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Hobby Weekender 31/01/2019 – Let's All Down with the Sickness

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    Thanks to @evilstu for hosting this week! I aim to be much more involved this week than I was the last.

    What hobby can you do when it’s too hot?

    Assembly mostly for me. I put together those Dark Angels while the temperature was too much for paint recently.

    I think @sundancer has the right idea: Play during the hot/cold times.

    Do I sit or stand while hobbying?

    Sit. I sit. I’m on my feet all day at work. It’s not unusual for me to get between 8000 and 10000 steps in a day. Sometimes more. I can rarely be bothered to stand around and hobby at home. Even if I’m working on something up in the garage I’ll usually find a seat, unless it’s quick.

    Unusual basing technique?

    While I was working on my Elves I thought I had run out of 25mm round bases… the horror! But I came up with a cunning idea…

    Currently for that project I’ve been using epoxy putty with a stamp from a company called Happy Seppuku ( ). So what if I took some thin card, glued some 25mm washers to it, and covered that with the epoxy putty instead??

    Well… it kind of worked. I had a gap to fill usually, between the detailed top and the washer. So I used hot glue. Then painted the bases, and went around the edge with black. It’s rough… but it worked.

    Thankfully I have since found another stash of 25mm round bases, though I do now have a full pack of washers should the need arrive…

    Scuba diving or Sky diving?

    Sure, I’d try sky diving, after plenty of practice 😂

    Mainly just to recreate the feeling of this classic old PC game (from 0:26 to 1:06)

    I loved that game, and the sequel.

    @sundancer Bonus Question?

    What brought me to the hobby?

    Family is what! It was basically I given, as far as I can see, that I would come to this hobby… lol!

    My parents, my uncle (dads brother), my eldest cousin (his first son), my youngest uncle (mums youngest brother) were all dabbling in the hobby in one way another in my early years. Back in the beginning of the 80’s. So, no internet or mobile phones to distract us. Tolkien was always on the shelf.

    Young Uncle had Heroquest before we did, but I got Space Crusade when it was brand-spanking-new one Christmas. We got our own copy of Heroquest later.



    @sundancer …it seems that one or two of your droids may have upset the Wookiees…

    Great work on those hairy beasts too. How well did these minis go together? Better than the Royal Guard I hope?

    Good work on the droid 🙂 I can see why you’d do the legs separately.

    @dawfydd cool little builds there 😁 I think your swampy bases look great.

    Buying a mini in bits worked out cheaper than the full kit?!? Hmmm 🤔

    The Space Puppies are coming on well.

    @biggabum your sky diving… brilliant! Lol!

    Battle Masters was fun. My “rich” friend had a copy that we played once. I remember the minis and the keep. A nice hook game, that one.

    @horati0nosebl0wer perhaps water-proof pizza? Or a water-proof pizza case? Kind of like they have for Go-Pros? Oh, oh! Underwater pizza delivery, Uber-eats style, for all your deep sea exploration base/ underwater villainy lair needs!

    @evilstu good work tidying up! I too recently tidied the the hobby work area. (It also doubles as my daughters bed room when she stays with us…)

    I think the vibe that Marie Kondo works with is “if it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it” to which of course we hobbyists all reply… But it ALL brings joy!

    Very nice organisation. Wow, look, labels and everything! Damn, I’ve got to do something more like that…

    Did you use the Simple Green to strip the minis? If so how did it go for you?

    Sweet castle components! 3D prints?

    @mage *slyly leaning over* I may just have to steal that liquid green stuff basing idea…

    but what the hell is that flavour? What even is a pink peppercorn?!?

    Great work on your dwarves mate!

    I prefer those controllers over the joy-con grip, just a little more comfortable. Bigger buttons for my large hands. I think I’ll have to get a second one, as the daughter usually claims the current one, lol.

    From last week: Dry-Bones or Shy Guy eh? Cool. I tend to prefer heavy characters, especially Wario. Sure they’re slower to get up to speed, but they’ll barrel straight through those smaller racers 😈

    The old Mercedes racer kart is probably one of the better karts for sure. I also use the Wiggler quad fairly often as well.

    Gah! Haunted Mansion, I can never seem to quite get that track for some reason. I’ve played it plenty of times and I can never get the timing right, lol.

    I’d say the N64 Rainbow Road is my favourite track. Those F-Zero tracks are hectic…



    Home after a 53 hours worked as 8/12/13/12/8. More work tomorrow with Wednesday and Friday off. I am glad to have the new hire potentially coming onboard.

    Commit to some hobby time? Ehh….. maybe after sleep. The December Acolytes are not too far from completion. I’m thinking that there might be some hope for a block paint of the mercenaries that I had slated for a Mordheim league years ago. Not much thinking to it until I get to the banner that I built. It boils down to designing the emblem and figuring a motto. There can be flavor in the small stuff too. If I remember right there were rules on stuff like that in Town Crier.

    @evilstu @mage @rayzryr Do you happen to remember there being anything like that?



    @rayzryr the wookies are a charm to put together. Ok, Chewbacca is a bit fiddly with the crossbow but it fits well. nearly no force needed to assemble…

    On the subject of droids: has anybody an ideo how I can to the parts on the 2-1B medical droid that are supposed to be translucent? I could just paint it grey but that somehow feels wrong



    Sorry @horati0nosebl0wer I never got that far into Mordheim.

    @sundancer easier assembly eh? Nice.

    They should’ve produced the transparent components of 2-1B in clear plastic… damn.

    You could base it off this official image… C0628E15-6B41-4AAD-B993-F26386A335E8

    shamelessly “borrowed” from the Canon page on the Wookieepedia site.



    I saw that as well but that would just lead to a grey/silver lower torso. I have to think about that. Maybe I’ll go nuts on the model



    @rayzryr some of the bits worked  out more expensive than others, and if I had just brought a Knight Warden or Canis Rex kit off of Ebay or a non-GW retailer, the additional sprues would probably have worked out justifying the extra cost over what I’ve paid to buy the Preceptor in bits, but I had a spare sprue of the basic  Knight weapons (chainblade & thermal cannon/RF battle cannon) that weren’t getting used otherwise. If nothing else spreading the cost over two months has made a difference to 🙂

    @horat0nosebl0wer Town Crier?

    ….those Fanatic publications were just superb, and Town Crier might have been the best of them after they broke the Citadel journal up into specific mags. Just checked my “Gaming” folder and I appear to have copies of all issues up to #29. If you need any of them please let me know and I’ll try to create a link to the folder in my Cloud 🙂




    @dawfydd 30 Woolong for the last post where I forgot to write in points… sorry!

    @mage heh glad you enjoyed the sleep-in on the w/e – hope the batteries are recharged sufficiently 🙂 Oooh enjoy the concert! Not quite sure that I agree that D&D is everything proof – what happens when you run put of pizza and coke? What if it’s too late in the evening to have more home-delivered? Nooo! Ah I like that liquid greenstuff trick – any suggestions for keeping liquid greenstuff liquid? Mine tends to turn to malleable greenstuff and then solid greenstuff in short order… I like that DMg meme – made me giggle 🙂 Nice work on the dwarves – do you have the whole company? I’ve lost track…  30 Woolong for question responses, 30 more for hobby progress, 2o for posts and memes. 80 total.

    @dawfydd more nice progress on the Wolves 🙂 Solid start on the tech-priest, shading on the robe is turning out really well. Nice Gundam. I should probably fish out all of my old kits at some stage (Gundam Wing vintage IIRC…). 30 Woolong for hobby progress.

    @sundancer wow, those wookies are really looking good! very cool poses on those sculpts, and you have managed to add enough colour and interest to what may have otherwise been a very monochromatic model. Well played. And nice detail work on the R5-D4 too. 30 Woolong for hobby progress.

    @horati0nosebl0wer calling in dead – I’ve been there before, look after yourself! yeah, get some sleep and downtime in instead of hobby – those hours aren’t quite karoshi territory but you’re certianly pointing in the right (wrong) direction. Not sure on the Mordheim, never had any of the town criers, but I do have the 2003 Annual so will check that tonight. failing that, there are a wealth of Mordheim resources online. Maybe have a poke around the tom’s Boring Mordheim forum (I go there regularly for the gratuitous scratchbuilt terrain pjorn…). 30 Woolong for posts ad tunes.

    @rayzryr nice start on the DA squad. Heh, always love a bit of White Zombie. Wow, that’s a lot of steps at work, no wonder you’re keen to sit for hobby. Don’t stress with regard to having excess washers, they are great for adding ballast to a mini, especially standard bearers or anybody with an oversized weapon heft above their head 🙂 Yep, went with the Simple Green concentrate and diluted about 5:1 with water. Let soak for 24 hours and then brushed them down with an old paintbrush. then gave up and switched to an old toothbrush. I picked up a kids soft bristled electric toothbrush today at the supermarket (they were on sale so I figured why not) so keen to give that a go on the next batch. Have only tried metals so far, might test some plastics on the w/e time permitting. Thanks again for the tip on the Simple Green 🙂 yep, wall is all 3d prints I did last year. Keen to get my printer back up and running – I use it for so many little bits and pieces (bases, movement trays spare parts etc) that I sort of take it for granted. Has been out of action for about a month and I’m starting to notice the absence.  Hopefully new parts will arrive in the post soon. 30 Woolong for question responses,, 20 for responses to others, 20 more for hobby progress. 70 total.




    @evilstu Gundam Wing for the win yo! 😉 As I sit here the shelf above my pc desk has the boxes with my completed 1/100 &1/144 Endless Waltz kits in – always dug how Sandrock Custom came with that poncho and that the Tallgeese III let you build either of the three versions of the suit hat appeared over the live of the show…..

    And here, please feel free to download what you like from my Mordheim archive 🙂

    apologies, link deleted as I hadn’t realised it would be an issue. My bad 😵

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    @dawfydd loved that series for the time. Not sure if it would hold up to a rewatch 20+ years after the fact. (Circa 1995?). The heavyarms was my favourite of the Gundam designs but I missed out on picking that one up. Probably not an issue mind you as doubtless there are now an abundance of much higher quality model kits of the design on the market. Still, no more mecha for me until I finish the 1/200 MAC II that I’ve had sitting in my work pile for the last 3 years…



    Ah, old Mech cartoons… I think they still hold up since they where done by hand. Transformers, Robotech/Macross, Gundam, Mask, Robotix and what not… can’t remember them all. (I have all the robotech DVDs and still waiting for a good Transformers box ;))



    @sundancer there was a decent Transformers G1 boxset a few years ago – it was the end result of 4 individual boxsets for the 3 seasons (season 2 got two boxes because it was 50-odd episodes…). Ditto there was a series of boxsets for the three Takara shows.

    @evilstu yeah, some of the characterization is very of it’s time in Wing, but in all fairness it’s a charge that can be leveled at all the Gundam shows in one way or another. case in point the Gundam: The Origin movies – gorgeous animation, but intentionally apes the style of the original Mobile Suit Gundam, and lets just say that the story does not give a lot of agency to it’s female characters…



    And an unexpected arrival:

    2019-02-04 13.56.39



    I slept for eleven hours by accident. I need to try and go back to bed in an hour and a half before my night shift. Ill just be responding to people’s work and give something with more substance later when I have more time.

    Page 1

    @sundancer Wookies and Specialists? So cool. Your really loving Star Wars Legion aren’t you? Did you prime them with an airbrush or cans.

    @dwafydd Man you grind away on the Imperial Warmachine don’t you? How many Knights and Armigers do you have? Interesting basing concept. What Chapter is the Librarian? I like the green and purple quartered. Is that a bionic leg painted on the black and red grey knight (love the alternative colours)

    @biggabum Is that a converted pistol wraith? Congrats on the new car btw. Pic!!!

    Page 2:

    @evilstu Im liking how the board is coming along. What is next? Nice storage.

    @dawfydd No those are the plastic ones from the Goblin Town set which are now available separately. Man those wolves are good. Did they ever elaborate on Primaris successor chapter schemes in the new books?

    Cool admech mini. That was a limited edition right?

    @sundancer Nice progress on the Wookies. Gold? Droids are looking good too.

    @dwafydd Gundam! Nice!

    @evilstu Nice walls and cool Chaos Knights, not too old either.

    @rayryr Nice start with the Heresy Era Dark Angels. Check these out for inspiration



    @mage priming with Army Painter cans. Love the matching dropper bottles. And I’m a “little” SW Fan *cough* *cough* On the wookies it’s a bronze from Vallejo Game Color, drybrushed with Citadel Mithril Silver and then Army Painter Red Tone shade. I did spontaneous and I’m happy with the look of it.

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