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Hobby Weekender 24/08/2018

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    Wow, praise from Caesar! G’wan @bothi !!!




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    Thanks @warzan . I’m very hopeful that I will make it. And no worries on the pressure. My GF comes looking every 2 hours going like: “Only this far? They look good, but you have to hurry!” I get the feeling she wants so see them finished more than I do.


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    She sounds like a keeper dude


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    its meant to be fire…





    @mage the death Guard sorcerers have a hand like that. I ensured I painted one brown 🤗.

    Sadly we had to send Tash to sleep not long after I posted so I’m not in the best frame of mind and subsequently didn’t attend the tournament. I did get a lot more painting done and after the next stage I will update the pictures.

    Action Force was, I believe a UK version of GI Joe until they later consolidated and Cobra took over. I always loved the H.I.S.S. tank and if chaos had razorbacks I know how I’d model mine.

    I found a music play list called 93 rock and it was all kinds of awesome with the exception that it seemed to miss Soundgarden . So without further adieu, some music!

    I could go on forever for that era.


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    So I’m back. And here be pictures ARRRR!



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    @bothi best of luck with the challenge! And thank you for taking time out of painting to post both here and push through updates on the project log as you go. Great to hear you have an encouraging support team on site to keep you motivated 🙂

    Ah yes absolutely great track – can’t help but smile when I hear it, ot is completely infectious even today. And fantastic hobby advice. Really glad you continued with the hobby and met up with a more mature and supportive group of gamers.

    Videos are included just by pasting links in I believe, unless there is a better way which I have not worked out yet… 20 points for question responses, another 50 for your heroic self-imposed weekend challenge 🙂 70 points.

    @warzan No pressure indeed 😛 10 points for the ‘gentle encouragement 🙂 Great to hear  you are looking at giving this one the attention it deserves, thanks for that 😉

    @mage Ah OK so the hand is enveloped in fire as though he is directly manipulating. I can see it now in your earlier shot from behind the model. Wow I am way behind on my lore apparently… Are you going to be working in some OSL onto this model? I’m personally always really hesitant to try but sometimes I feel some of the sculpts I am painting almost require it. While I haven’t painted the mini, the Vader model from the Star Wars legion starter is a good example -the red halo of glow from his lightsaber helps bring colour to the rest of the model.  10 points for taking the time to clarify 🙂

    @woldenspoons sorry to hear yo your bad news, these things are never easy 🙁

    Great tracks – ‘Black’ was my favourite form that album. And haven’t heard Black Hole Sun in years. I do really love Soundgarden’s video clips (and Alice in Chains too – must have been something to do with the inspired creativity of the directors at the time…). I nearly jumped out of my chair the first time I saw the part with the screwdriver in the clip for ‘Jesus Christ Pose’  🙂 50 points for awesome tracks.

    @sundancer wow, plenty of swashbuckling happening there. Some fantastic looking tables and terrain! 30 points for the photos.


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    Im really sorry to hear about your cat Tash @woldenspoons


    We (my parents, son and I) are dog people, and don’t really see them simply as ‘animals’ or ‘pets’ in a sense. They are furry little members of the family. Losing one of them is losing a family member. It sucks…


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    Had a date night and busy day with my son too. Training this morning was also most good.


    Now, a quick post before bed. No picture but my Firebelly is 90% complete. I went back to the flame effect and added in more orange and red. I did everything else (the leather and browns) as well as the teeth. The skin remains to be done. I may also be OCD and bother to paint in the finger and toenails in on this one. Perhaps. He has about one hour of work to go in, probably more with drying times, but it looks like my pledge will be completed within this weekend (huzzay!).


    I have been inspired by @bothi and may do an ‘Iron-Man’ painting challenge myself and progress it from Tuesday to Saturday as I have time off of work. Or Wednesday to Saturday.


    I have lots of things I could do. Anyone interesting in discussing it with me, giving me ideas, egging me on, and such?


    @evilstu I dunno, I am afraid I would ruin the model with OSL. Ive only ever tried it once (see below, Darth Vader for Imperial Assault), and being on a few FB pages with painting ive seen a few very talented painters ruin stuff over the years with their work.


    View post on


    Pictures and more detailed responses tomorrow. I wont have as much on… fingers crossed…



    @sundancer so glad I asked for photos. That looks amazing. Even Dreadfleet 😂.

    Can’t wait to hear a little more.

    Now while we know he is here and we are looking at hobby pledges @warzan what Hobby Pledges have you got for John this week?




    Actually i think he’s off this week on leave lol


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    @mage glad the day was enjoyable. Keen to see how the firebelly is progressing. Yes I have also had something in mind which would lend itself well to a ‘one weekend challenge’ type of format (If I could get the gear I need and get a clear weekend of course…). It might be a fun type of thing that community members could do now and then and we could all get behind and follow along with. With regard to your potential projects, you know we are always up for cheering along from the sidelines 🙂 Given the volume of stuff you can churn out in short order when you set your mind to it, wondering what exactly it is you have in mind?…

    I hear you on the OSL – have only tried it a few times and it always makes me nervous. For what it’s worth i think it turned out well on your Vader, but your point is well made – a centrepiece mini like the firebelly may not be the best model to use as a test if you are not feeling confident in approaching. 20 points for hobby progress (but we still wanna see a pic! 🙂 )

    @woldenspoons heh that made me giggle – 20 points.

    @warzan he got a week off in the lead-up to a bolt action bootcamp? Well he craftily timed that well 😛 Really did enjoy part 1 of the Trench VLOG, looking forward to seeing more. – 10 points.

    Surprisingly I ended up getting a fair bit done hobby-wise today. Got enough done on my Terrain Challenge entry that I’m actually going to be OK with meeting the deadline now, which is good as I don’t know that I’ll get any hobby time during after work this week (should still be OK to do the final spot-glue, snap some photos and do a write-up though).

    My historicals survived the varnishing OK, so now need to touch up the skintone and white in a few places, glue some washers to the bottom of them (the small base makes them quite unstable so hoping to add weight to the bases make them a little less top heavy – failing that, magnets…) and then do a simple base. Probably need to do another 50 or so before I have enough for a proper game of Sharp Practice, so looking forward to hitting that threshold.


    (Please ignore the historical goblins in the background… I believe they were a mercenary force working for Orcstria… OK, I’ll show myself out now…)

    Got around to mixing up a large batch of homemade ink wash following the recipe i found online and posted a couple of weeks ago. Really happy with the results – this was a trial ink wash over a white primed Reaper mini I had in my ‘to do’ pile. Plus it will be easy to darken down further for when I need to do stuff cheaply on a larger scale, ie terrain…


    And got a bunch of Skaven up to the varnishing stage – not great work but they are skaven so it’s all about the quantity 🙂 And the Army Painter dip really does hide a multitude of sins…


    Rest of my hobby progress was for the Terrain Challenge components so I will update the project log with it over the week rather than post here.

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    By the way, is anybody else looking at the Kill Team rules set and thinking how well it would translate to a Space Hulk type of environment/campaign?


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    Good Morning everybody.

    @sundancer some amazing stuff going on there. Haven’t had a game of Dreadfleet in years. And the table second from the top looks amazing. Would love to get a game of Freebooters Fate on that.

    @mage and @evilstu Believe me I had my problems with OSL over the years (and still have it as @lancorz pointed out a few hobby hangouts back, no worries really appreciated the feedback). I tried the thinning method for years. Thats were you thin the paint down like 10:1 and go for a billion layers. But i always pooled to much for me in the recesses and never coated the highlights. I went to the “drybrushing” method, were you practically drybrush the single layers on really carefully. Had much better results with that. Will do that on the power weapons on the Kasrkin tonight.

    @evilstu we played a double blind space hulk game years back. One GM (perfectly managed by @andre77 ) who had all the infos and two sides which only saw their troops and told the GM where to move. Then there were air ducts, auspex scans etc. Once you saw an enemy the minis were actually placed on the centre table and the engagement was fought. Once one side was defeated and no reinforcements arrived the remaining troops became “invisible” again. It took like 10 hours to play through but was amazing fun. We used I think 5th edition 40k rules. Haven’t had a chance to read through the Kill Team rules but if they are anything like in the past, they would work perfectly for a scenario / setup like that.


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    Good morning! Another busy day ahead of me. Raining so it will be limited to indoor activities with my boy but we have no shortages of things to do or places to go within that context. Ill try get a pic done of the firebelly before breakfast.


    One Week Challenges I have in mind:

     A board game (Myth, Super Dungeon Explore, GKR, minis I use for D&D, Arcworlde)
     A skirmish game (Batman, Mythos, Shattered Earth, Necromunda, Mordheim)
     Lord of the Rings Army (I have several)
     Warhammer 40,000 Army (I have several)
     A Horus Heresy Army (Warhammer 30,000, also have a couple of armies)
     Age of Sigmar Army (I have several)
     GW Board Games (Space Hulk, Necromunda, Burning of Prospero, Betrayal at Calth)

    That’s it off the top of my head. Furthermore I could theme stuff along different lines; the 3rd War for Armageddon or the Badab War for Warhammer 40,000 for instance.


    Dreadfleet, that takes me back. A little. One of the lads I used to game with at an old group I left pushed hard for it and painted a whole set. We were both coincidentally on a day of annual leave (as opposed to a day off) one day and met up for a game. He demoed it to me and we had fun, he won. Things soured for me when he got a little cocky, only a little, and slightly bragged afterward of ‘getting a second win down this week’. This was a good while before I left the group. It was years ago and I still remember it. I was peeved at the guy and never played the game with him again because his attitude stank.

    Star Wars too? Looks great and fantastic play matts. Whats the other game? Also why is the last one in German?


    Oh yeah, the Death Guard have these weird fiery poo cloud magic effects don’t they?

    I remember watching Action Force as a child, dubbed over intro for GI Joe of course. Good stuff.

    Stormcast are coming along nicely and the Death Guard are looking suitably entrophied 🙂


    OSL is not something Im sure I’d like to spend a whole lot of time trying in vain to perfect. The most Id ever try is the drybrushing effect ala my Darth Vader mini. Then again there is a nice Witch Hunter Diorama from Mordheim I can think of. I’d like to maybe imitate it in some way as a personal challenge at some point. It is a golden demon entry in some old white dwarf. Not sure I even own it. Weird how something random stays in your brain like that.

    Haven’t seen your endeavours in OSL.

    10 hours? Sweet Christmas!


    Not familiar enough with Killteam to make a call on Space Hulk compatibility but sounds fun

    Your historicals are looking good. What varnish do you use?

    Cool reaper mini. When are you trying out the ink on it. As for the Skaven, I am not sure the particular shade of grey works on them, it kind of looks like sprue plastic without a wash or highlight.

    Odd photo of mid swoop magpie, I dig it.

    You seem to powering through quite a bit of hobby yourself there.

    How handy are you getting with 3D printing? Fancy a commission that will annoy you?


    Loving your material so far, would have posted a more detailed, inclusive post sooner but life and all that. Is the metal providing an adequate challenge or a source of frustration? Cannot wait to see more.

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