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Hobby Weekender 19/04/2019 – Fuelled

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    @robert you wouldn’t want that…. I’d come with a big shovel and everything lands in a big bag 😉


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    This weekend is going to be, ac odessey, World of warships (xb1) with a side order of painting


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    Hi guys!  Figured I need to make a bit more of an effort an re-engage with folks (and, well, actually do some hobby!)


    1. I still have a bunch of minis from Black Scorpions Tombstone kickstarter that I keep meaning to get a round to doing something with, ditto the various UCM bits I have for Dropzone & Dropfleet.
    2. Much like @rastaman I try to find something else to do then comeback once the funk has cleared. That can be anything from loading up a game (Apex Legends is my current go-to for quick bursts of gameplay), working through some vids on Youtube, the podcast backlog, or some reading…

    Asfor hobby, I’ve had a kindof crappy month where I’ve either not had the time or the inclination to get any painting done. I did get the Supressors from Shadowspear and a squad of Inceptors from Conquest built for the Raptors project, and got the rest of the parts i needed to finish building my Wolf Priest in Termiantor Armour:

    2019-04-20 08.11.44

    Can’t remember, did I post previously about the SW ven dreadnought I picked up off Ebay as a fixer-upper? needed a bit of work but it came with the spares from the original build, as well as a second set of sprues that had a complete set of the kits weapon options. The seller I brought it from had tried to build Murderfang but gone a bit OTT with the glue and not far enough with the pre-assembly cleanup. Bit of brute force and use of a file got it to a good place where I could fit some of the carapace plates and kit it out with the axe & shield combo. Should tag well with the Relic Contemptor I already have, and the spares have left me another set of the axe & shield that I’d be really tempted to try to use on another Contemptor…..

    2019-04-20 08.12.02

    and primed 🙂

    2019-04-20 10.07.46

    Last thing wasI wanted to actually sit down and get a jog on with one of my outstanding projects this weekend, so pulled out the Knight Preceptor and her Armiger Warglaive bondsmen. So far I’ve managed to get all the gold edging done, next step tidy up any overspill, hit the black armour with Necromancer Cloak,  the nget on with washes  so I can start to look at getting all the sub-assemblies assembled

    2019-04-20 15.33.52

    And for a bonus round, I found some of my bits boxes and had forgotten some of the golden oldies I had laying around:
    2019-04-20 10.14.072019-04-20 10.13.38


    @evilstu The Kingdom is definitely worth the watch. Imagining a zombpocalypse in the Koryo dynasty is very frightening with the twist that was thrown into the mix. Its always fun to see the hats for the ministers and the “rabbit ear” guards as well.

    That made me think back to Korean drumming with samgomu (3 drum), ogomu (5 drum) and pongmul drum groups.

    Good to see your forces coming along and very impressive to look at the keep board set up.

    @robert Agreed on the lead singer. She has the same style of face for the lead of Xandria with a similar set of pipes to blast the microphone with. A good mix of music from your side. When I hit Prodigy I immediately thought of the scene in Shaun of the Dead where Simon Pegg and Nick Frost had their electro party.

    @sundancer When did you start working for the mafia?

    @tuffyears Nice plan indeed. I really like the blue/green for the ghasts. As far as World o’ Warships I can’t say that I was hooked like in WoT. Getting into the beta and playing a bit was fun for a little bit but it just didn’t have the same appeal as hauling ass all over the place in a little Luchs and barely dodging shells. (I really should have gone after the French line for their Ferrari with the cannon on top)

    @dawfydd Good to see more stuff. I think that with the Spring Cleaning event your Golden Oldies might well have a place to be shown off.


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    Hey guys,


    Almost finished my night and then providing cover easter monday for a twelve hour day. Valuable overtime…


    Working on my Minotaurs some more but got no pictures as it isn’t really all that noticable, just second coats of grey and red here and there. Im hoping to get more work done on them today. Its going to be one of those hobby quietly with tv on and ignore the outside world. My safe place haha. Im hoping to get the following colours finished on them today: red, grey, green, black and silver. There are various stages for each colour and if I knucke down I will pull it off. Then all that needs doing are the bases and gold. Oh and the eyes.


    Then it will be onto the pipe terrain set and starting on my death guard. I may take a break and work on somthing else before properly doing the Death Guard.



    Anyway some music:




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    @sundancer I take it you are not cosplaying as Shovel Knight


    @tuffyears Seems like a nice comfy weekend ahead of you. Loving the Nighthaunt and Chaos Marines.


    @dawfydd Space Wolves? That’s unexpected 8) Knights are looking well and sweet bits box find.


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    Just had my coffee and porridge and planning on heading to the shed soon.  The Spring Clean Competition in yesterday’s Weekender Show got me somewhat distracted yesterday and I end up playing about with these for it… so much for my pledge!  God knows what I will actually do today when I go up…


    @evilstu Great work on your seige board.  Looks epic!  I wouldn’t even need rules for that, I could sit all day making shooting noises and fighting it out in my head!

    @sundancer you win, I’ll tidy up myself.  Never trust a man with a big shovel… TV has taught me they are either creepy Gravediggers, Grave robbers, gangsters or serial killers.

    @tuffyears have a good weekend, fighty boats and painting sounds a good one.

    @dawfydd The Space Doggies look good. I think you did post your dreadnaught before, but you did such a good job on it, post it some more.  Great stuff.  Some really nice stuff in your box of shiney as well – do I spy an old Empire Mortar and Volley Gun?  So heavy and metal!!!!

    @horati0nosebl0wer i sometimes listen to non metal stuff, but I don’t have time to listen to everything.  I do like my folk and fiddy diddly music at times.

    @mage good stuff, you’ll soon have those Minos finished and ready to do the Emperor’s bidding or just kill some aliens for the craic of it.

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    Sorry to pop in but my quick post should also accidentally answer the questions. 😉

    For my hobby pledge, I have a 40k tournament next weekend and a pile of new shiny Black Legion needing painting.

    So much work so litt.. Oh I’m off until Wednesday? Well that does make things interesting.

    For inspiration I should listen to this song 🤣


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    @robert nice use of a battlecannon barrel as smokestack on the Demolisher. I think I still have one of those along with an old Forge World Exterminator as my sole heavy armour elements. Well, them and a Salamander Scout Tank (which handily someone has worked up a new sculpt on the TP scene as I really fancy a squadron of them 🙂 ). And that Razorback. Still boggles slightly that GW haven’t done a proper resculpt of the las/dual plasma turret as it really gave it a unique flavour. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

    And yes, that is the old metal volley-gun and great cannon. Back in the early 2000’s when GW ran their last great discount sale to purge a huge chunk of the old WFB metal range I kinda brought the Nuln Artillery School, most of which should be still knocking around.

    @horati0nosebl0wer it’s a thought with merit. Equally GW have put the Grey Company version of Halbarad with the Banner of the Evenstar up for sale just this week, along with the GC Rangers of the North. It’s awfully tempting to get them to go with these chaps from the Pile Of Shame….

    2019-04-21 13.36.28-1

    (I may also have Elhodan & Elrohir’s armoured & mounted versions in blisters around here, plus a clutch of Dunedein Rangers and the Pellanor version of Eomir… gods don’t let me get started back on LOTR – I have like 50 painted Riders of Rohan in a case around here….)




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    Morning all! Hope everyone’s had a good weekend so far and that all tummies are full of chocolate eggs (if you’re into that sort of thing…).

    @robert cheers I’ve been meaning to grab some more canvases and do up a bit of a better job on the scenery backers for the tabletop – current ones work well for screening bookcases etc in background photos but will need a few more if I’m going to add any real estate by way of an extra boars or two to the tabletop – something else leftfield on the hobby project list I guess 😉 Sounds like the arab force will be properly versatile – great to hear. Wow, retro armour! that packaging looks mid-1990’s? The siege game was primarily to test the siege rules – I think I’ll need to do a substantive rework before using them in a proper scenario. 30 points.

    @tuffyears nice mix of blue and green tones for that spectral look! best of luck stalking the waves 🙂 20 points.

    @dawfydd Nice to hear you have a strategy in place and can recognise when it’s time to put a project down and come back to it when the energy levels are a little recharged. I personally tend to miss the warning signs, grind on through and regret later 😉 Nice score on the dreadnaught. I’m always fascinated by what’s going on on the background shots on your paint desk – larger projects just don’t seem to phase you 🙂 Nice haul on the golden oldies! some amazing looking classic ins in that lot! Just eyeballing the photos there’s probably enough for a few Mordheim warbands or maybe the core of a small Nuln Empire army. Do you still have the shields for the Bret Foot Knights? One of those would make a lovely project for the Spring Cleaning challenge… just sayin 😉 40 points.

    @horati0nosebl0wer will add it to the list. Presently working through the excellent Civil War series from 1990 (and wanting to get stuck into my ACW historicals as a result), and Frontier (and wanting to do some French indian war as a result) so concerned if I push on with Kingdom it could lead to a Korean army. And an Undead army to boot 🙂 20 points.

    @mage hope the overtime shift goes well and that you’re not burning yourself out 🙂 Yeah painting’s like that – I find when I paint it looks like a lot of work on additional layers for no visible improvement and then suddenly the whole model comes together. Enjoy the quiet time and keen to see how you get on. No pressure mind you, take it at your own pace 🙂 20 points.

    @woldenspoons ooh tourney! Nothing like a deadline! I guess if you prime in black then you are a good way there to begin with. Can then just do detail passes and pick out the colours that are going to give the most impact in the next couple of days. Best of luck pushing on, try not to burn yourself out (you don’t want to be sick of the army before you get to deploy it 🙂 ). 30 points.

    Yesterday worked on the 30 Knights of the White Wolf that are kicking around on my paint bench and assembled a box of 12 Fireforge Mounted Sergeants. Two of these I’ll keep aside for huntmasters for my cult of Ulric army, the remaining 10 got split into a unit of 5 with spears and a unit of 5 with bows (had to raid my Agincourt English historicals a little for parts…). Going to do these in reasonably generic paint scheme so that can be used as historicals or pull double duty as mounted yeoman in a Bret WHFB army. At least that’s the plan…

    Also weighing up the pros and cons of jumping in on the Spring Cleaning project, but just conscious that work is about to get insanely busy for a few months so might let this one go…

    Off to find some non-chocolate eggs. and more coffee 🙂

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    @mage I think that @sundancer might just be going straight into Shovelfight mode with the loser going into the bag.

    @robert Wow! Talk about a throwback in GW history. It might well be worth the work to bring that to life and show how far they’ve come.

    @dawfydd I’m looking over my old stuff and thinking that I have a few intersting pieces that might be good for the Spring Clean. The timing sucks but I think I might be able to do something in order to add to the event. I’ve been sitting on a Freelance Knight from Mordheim forever and a day that would be great for this though I managed to snag a couple of the original metal WHFB Dragon Ogres (heavy as hell) from a FLGS on clearance that would work. I really want my airbrush hose to come in.

    @evilstu Interested in some French/Indian War minis you say? Interested in a Koryo army you say? Well then, here let me help you with that. Oh! I thin there might be something for that. Just like with @sundancer and looking around at a new system (a while ago) I’m helping… really

    Good luck in the search for time to paint. I understand that well as I’ve been scratchbuilding display bases and drooling over all the elements that I can add. As of this moment… its candles.


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    @horat0nosebl0wer In that case I better get a broom for self defence.


    @evilstu Im a quarter of the way through the day, almost. It was kept going at the stat which helped the time pass by. I also have a chocolate easter egg the mrs got me to keep me going. Yeah, its like that. That’s why I got annoyed at the batch painting and focussed on one model after a while. Yesterday I almost finished my second Captain in Gravis Armour. I just need to paint the rim and drybrush the hardened basing material and hes done. Then Ill do the other Character models.


    Ill post a pic some time late tonight or earlier tomorrow. Depends how long Im at the GF’s after work. That said, the fact that when I focussed on one model at a time it was completed quickly means I should have the four character models from Dark Imperium done by Friday. That leaves twenty or so marines.


    @dawfydd Dude just get the limited edition stuff, you have years to keep buying space marines that will more or less always be available lol.


    @robert Indeed the Xenos slaying will be good aul craic. I need some primer for my new Apothecary and the Chaplain comes out with Conquest soon enough. And I have some pipes to do. And then need to tear into the Death Guard half itself…


    Some music!





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    @mage I think that @sundancer might just be going straight into Shovelfight mode with the loser going into the bag.

    Read: I bring the bag, the other one get’s  a paddlin!


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    Lookin’ our the window. That’s a paddlin’.


    Storming the enemy with a Space Markne Strike Force. Oh ho, you bet that’s a paddlin’.




    Not a great photo but put the finishing touches on this guy. Next is an Ancient (Standard Bearer) and Lieutenant.


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    Destroy the Orcs – that is not a paddlin!

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