that. given how thoroughly the implacable glaciers carve through the land, leaving no trace of what came before in there wake, who can say if there were civilizations that came before the ones we know, of which nothing now remains but echoes of racial memory? It’s a tantalizing thought, and your mileage may vary as to the probability of them having existed.
    3. A game I’ve wanted but never gotten around to buying. hmm, that’s a toughy. There is one PS2 game I’ve never gotten around to picking up, mainly as it’s release was so limited if you want a copy now Ebay prices start at £50 and only go up from there (one enterprising soul wants £200 for a copy :O  ). it’s name was God Hand, and why is this game so pricey? Well the studio that created it (Studio Clover) were responsible for Okami and both Viewtiful Joe titles for Capcom, serving as an R&D studio for them, and Godhand was their last game before the studio was closed. Subsequently a good chunk of the staff of Clover formed or were hired by Platinum Games, creators of the likes of Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising; Revengence, Transformers Devastation and Nier: Automata. God Hand was an irrelevantly funny-yet-punishing beat’em up in it’s own right, but it’s dna is sown deep into the games that followed from Platinum making it a fascinating piece of videogame history that will only get more expensive as physical copies become more scarce & no sign of a digital release seems likely.

    No real pledge as work and riding herd on my niece & nephew have pretty much wiped me out. I might see if I can’t get some more Space Wolves  built though over the weekend, maybe bodge together a Catachan Kill-Team out of some of the kits I have lying around….





    I felt fine at work all day but had a chinese takeout and feel like crap now. In bed on the laptop and youtubing too. Might work on some ogres in a bit. Doubtful though.


    That said I varnished the four that are done and they will get grass on their bases tomorrow. Onto the thread!



    @mage ok, I’ll try to keep my Klatchian at bay…. 😉

    Also, I did some hobby. I’ll upload proper pictures tomorrow or so…

    Screenshot_2018-08-17 Mitsu ( kasanemitsu) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos



    @sundancer <10 points>

    Blind Guardian… I like it

    @biggabum <20 points>

    It sucks the original Is lost in the mail. At least you have ‘A Harley’ to work on and the right one in the mail. I did an order with Warploque but am afraid it got lost in the mail. Looks good so far. Points when more progress is made.

    1) Haha that made me chuckle. 10 points. Shortages indeed

    2) Interesting.5 points.

    3) 5 points. Low entry cost too from the look of it.

    @dawfydd <60 points>

    Damn dude those are long answers!

    (1) Jeepers that is a dense, info, thought packed answer. 30 points. Blew me away
    (2) 15 points. Elaborate on Racial Memory
    (3) I remember that. It was one of the last Capcom/Okami titles for the PS2 to be released. It had very tongue in cheek humour but was meant to have solid gameplay. Cant remember if I have a copy of it lying around somewhere. 15 points

    No sweat with the pledge but please continue to participate.

    @sundancer <10 points>

    Thanks dude! 🙂

    Rebels are looking good so far. 10 points


    Time for me to make a calmomile tea and a hot water bottle. I got the sniffles now for some reason. May or may not do an ogre…



    Well, finished Harley…. was expecting it to take longer but I didnt use inks so no waiting for them to dry and I wasnt going to even attempt them flippin tatoos




    Woohoo! Weekend! Sorry, I’m just keen apparently…

    @mage thanks for hosting once again 🙂 And kicking off with Maiden no less. Ah there’s a reason that the classics are classics 🙂 A fairly decent sized chunk of a pledge there. Looking forward to seeing the ogres with their final skin highlight on. Hope you are feeling OK soon.

    @tuffyears nice acquisitions, keen to see what you do with them.

    @sundancer stylish indeed 🙂 Ah yes, lamentably all my old concert t-shirts are now worn to rags. I had to part with my ‘Broken’ NIN Tee a few months ago, I had had it for a quarter of a century. Sad sad times…

    @biggabum good to see Harley arrive and work already underway. And don’t worry about the vintage of the tunes, think of it as a testament to their quality that they still stand up 🙂

    @dawfydd yes i remember hearing that ice ages had wiped the British isles clean of inhabitants several times over, and each time the isles were repopulated. A sobering thought…


    (1) What is your opinion on cloning technology? If it was better would it be good for the world? What are the downsides?

    Would depend what was being cloned. If modern cinema has taught us anything it is that bringing dinosaur species back to life is always a fantastic idea, with no negative consequences whatsoever. Seriously, if we are restricting the focus to the cloning of humanity then that does pose a bit of a puzzle to unpack. The idea of ‘lab grown’ 100% compatible replacement organs for people who need a transplant would be wonderful, but if you were cloning people to try to selectively enhance the human genome then that would be a dangerous pursuit IMO. I’m pretty sure we would end up missing something really important and end up exposing humanity to risk without a diversified gene pool – ie one where a virus which we might otherwise have been able to deal with ended up doing untold damage because we had accidentally selected and cultivated a genetic predisposition to not have immunity to that particular strain. Long winded example but I hope you get what I mean… Additionally, you couldn’t just clone Einstein or Beethoven and expect them to carry on as per their originals – without the sum total of their life experience and cognitive development you would end up with an entirely different mind, despite starting from the same genetic raw material as it were. Then again, Clone Troopers did shoot better than Storm Troopers…

    (2) Do you think we are the remains of a once more advanced society that suffered a calamity and since have had to rebuild our way back up since Ye Olde Caveman times?

    Probably not. Although if you swap out the word ‘advanced’ for something with less of a technological connotation and went for, say, ‘enlightened’ or ‘developed’ then some sociologists might argue that that is the case.

    (3)  What is a game you have wanted to get into but have not yet done so? Board game, RPG, miniature game, computer game, all of the above and more. Tell us, go into detail.

    Erm… all of them?… Still want to have a proper look at Age of Sigmar but the number of books and supplements is making me shift my focus elsewhere. Keen to get stuck into Kill Team when it arrives. I like the look of Infinity but found the rules book pretty dense (I should probably watch some playthroughs on Youtube or something…). Bolt Action looks interesting but I’m not sure if I could be bothered due to the uber competitive tourney players, same with 40k really. Konflict 47 and Dust do look like riotous fun, of for no other reason that doing up the minis. Truth be told though I have enough project wise at the moment to keep myself engaged without jumping into anything new.

    Pledges for the week: Will have a go at making some road sections, work on some French Napoleonics, base and touch up my old Ork army and print some more Kill Team terrain. Will see where I go from there…

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