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Hobby Weekender – Something musically different 23/06/18

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    Good morning all and welcome to the weekender. Despite normally being put up by myself of a Friday, this weekender thread is coming at you on this mostly nice Saturday morning (at least here in the South West of Ireland, can’t speak for anyone else). Yesterday was both payday, a day off, and a day with my son before work today so simply but I had people to see, things to do and places to go.


    However, dear reader, this is not a copy and paste of previous threads. I’m 50-50 doing questions on this thread with being busy with work and dividing my free time with family until Monday evening at the very least. Let me know if you would like to see them and I will dream a few up.


    So, to those new or not in the know, this thread format was started maybe two years ago by another forum member. There was a bit of weirdness and kind of… exclusivity, or rather cliquishness that inadvertently built up. That is gone now. I am running the threads for the most part instead now, and this is a welcoming, friendly kind of peer support hobby thread. A virtual hang out, a digital treehouse club of hobby, chats, posting music, and overall being nice dudes to each other. We follow two main important rules: Scottish Pub Law rules (no religions or Politics), and of course, no Paul Weller *cough* wuss *cough*.


    Joking aside, the rules are to simply be nice to each other, post up your stuff, post feedback and turn this into a real conversational thread as if you were down the LGS hobby area and hanging out.


    Points are awarded for answers to questions, music, cool ideas, good conversation, and showing of your hobby.


    I think I have all the bases covered. When you post, please join in even if you can’t do much. Im not fond of random errant single posts in the thread, but I won’t be a jerk about it to people either simply encouraging them to join in with less a dipping one’s toe in the water.


    Without further adieu, make a pledge.


    You know what, I changed my mind while typing. Here are the questions


    (1)    How have you been this week?

    (2)    What are you up to this weekend aside from hobby?

    (3)    What hobby project have you finished recently ish that you are proud of?

    (4)    What hobby projects are you planning in the future?

    (5)    Recommend me something to watch on TV or online.



    Hey Guys

    This weekend we’re hoping to drop a game of something in, although to be honest, if it gets as hot as they say it’s going to be, we may be otherwise engaged.

    Well, I had a bit of a surprise on Fathers Day which kept me busy for a while. It was Chris’s  Birthday at the beginning of the month and I came into a bit of money and after a lot of Soul Searching (Do I spend the money on myself or treat Chris to something he has been wanting for ages) I splashed the cash and bought him a new lower top end Gaming PC.

    I just happened to mention that I would like one (yep I was jealous) as mine is a little outdated and not powerfull enough to play a lot of the modern games. It was going to take a couple of years for me to save for one.

    So I wakes up on Fathers Day, expecting the usual socks n Mugs n stuff, but istead was given a shedload of boxes. When I was finished opening them I had a load of mystical electronic bits and pieces scattered about the place. Enough parts to build myself a Gaming PC…. Only i’m not very technical so had no idea how. Enter You Tube.

    Sooooo I spent a few hours watching video’s on how to build a PC and found one I actually understood and Lo and behold ended up with a new self built Gaming Rig (He he he, see even using the Lingo now), and it actually works…. sparkly lights and glowy fans and doesnt sound like somethings about to drop off when I boot it up 😀


    Right on to the questions:

    1) I’ve been pretty good thanks. My visits to the Gym have improved my health and energy levels no end. Did have a bit of a scare when I found some lumps appearing on my body but the Doctor says they are Muscles…….

    2) Probably do a bit of PC Gaming 😀 and watching the Footy…. and I still have my Mankini so maybe some sunbathing 😀

    3) Uhhm Nothing really. I’m primarily a Player so I don’t do a lot of the stuff you guys do with painting and terrain and stuff. I think the last thing I did was paint up the Enlightened Posse for Chris. Was pretty happy with that.

    4) A load, but with me theres a huge gap between planning something and actually getting around to doing it. I still want the Batman Miniature Game, am also looking at the New Monsterpocalypse from PP, really need to get the second edition rules for Saga…. the list goes on.

    5) Uhhhm there’s a few I like but not sure if anybody else does coz my taste is not the best. The new version of Lost in Space, Westworld, Into the Badlands and Lethal Weapon (series). If you like historical stuff theres Frontier and The Last Kingdom both on Netflix.



    Not got tons of time, but thought I’d give the questions a go since I do have a bit of time! Listening to “outlaw country” radio on Apple Music, good tunes 🙂

    1. Good, work very busy as usual, but nothing new there. I had Friday off which is always a bonus.
    2. Well, I’m currently enjoying a frap whilst I wait for the dog to be finished at the groomers. Then I’ll pick her up and head home! Mostly practising the guitar this weekend as I have my grade 5 exam tomorrow. Yeah I know, a bit old to be doing music exams, but I wanted to learn!
    3. Well aside from a touch of basing work, I got all the House Goritsi models finished for my WoK starter set.
    4. The House Nasier from the same said box! But mostly my hobby time continues to be absorbed by working on Deneb.
    5. I recently watched “The Foreigner” on netflix, it’s a good watch. Full of politics and action. It’s a little uncomfortable at the end because you realise basically everyone in the film is a pretty nasty character apart from one guy.
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    Howdy chaps.

    1) Meh

    2) Got a review to write for the second half of an anime that is out soon for home release, just trying to find my mojo. got a few books and audiobooks to get through  – currently listening to the Audible version of the latest Dresden Files short story collection, Brief Cases.

    3) Stripped and rebuilt this batch of Deathwatch that I’m quite happy with

    2018-06-22 23.08.12

    4) I may have a pair of Imperial Knights waiting to be built….

    5) Amazon Prime has just added Highlander: The Series. It’s so cheesy I love it!

    Anyway, my hobby for this weekend basically amounts to laying down the metals on the characters and Wolf  Guard Termies, and I’m digging how they are coming together. Next step will be tidying up then hitting them with good old Agrax. The various blades will then get a frost effect, but all that is going ot be next weekend 😉

    2018-06-23 19.27.30

    2018-06-23 19.29.382018-06-23 19.28.092018-06-23 19.28.482018-06-23 19.29.18



    Work  was ok , just rather boring as things are slow this time of year . Never realized how tired you get trying to look busy , lol . Usual weekend routine , groceries , a little house work , vacuuming ( examine vac dust compartment for missing kit pieces ! ) , and I usually do laundry and bake ( banana bread ) , Then down to local hobby shop to hang out  & BS with guys , maybe we go out for lunch , then back to the shop for more BS , Sundays almost the same , just a different bunch of guys and we hang at a record store . Not much hobbying done lately , base coated a few figures and started a project blog , I’m going to build 3 Tiger II BA tank and record my progress , changes I make in the builds and discuss whats right and whats wrong or lacking in the kits  IMO . I’m not really up on computers or  what all the symbols you see above when your writing your comments , so its a little trial & error for now . To tell you the truth if it gets to be a pain ( write large paragraphs , attempt to post and they vanish ) I’m just going to dump it , I  just like building , and don’t really even think about what I’m doing , I’ve been building tanks for so long , I tend to open the box and a while later its built … So the Tigers are go for now , still got the Panther on the back burner  and my German Paras , a couple of Japanese Type 97s , oh , and a werecrocodile figure . Just for something different . For TV watching  , I would say dig out a few old classic war movies , Bridge To Far , Wild Geese and Sahara with Humphrey Bogart , Except for Vikings , and GOT really don’t watch TV so don’t know what else is on

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    Sorry, wrong thread. I’m going now,



    Hey guys


    finally got around to getting back on here. Had an ultra busy day at work and can’t really discuss it on here due to the nature of the job.


    time to start going back through answers. It will be slow as a trickle though.


    my pledge: finish the red in my chaos Knights. It’s more painstaking then you’d think. I had to do coats of Mephiston red over the mistakes, get that solid, then army painter strong tone. That’s fine so far. Then it’s a hilight if Mephiston red followed by wasdakka red.


    Then it’s onto the metal and basing them. Five chaos Knights, already larger than the average human model by GW, plus the equally large chaos steed



    Arrrgghh well the weekend’s plans sort of went out of the window when spent yesterday in the garden and then today I go and fall asleep after the England footy match. Mind you, saying that, even if I hadn’t I seriously doubt we would have got a game in, it’s like a furnace in our playroom.

    @dawfydd good progress on the Space Wolves mate. I saw on another thread somewhere they have a new Codex coming out soon.




    Hails gents,

    A mix of heat fatigue and World Cup mean I probably won’t be getting too much hobby in over the next while. I’m also at the exact halfway point for a ten day stretch in work so energy levels are being rationed.

    Not that I’ll be completely away from all things hobby. I’ve always got a book on the go and I just finished ‘Master of death’ from the Black Library. I love all things vampire but this was a bit of a chore. I won’t go into any plot detail but the Old World Vampire origin stories are a never ending rotation of deals, double-crosses, betrayals and shifting alliances. When jumping between three timelines set over 2,000 years it  gets confusing quick. This was my sixth Warhammer Fantasy book on the trot so I’m heading back to the Grimdark next. The most recent Gaunt’s Ghosts book ‘The Warmaster’ arrived last week so I’m going to jump into that. Although I’ve been away from the series for so long I’m considering re-starting it and working my way through again.

    I’ve also been spending time with ‘The Horror of Hugeldal’, a short adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. My group are about halfway through but the next section adds a lot of new stuff in. I have time to get to grips with it though as one (a third) of the group are away next week.

    D&D is still a go though with @mage once again in the driving seat. I absolutely loved running the game for the last few weeks but it’ll be nice not to have to prepare anything, just turn up and swing my sword at stuff.


    1. Tired and dreading tomorrow at work. We’re short staffed so I’m on my own for the day. It better be quiet.

    2. Mostly watching The World Cup. Had a staff dinner on Friday for one of the girls leaving.

    3. While not a finished project, the new weathering materials I started using recently were a step forward.

    4. Where to start?! I have four or five on the go at the moment! My next really big project will be my Death Guard.

    5. ‘Happy’ on Netflix. Best thing I’ve watched all year!


    Some musics from the Irish abyss!



    I had difficulty logging in earlier, as well as difficulty sleeping before my night shift. Did a raid on pokemon go, and took my son to a kids club and then the swimming pool.


    In hobby, I got the give knights, and their barded steeds done with Stong Tone, which I may have already mentioned. Onto the posts!



    @biggabum yep, them and Orks are the next 2 Codexes due to hit. I REALLY want to try and get as many of my Wolves painted up before it hits…



    @biggabum (115 points)


    10 points for the first post in the thread. 10 points for consistently joining in and keeping things going.


    15 points for the kindness. How is he getting on with the PC?


    Awesome stuff with the Father’s day haul. I got vouchers and treated myself to a lego set.


    Rig? Someone’s getting fancy. Good on you for doing it from scratch. Pic? 15 points.


    1)    Good! I’ve gotten back into the gym myself slowly over the last few weeks I’m feeling, well its more than a craving, it’s a hunger to lift, lift, lift and get stronger and bigger. I missed it. Its helping my metabolism too which is kind of banjaxed from a taste in crap food and shift work wreaking havoc on me. The gym does wonders for energy levels. Forcing your metabolism to work. Big lumps eh? Haha. 15 points.

    2)     No to the mankini. Football doesn’t float my boat. What will you be PC gaming? 10 points.

    3)    A campaign and battle report is technically hobby. The enlightened posy was the one you posted last time was it? For Malifaux? Looked good. If your not too into hobby what appeals to you on BoW, purely out of my own curiosity. 10 points.

    4)    BMG is good. As for Monsterpocalypse, I vaguely recall mentions of a reboot and never kept an ear out for it. Tell us more. 10 points.

    5)    I watched Westworld Season 1 and loved it, and completely missed Season 2 with shift work, hobby, pokemon go, and training. I shall jot them all down. 20 points.


    @davehawes (60 points)

    Good to see you! 15 points because I feel like it! What is Outlaw Country? A band or genre.


    (1)    10 points. What did you do with your Friday?

    (2)    Oh wait. This is your Friday. Frap = 5 points. High in calories? What breed of dog is it? Grade 5 guitar exam? Explain that. I do not know much about music from a technical perspective. 10 points.

    (3)    Pic! Points lie in the balance…

    (4)    There is something satisfying about finishing an entire starter set, isn’t there? 15 points. How is Deneb going?

    (5)    Politics? Bleh. 5 points. Sounds layered.



    @a27cromwell (90 points)

    10 points: normality can be bliss. 15 for hobby, basecoating can be long, and boring but very necessary. Which company makes those Tigers? 10 points. Can’t wait to see you work on them.


    You like your tanks. 10 points. Werecrocodile? Do tell more. You can’t just fly that in under the radar, they have huge teeth! 15 points. Good choice of movies. 15 points.


    Also, thanks for consistently posting, 15 points.




    @brianfowler713 (15 points)


    15 points for posting. Why not join in? You are more than welcome 🙂



    @dawfydd (85 points)


    Well if it isn’t the resident Longfang. Or Grey Hunter. I have no idea how old you are… 15 points for continued posting on this lil old thread o’ mine.


    1)    Meh? 5 points. Care to share?

    2)    Mojo? Why, alcohol my good sir. Get a nice buzz, haha. Or a coffee. I keep hearing good things about the Dresden files. 15 points because I like audiobooks.

    3)    15 points. Looks good. What do you strip metal with?

    4)    15 points. Knights excite me and I want some. I’m kind of bored of the ‘canon’ colours in the codex book

    5)    20 points. I love highlander. The cheesy 90s live action one? I loved it as a kid. Back before the internet… Also the Frecnh animated series was cool too.


    20 points for your pledge. Best of luck grinding away.


    @biggabum (10 points)


    Sorry your plans went out ‘ye olde window’. I guess it wasn’t the laying booby traps type of gardening?


    @dawfydd Orks and Space Wolves next? Interesting.



    Ah, @irredeemable has a long post with lots of music? This will, heads up, blow everyone else out of the water with points. You have been warned… Taking a little break though.



    @mage certainly a Grey Hunter, but given I got into Space Wolves at the end of Rogue Trader with their first big release, it’s possible I may have to face facts and admit that I’m a Long Fang 😀

    1) Eh, just my usual  series of aches & pains flaring up >_<

    2) Yeah, last time I tried writing whilst imbibing a steady stream of alchohol I started on an archaeology assignment and ended with some sub-Tolkien bobbins the following morning. Never again 😉

    3) I was using Dettol but struggled to get a good result with it on plastics as it tended to gunk up and leave some funky residues, but a thread on the old BoW site put me onto Biostrip20. Phenomenal stuff, as it’s non-toxic so you don’t need to worry about it touching bare skin (I handled all those DW minis by hand as I scrubbed  them down) and it has the consistency of yoghurt, so you could dip the bristles of a toothbrush in it and then apply it to the panels of something large like a tank. I’m ordering another 500ml tub off Amazon tomorrow 😉

    4) I dunno,  I kinda dig House Mortan’s scheme:

    …but might just build some Freeblades instead…..

    5) That animated series was some dark **** man. I still can’t believe that they got away with showing it on CBBC back in the day, but then they did also air Conan, Pirates of Dark Water and Skeleton Warriors, along with Highlander possibly the most metal selection of early 90’s kids cartons going….

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