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Humbrol Acrylics available in the Warlord Store

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    Saw they have appeared in the Warlord (after not being widely available for many years), rumoured to be the makers behind the Citadel range at one point these are VERY high pigmentation paints (or they were when they were in the “mini white pots”, which were a nightmare to open).

    A bit “gloopy”, they were thick and usually needed to be watered down out of the pot, but used to be the go to paint for many modellers back in the day. Noticed some of the old colours aren’t available (including the “Prussian Blue” which used to be my default colour for painting Napoleonic French), and some new ones added.

    The metallic were VERY good and gave excellent coverage (although there weren’t many shades), the “Gold” was excellent.

    Not sure if anyone has come across and used these relaunched range of paints (if you have, let us know). And not sure on the design of the new containers (there old ones kept your paint alive for YEARS). But still, well worth a look (they were a lot better than Army Painter Paints from memory with colours like red and yellow only needing one coat for full coverage).

    I would say highly recommended, but I’ve got to use them (just ordered some) before I would confirm so.

    Just a quick note for those that used these paints back in the day, and might want to restock on those staples like Khaki, Sand, and Army Green (excellent for WWII painting) 🙂

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    I got three of these in an Asset Drop box a few months ago.  They’re pretty good.  Well, 26 and 103 are – I’ve not had chance to try the other one yet.  The new tins are much better than the old “paint tin” pots.



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    I was excited to see these appear again, although granted the colours available tend towards model kits (and most of the colours are military), they were always my go to paints (even more so than the GW ones).

    The spray matt varnish also used to be very good, but again not sure if the formula has changed since I last used it. The weathering products are also “new”, and must be good as they sold out very quickly.

    …but alas many have also remembered, so I’ll need to wait until the Gold come back in stock. Hopefully we’ll see a stockist again at the shows and I’ll be lobbying at my local shop to stock these again 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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