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Hobby Weekender 19/04/2019 – Fuelled

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    Playing a Paladin – that’s a Paladin… Wait.. what?…



    @horati0nosebl0wer no need for you to ‘help’ on that front – I assure you Warlord are being helpful enough at the moment with their deals on to the support the ‘Dark and Bloody Ground’ supplement… yeah, aim will be to try and get the 30 cav painted up by the end of the week. Not sure how I’ll fare timewise but it should be achievable… 10 points.

    @mage yeah I’m thinking I’m probably due for a shift out of batch painting units at some stage in the near future. Maybe a character model or 2 to a higher standard than tabletop, maybe just a random display mini. or maybe a small band for Rangers of Shadow Deep?… Nice progress on the Minotaurs. Still think they have a Dieselpunk look (and the base is sort of also giving it a bit of a Mad Max-esque feel too). All very cool 🙂 20 points.

    @sundancer that also reminds me of krusty’s friend Corporal Punishment – 10 points.

    @robert ah they just don’t make album covers like that anymore… Well Ok I’m sure someone still does… 10 points




    No more days off. Army is 3 colours (OK I pushed out the boat, 4 colours) but is terrible so no pictures. When it’s done properly I’ll look at treating you all.



    @mage If there’s anything I learned from the film Love Guru that you might use in this epic fight it is this … Stink Mop!

    @sundancer Are you really that old? Otherwise I don’t speak of the Stonecutters.

    @evilstu Everybody needs all the help they can get. As for me I’m thinking that a little more music might be in order (heh heh heh)

    As far as the Love, Death and Robots werewolf episode I think Rip&Tear is in order

    Creating more aggro soundscapes for those frantic battles of things like Infinity. More is More!

    Some Su-35 mecha musume to change some things up


    Keeping the beat – potential seizure warning

    Now for some witchhouse

    Who needs Harley Quinn?

    I can just hear the call of the heretics in this…“Blessed Grandfather Nurgle, we the broken and suffering call out to you that you might relieve us of our agonies”

    More Slaanesh related announcements requires music

    Something inspired by the XLBS. Sometimes a pipe is just a pipe



    Stink mop? Do I even want to know?


    Also almost finished a Primaris Lieutenant and the Ancient isn’t far behind them. They should be finished by tomorrow.



    Well the night shift is almost over and the vampires and undead are retreating to their hollows. I might do a little silver highlighting after the commute home and before bed.  Just onto the start of episode 2 of the new series of game of thrones (I watched the first on my break).


    And for some reason I thought of this and it made me giggle






    Morning chaps,

    So today is A-Day, the culmination of 11 years and 22 films. Yep, Avengers: Endgame hits at midnight and this mad sod has figured it’s a good idea to do the Infinity War/Endgame double bill 😀 As this seems to be a year of endings (MCU Phase 3, Game of Thrones, Fox’s stewardship of the X-Men, Star Wars Episode IX to name but a few) are there any concluding chapters you fine folks are looking forward to?

    In the meantime I’ve been doing a bit more digging through my bits boxes and past projects:

    A goldy-oldy, the classic  Warhammer Quest Barbarian, here given a somewhat more realistic sword from one of the Empire kits

    2019-04-21 13.22.10

    A brace of converted Guardsmen from the old metal ranges, back when i was working up to a rag-tag veteran squad

    2019-04-21 13.23.14

    The heavy weapon squads from my old 3rd/4th Ed Cadian army, back before there were plastics but post-Catachans, so all the lasguns got replacement barrels, powerpacks, and the Steel Legion Lascannons in place of the  old carriage-mounted versions (also, the old ‘Ard Coat was waaay more gloss than expected)

    2019-04-21 13.26.28

    I really need to get on with stripping the rest of these Jungle Fighters

    2019-04-21 13.30.50

    And I  think there’s at least 3-4 armies of Marines in here…..

    2019-04-21 13.31.20

    Good god. I think those might be the Long Fangs from my original, Rogue Trader-era Space Wolf force…

    2019-04-23 13.03.342019-04-23 13.03.222019-04-23 13.04.292019-04-23 13.04.04

    Oh, and a REAL blast from the past. Not quite sure how I’ve still got these…..

    2019-04-23 13.38.40



    Been distracted by other things over the past few days and not been near the man cave.  Will get that sorted over the next day or two!



    One last bit before I start preparing for  my 6+  hours at the cinema later: as I picked up some spare issues (thanks  to Forbidden Planets pre-order listings) did a bit of a kit-bash on a Primaris Apothecary kit. I know that they don’t have the option for a chainsword (unlike their regular brethren) but I figured it just looked cool. And the head is from the 3rd Ed Tactical upgrade sprue, which works surprsingly well on  the larger Primaris bod…

    2019-04-24 16.11.48-22019-04-24 16.11.55-22019-04-24 16.12.01-22019-04-24 16.12.08-2



    Kinda gone and ordered cruel seas from warlord games …..



    Still alive! I did some cleaning during Easter holidays. As some of you might remember I always complained about me not having enough space. Well after selling/giving away 2 bicycles, 2 broken lawnmowers, a plastic children playhouse and a 3-in-1 baby buggy I finally have enough space to start cleaning my workbench I set up 8 years ago… just before my wife got pregnant XD


    This is what it looked like after 3 hours of rearranging all stuff left in the garage. And this is what it looks two more hours later:


    Still a lot to be done but I now have space to move stuff and tackle larger projects that just couldn’t be done to the degree I wanted. Like my modular table with the hex fields.



    @woldenspoons congrats on getting the army tabletop ready. I know how difficult it can be to power through an army in a short time frame – personally I keep overstepping and being undecided as to whether or not to go back and fix or just push on. Anyhow, you have the army ready to go now and can always revisit later should you feel the need. best of luck with the tourney! 20 points.

    @horati0nosebl0wer music is much more helpful 🙂 Too many projects on the go presently to consider picking up another era/theatre… 20 points.

    @mage congrats on pushing on with the character minis. Please pat the nice friendly undead from me 🙂 20 points.

    @dawfydd hope the screening goes well. I’ll probably give it a few days to avoid the crowds before I go in (it’s presently school holidays locally…). re franchises ending, I think it’s probably about time to draw a line under them all and move on. I think things tend to get drawn out beyond their shelf life sometimes due to the profit making imperative, and would rather see story arcs concluded tan spun out any further. So I guess I’m glad all the ones you mentioned will be concluding. I still want to dee a good Fantastic Four film that isn’t made by Disney Pixar though… Wow, you have a museum’s worth of archived GW minis there! Well go on then, we’ll give you a week or 2 to get them converted, based and primed ;-P WYSIWYG be damned, nice conversion 🙂 . 30 points.

    @robert I hear you – A new upgrade for Warhammer 2 total war and I may have downloaded MTG Arena… <_< Best of luck when you do hit the man-cave 10 points.

    @tuffyears don’t worry, there’s no judgement here 🙂 Keen to hear how you find the game. 10 points.

    @sundancer awesome news on the cleanup! Hope having the dedicated hobby space works well for you! 20 points.



    @mage Stink mop is the ultimate in contests for human decision making through brute force. Ben Kingsley teaches us philosophy during the whole thing as well.

    @dawfydd I’ve been looking forward to the end of the hiatus that Jim Butcher has been on do to his relationship rollercoaster that he’s coming off of. Any others that I can think of offhand? The end to the wait for Slaanesh kits and decadent goodness (if it can be described as such). I’m also glad to see the end to sitting around and not painting my Spring Cleaning feature. This community has definitely been good to boot me in the butt to actually paint things.

    By the by, not franchise related, it has also been the end to the wait for my quick release airbrush hose. I’ve thrown on a coat of primer over my stuff and it is pretty damn cool to not lose pressure from the tank when I swap out airbrushes. This will definitely help in future when I go between the Patriot 105 and Sotar 20/20 (both Badger).

    Looking over all those figures it seems that there is picture proof for your Hoard of Shame that we can go back and compare. Good work on the conversion.

    @tuffyears Egad. Why do you do this to our ears?



    @horati0nosebl0wer with you on eagerly awaiting the next Dresden Files – the preview chapter from Peace Talks that was made available to backers of the Dresden Files Co-operative Card Game was tantilising, and the last short story anthology raised some interesting questions (although honestly I’d buy the crap out of a YA series following Maggie & Mouse from their specific POV’s…). Still sad we never got a sequel to The Aeronauts Windlass as that book kicked ass. Hadn’t realized that Butcher had relationship troubles that had contributed to the delays…

    @evilstu I don’t disagree that franchises have overtaken things somewhat, but sadly I don’t think there’s much chance of them going away any time soon. As Endgame is proving, there is far too much money on the table for that.

    I would say though (and this is all I’ll say about it for the next week) Endgame could not exist without the previous 21(?) films that Marvel have put out. It’s simultaneously an ending, sowing seeds of Phase 4, and a triumphant victory lap for 10 years of one inter-linked cinematic universe.



    @dawfydd I heard that The Aeronaut’s Windlass was good stuff. I’ll have to check it out in the future. I should go back and reread the Dresden Files just because it was a good series and there’s so much that I have to catch up on.

    As far as future Wolves that you put together I dug up a couple of things from Pop Goes the Monkey on Shapeways that would be relevant. Custom addition wolf skulls and wolf skull shoulderpads that could make your forces “pop” for special units. If you did a Killteam that would be an interesting bit of custom kit.

    I found the Space Phantom themed pauldrons and Rhino front of interest with great potential for more work. I also found some more mods from Spellcrow to do some cool customization. I will remain strong for the present to not cave and buy any more hobby stuff before my move.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 47 total)

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