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Indomitus alocations to stores is already "sold out" world wide

Home Forums News, Rumours & General Discussion Indomitus alocations to stores is already "sold out" world wide

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    Cult of Games Member

    “I doubt they intended to limit the supply.”
    Any production run is limited.  Only a print on demand is truly “unlimited”, if it isn’t time limited.  Certainly what they are doing now, and it could have been the plan all along, does fulfill their promise that “everyone that wants one can get one”.

    They obviously want to make “print me one” a limited time offer, without saying what the time limit is…

    I think The Event (but it is really on going for most of the world, he types smugly from New Zealand) pushed their time frame back aways – isn’t  end of July kinda late for a new edition release?

    Given that we are in mid-July, the 4 month delay puts the final delivery date in mid-Novemberish, so just before Xmas and whatever plans they have for 9th around then.

    Unless Christmas is cancelled this year… Anyone got that on their 2020 bingo card?
    (We just had our Leader of The Opposition resign. He was only in the job 5 weeks , since rolling the previous incumbent, and we are 67 days away from a General Election.  The u-word got rolled out again [unprecidented].)

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    I will give GW credit for sorting out the mess they created.

    I hope that lessons will be learned for the future. Make it clear what stock is available, AND that more stock will come later if required. This reduces scalping.

    And customers need to be reassured that they WILL get the new shiny, but maybe not on release day.

    And don’t do this kind of thing at the weekend. Tuesday is a great day for a product launch as everyone has staff in to handle the unexpected snafu.

    If GW want to employ me as a consultant i’m available 🙂 Will work for sprues :p


    Cult of Games Member

    @tankkommander – Tuesday won’t work for them as some of their one-person Warhammer stores are closed.  Our local one is open Wednesday thru Sunday.

    For standard pre-orders, the last day for pre-order for delivery on release day, ie the following Saturday, is the previous Sunday.



    I really dont see the argument that they did not have any clue how popular this set would.  That is just not even remotely plausible, I am sorry to say.  Every single unboxing video on youtube was full of comments on how that box set was going to sell out instantly.  Every person I talked to, said the same thing.  It was obvious to anyone that the box is so insanely cheap for the amount of models in it, that it would go out.   GW just thought they could get away with thier usual FOMO practice of limited run, maximize profit and walk away.

    Obviously that didnt work this time,  perhaps it was a combination of just too good of a deal and being fed up in general with FOMO that finally became the straw that broke the camels back.

    I will always give credit where credit is due, and GW did do the right thing this time… the offer to print to order was very very well done.  So bravo for that.

    Hopefully this teaches GW a lesson, and all future big box releases like this are handled similar fashion.



    Hi all,

    We have a few boxes left of Indomitus so if your still looking check here:

    Warhammer 40000: Indomitus (English)

    ALSO when they have gone there is a new MADE TO ORDER option GW have come up with:

    Warhammer 40000: Indomitus MADE TO ORDER (LATE 2020)



    Cult of Games Member

    @slayerofworlds people on the internet claiming they’re going to do anything is not exactly good reference …

    @hobbyhub of course any production run is limited … if you want to get technical.
    An ‘unlimited run’ usually means that they’re producing a fixed amount every month until they decide to stop.
    We don’t know how many GW wanted to produce, how many they expected to sell and what the potential target size is for their estimates. The moment anyone gets a perfect estimate on a consistent basis it’s time to let them pick numbers in a lottery …

    However this type of boxed set will never be unlimited as there is a maximum amount of people who ‘need’ it anyway.
    It also has a limited time in which it offers something of value.
    And as GW themselves have said it is not a ‘starter set’ there is no need to keep it in stock ’till the next version either.

    Boxes of this kind are a bit like marmite/vegimite(sp?) … people either love them enough to buy at release or hate them enough not to bother. I wouldn’t expect them to want it in a year, because they might have seen new shiny stuff … and we know that GW will have new shiny stuff to sell as well.

    I think it’s too expensive (and too big) for retail shops to keep in stock as well … there’s bound to be stuff with better margins too.

    I do wonder what the sales figures for the core rulebooks on their own were.
    Do people buy those at launch in the same sort of numbers as they apparently bought the big box of plastic ?



    @limburger  Yet they where all completely Right.  In fact everyone was right on the internet, but GW.  Everyone on the internet said they would sell out instantly and they did.  Everyone said that GW would under produce and look they did.  Everyone on the internet knew this entire launch would end in flames… and oh wait… they where right again.

    In fact the Only thing no one saw coming was GW doing the RIGHT thing for once.   Huh… imagine that.


    Cult of Games Member

    Predicting that they would fail was easy, but not a certainty.

    Predicting by how much they would be off … that is a different thing.
    We don’t know how much they expected to sell of the stock they had at launch.

    As such the question we ought to ask : how good was their prediction ?
    5% off ? or 50% ?
    Selling out with a 5% margin would indicate a pretty good estimate on their part.

    (It might explain why they can do the ‘made to order’ scheme at all … )


    Cult of Games Member

    @slayerofworlds are you whining that GW have done the right thing?



    @limburger  Calling it a prediction, implies there was a chance that they would get right in the first, I already told you there was never a chance that that would happen.  So yes, it was a certainty.  With out the faintest doubt.   If you think what happened was going to happen any other way, then you are simply delusional or plain ignore fact and historical evidence.   I would say delusional if you think they opened up mail to order for a 5%.   Wow, you are truly ignoring every business practice choice in the history of its inception to think they did this something that small.

    @jamjarst  If that is what you took from reading what I wrote, then I guess that says more about you then it does me.  Nothing really more to add to that


    Either way, Ive said my peace.  Im done with this subject.   Shall see what happens next time.   I would assume boxsets with higher prices, and fewer models.   But thats just a guess.


    Cult of Games Member

    @slayerofworlds name a single business that managed to get a perfect record of ‘just enough’ items at any launch …

    It simply is not possible.(period)
    At best they do a second wave (and a third one and a 4th one, etc) to complete the orders, but there is not a single one that got it perfect at launch … unless the product flopped and they overstocked.

    This is not a product any sane retailer or manufacturer would want to sit idle on their shelves for any amount of time.
    It is too expensive for that sort of thing.

    This is not GW being GW.
    This is any sane business doing what is best for them.
    And if the choice is between ordering 1,000 products for a possible 1500 customers (and risk telling customers they can’t get it at launch) and ordering 1500 items for 1000 customers (and risk 500 units in stock for months) then I know what 99% businesses would pick … and it’s not looking good for customer satisfaction I can guarantee.
    The only reason they’d ever pick the second option is if storage space is practically zero and/or the margins are ridiculously high that they expect to sell it before the stock becomes too expensive to maintain.



    I see Wayland Games are taking “Made to Order Wave” orders now for a 20% discount, lead time of 137 days.

    Must admit I’m sorely tempted.


    Cult of Games Member

    it probably is cheaper than buying both ‘start collecting boxes’ and the rulebook.


    (at least I am assuming that they will appear in a ‘start collecting’ set of their own as the sizes are similar)


    Cult of Games Member

    I did a quick run down of what (I estimate) the Necron miniatures would retail for if/when released as seperate sets.

    • 2x 10 warriors – £60
    • 1x Reanimator – £30
    • 1 x Skorpech lord £25
    • 3x Skorpech destroyers £35
    • 3x HQ models £60

    I reckon £210 at full retail to buy everything there – and that’s just the Necrons.

    I doubt you’d ever see a Start Collecting with that many miniatures in it. A Christmas Army Box perhaps?

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