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Hobby Weekender 18/01/18 Early thread in mid Jan!

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    Crap photo quality but snapped them in a rush. I finished one Stormcast Eternal from Nightvault today. Wanted to focus on one at a time toward the end.

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    Cult of Games Member

    (1) Invent me an ice cream flavour

    I love you answer @sundancer how about paint flavour, guess we’ve all tasted it and with a bit of “whoops my knife slipped” sauce on top.

    (2) You have three toppings you can put on a pizza. Go!

    Sausage, tomato, bacon.

    (3) Name three of your top villains from anything. Keep it nerd culture relevant and not political.

    @sundancer beat me to Darth Vader a good choice there, I’d through in The Joker (Mark Hamill’s voice in Batman TAS helps this one), Q (for the comdey villian award) and finally Catwoman for the last one.  Seems a Batman theme there and I’ve never got into the Batman game from Knight Models.

    (4) Name one artist or song from a genre you hate but you love the song or artist, along with a link to said tune.

    I get what you want here, but not sure I can think of anything.  My music tastes are very mixed so I can’t give an answer on this one.

    (5) What do you think would be a cool terrain piece? Let your imagination run wild as to what it looks like and what it can do. Don’t worry about technical restrictions like reality and physics.

    AR could produce as many problems as it does solutions, to be honest if I was paying out for a proper AR headset (not the view on the tablet shown) then I wouldn’t bother with buying miniatures.  I’ve tried Microsoft’s Hololens a couple of years back and looked at a body in full AR in front of me digging in to look at how it worked.  It would allow me to game from home against an opponent across the world as we’d both just need a table and all our miniatures and terrain could be presented digitially, but is that the gaming hobby that we all enjoy – I’m not sure.  If you are going to use a tablet to look at the table, what’s the point you’ll see the grand explosion whilst holding the tablet up and then put it down and the AR is gone.  Anyway back to the my answer to the question, Babylon 5 – the indoor space shown which is the inside of a cylinder would be cool.


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    @mage got privacy notices all over those photographs.


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    @jodain AR is an interesting case in terms of tabletop gaming. Personally I don’t reckon it’ll be a more than a gimmick until the tech is more prevalent & common place. I can see it though being a useful tool to enhance the gaming experience.

    (Also good shout on Babylon 5. Terrifyingly it was the 25th anniversary of the pilot this past week…)

    @mage those Stormcast are very crisp, and your progress on the Conquest gubbins makes me somewhat ashamed that most of mine gets shifted into a box…

    Anyway, didn’t get back to those Wolves yesterday, so they’ll be a job for next weekend. I did however get a bit of build-time in. Had a rummage around in the bits boxes and found (most) of the parts to build another three Wolf Guard Terminators. Did these three with helmets, mainly because I’d run out of bare bare heads 😀 These give me some more options in terms of load-outs, as well as meaning I can make three Terminators into Pack Leaders for other units and field one 10 or two 5-man Packs  🙂 (I do need to order a spare set of shoulder pads though for the TH & SS chap)

    2019-01-20 21.35.51

    And began construction on my third Knight Questoris. Had to stop as the chap I brought the parts from sent the wrong connection piece for the head, but found one fairly cheap online. Unfortunately that’ll be  a purchase for payday,but on the upside it’s only like £1  🙂

    This one is going to be a Knight Preceptor A) because at some point I want some Armiger Warglaives for House Mortan and the Preceptor buffs them something fierce and B) the Preceptors signature weapon – the Las-Impulsor – just sounds COOL. Low Intensity for 2D6 S5 -2AP D3 Damage shots up to 36″, or High Intensity for D6 shots  at S12(!) -4AP & D6 Damage within 18″? Yes please…..
    Also, this means I have a Super Heavy Detachment, a Battalion of Custodes, and the Blackmanes should work out to a Brigade & a Battalion…. I really need to point up my Guard collection don’t I?

    2019-01-20 21.36.35

    (And the carapace is just resting in place at the moment as I didn’t have anywhere else to put it. Admittedly it’s been  glued in place twice already – the pitfalls of building a kit like this sans instructions…).


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    @sundancer (55 points)


    (1)    Odd. 5 points.

    (2)    Nice choices, 10 points. Egg? On a pizza? Beats Pineapple.

    (3)    Okay, all self explanatory but a longer write up would have been good. 5 points. Doctor Claw? From Inspector Gadget?

    (4)    Sentimental? Don’t explain if you don’t want to but good choice. 15 points. It is the first disc on a three CD album I have for a 90s dance trance album.

    (5)    That’s interesting. 20 points.



    @jodain (40 points)


    (1)  Ah, but what is your flavour?

    (2)  I prefer your choice. 10 points.

    (3)  15 points, all fine choices. Q from ST:TNG was a good choice. As for Batman from Knight Models; the game and minis are good, but the customer service from the company itself and quality control can be on the bad side. Totally worth it.

    (4)  You can try anyway 😉 Just give an atypical answer if that is all you can fathom 😉

    (5)  B5? 15 points. Cool!


    Privacy notices? Again? Stupid imgur… Can you click on them and then see them?


    @dawfydd (20 points)


    I concur with you on AR. 5 points for replying to @jodain
    Thanks for the feedback on the Stormcast. Not my usual Stormhost (Chapter) but tey were enjoyable to do. Not sure about the final highlight on the blue though. I should get the two male ones finished later today after work.


    So far so good it is only the terrain for Conquest done. I still have to do some minor details on the red (want to make sure some wash sits in the recess of the eye sockets on the skulls of the red crate). Just the skulls and keypad panels. Not gonna bother with the lights above the door like previous ones, doubt anyone even realises they are there anyway. I also decided against a final red edge highlight or drybrush as I think it looks great as is considering how much effort (minimal) I had to put into it.


    Build time is always good! 5 points, look great! 5 more points for the paragraph on your army plans and 5 more for the level of assembly on your Knight.




    2.5 ish hours left of my night shift. Roll on eight O’Clock! Then home, sleep, up. Then zombie mode of hobby and chilling out. Possibly more Nintendo Switch. Once I have my two Stormcast finished I will have completed my first entire board game painted for the year, as well as finishing an entire (albeit low model count) Boardgame for January! Yay me!


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    @mage boiled egg in slices is very good on pizza…. at least in my book. 😉

    Yes Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget. I just love his “next time Gadget… NEXT TIME!” XD

    And we never see him. Just his cat and hands.


    A new flavor of ice cream… it seems the ones I might be after have been looked at with pomegranate and chocolate milk stout. Hmmm… OH! Strawberry dark chocolate stout! Just use a combination of Samuel Smith’s strawberry and chocolate stouts with a dark chocolate that has a high cacao content to counter the sweetness from the strawberry. Strawberry, chocolate and beer.guinness_brilliant

    (Truth be told I’m not a Guinness fan)

    Pizza toppings… sausage and pepperoni to be dashed with habanero sauce. Yum!

    Three villains… Pinhead a la ‘Hellraiser’, Darkness from ‘Legend’ and Bane from ‘Batman the Dark Knight’ for the impact of their voices and the fact that they aren’t immediately violent in their menace. Why use brute force in intimidation when your mind is much more ripe to play with in merely speaking? Its economy of effort

    Guilty pleasure song… Ariana Grande doing acapella of Dangerous Woman. Little Wooden Boy from the animated version of The Tick had more personality than she does but the video has its appeal.

    A cool terrain piece… Ah! A power generator station the likes of Fritz Lang’s original ‘Metropolis’ or Osamu Tezuka’s anime version that would have Tesla coil topping a center pillar that had running arcs of electricity and shot sparks of lightning around intermittently for the visual effect to some surrounding pylons. Honestly that’s a project I have in mind to build without real electricity using some sidestreet refuse, wire and a few odds and ends for a copy I have of Malifaux’s Ramos Avatar of Invention.

    @sundancer I think that the Bane voice still comes through in meme form in the same way a comedian did an impression of Morgan Freeman about his sentiments regarding ‘titty sprinkles’. Now with your pizza toppings and coffee drinking habits it seems that breakfast must be quite important to your stomach.

    @jodain I think that my idea would probably be best as AR as not many people are relatively keen on being voluntarily shocked. Gameplay would definitely be impeded. I think that the same might be said of anything done for Planescape in Sigil.

    @dawfydd Holy Crap 25 years?! Ugh. A good series for the time, production value and stories. Lol… heavy geeking out on your Space Wolves. I look forward to see your finished pieces and what you do with the basing.

    @mage The pics showed for me. Good progress on them. Definitely would do to get shots in a proper set up but the ones there are fine to get the figures.

    I’m going to get back to working on the 1st ed. Pandora (no Baby Kade of Candy with the consignment purchase from the FLGS), the 2nd ed. December Acolyte’s and reworking the turret on the gobbo scrap tank I painted. I switched the turrets accidentally and didn’t figure it out until I had both tanks on the workbench.


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    @horati0nosebl0wer I don’t do breakfast during weekdays. In fact I start my day with a coffee. During workdays I have a few coffees and some glasses of water. After work there is dinner with the family. But on weekends I take my time for breakfast with fresh made buns, coffee and what ever I fancy on my bun that morning. Accompanied by hard boiled eggs.


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    Well this weekend was a bit cooler but that meant catching up on all the housework that I’d been putting off due to the heat for the last few weeks – so no hobby time for me. Temperature is back up again today and looks to be the same for the rest of the week so not sure when I’ll be able to get back to it. On a positive note, Cancon is on this weekend – three days of awesome gaming goodness. For the uninitiated it’s the largest gaming event/convention.festival in the southern hemisphere. I’m pretty keen 🙂

    @horati0nosebl0wer those mosquito minis look ridiculously fragile and fiddly. You must have a great deal more patience/fine motor control tna I can muster. Good plan swapping the original parts out for wire. Oooh love me some Enigma TNG 🙂

    @dawfydd I love that you have this magical ever-growing pars box form which more Wolves just keep assembling from. It’s sort of like you have your own mini-Forge World 🙂 2500 points? I know you have a lot of concurrent projects but from the photos you’ve posted I would have assumed you’d have more points of Wolves than that? Then again, form memory it’s all core infantry and claws and not big tricked out Heavy support equipment which is probably where the big points sinks kick in? Or are you only including what has been fully painted? Nice work on painting up the the current squad BTW.

    @jodain hey, now I feel like I’m in good company – my pledges of late have been aspirational ones at best 🙂 Leia is coming along nicely.

    @sundancer agree with your observations with regard to the interviews. I always find big Ben entertaining though 🙂

    @mage good to hear your players hit level 10. How do you handle it when players don’t show – do the other players ruin with their characters, do you ‘shortman’ the party or do you NPC them personally?


    (1) Invent me an ice cream flavour – Steak. Because Guinness has already been done…

    (2)    You have three toppings you can put on a pizza. Go! Basil, sun dried tomato and olive oil – all it needs 🙂

    (3)    Name three of your top villains from anything. Keep it nerd culture relevant and not political. – Dr Doom straight off the bat. I mean, Vader’s aesthetic was based on him, how much cooler can you get? I always liked the comic book version of Baron Zemo (Not to say I didn’t mind his version in Age of Ultron). And IG-88 because bounty hunting assassin droid 🙂 Honourable mention to Deathstroke and the Alien monster from the film franchise (you know, the one where they made 2 films and decided that they were both so perfectly and differently awesome that they should stop there and NEVER try to make another alien film? Yep, that one 🙂 )…

    (4)    Name one artist or song from a genre you hate but you love the song or artist, along with a link to said tune. – Erm, sort of stuck on this one – if I hate the genre then I don’t like the music. the only genre’s I really do hate are generic pop rubbish, yodelling and country and western (sorry it’s not just me). Having said that I don’t hate ll pop, just the cheesy ‘radio friendly unit shifter’ stuff that’s all built using a synthesizer, 3 chords and autotune. Some pop music is quite cool, especially the more subversive stuff – I’ll post a couple of examples of what I mean as a compromise response I guess:

    Language warning:

    (5)    What do you think would be a cool terrain piece? Let your imagination run wild as to what it looks like and what it can do. Don’t worry about technical restrictions like reality and physics. – Mordheim. And I will not be swayed on the matter 😛 Or any version of ‘Neo-Tokyo’ 😛

    Nice work on the stormcast and crate!

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    @evilstu it’s crazy how far a few Wolf kits can go if you spread the bits around amongst other marine kits 🙂 . and yeah, I’m a big believer in Boots On The Ground with armies I build.


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    I did some hobby! hurray!



    Done with another bit of 2019 painting pledge




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    Layers of red… upon layers of red… upon layers of red….  and I thought the Imperial Royal Gurad would be easy to paint *sits crying in corner rocking back and forth*


    @sundancer I laugh at your pain and suffering. Bwahahahaha! Red is a pain to get right. There was a painting session for nothing but painting red fabric during an oil painting class I was taking toward a degree, that I didn’t finish, in art. The difference here is that oil is very very forgiving and blends so much easier moving from Prussian blue, and burnt umber into orange that gave the red its variety of value.

    Try looking at it as a sepia tone figure and then glaze over it with red. You could do a high contrast zenithal highlight of linen white, or light beige, on black and then cover it with a red ink to a dark enough value/opacity to eliminate any pink tones.

    Realistically you have my empathy on this. Black has been my bane until figuring on using blues in general. I’m trying to figure out good secondary/tertiary color shades.

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