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Introduce yourselves (New member thread)

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    Name: Paul
    Build Date: 6th November 1979
    Status: Single, Free from Kids (hooray!)
    Location: Runcorn, North West
    Occupation: Benefits Analyst. (If you can work out what thats supposed to be, please tell my manager because he doesn’t seem to have a clue!)
    Current miniature games played: Malifaux, ArcWorlde, (very rarely) Star Wars: Armada, really want to play Pulp City.

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    Cult of Games Member

    Ey up! Really good idea

    Name: Dave

    Spawned: 10th October 1991

    Status: Single

    Location: Buxton, Derbyshire

    Occupation: Day job, junior manager at a chemical company, rest of the time, Borough Councillor (High Peak Borough Council)

    Current Games Played: Bolt Action, Saga, 40k, AoS, Blackpowder, Mortal Gods

    Other interests: Rugby Union, cinema, prolific reader, was a museum volunteer and archivist for a few years.



    Name: Kyle
    Build Date: 1st October 1981
    Status: Married,  3 sons (9,6,4).
    Location: Dieppe,NB, Canada
    Occupation: Currently unemployed
    Current miniature games played: have alot but mainly playing 40k and dust tactics. Slowly getting oldest into wargaming starting with TANKS!


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    @sundancer a great idea, thanks:

    Name: Dave
    Build Date: 2nd September 1974
    Status: married, two sons.
    Location: Ashford, Kent
    Occupation: Teacher of Physics, Computer Science and Design & Technology
    Current miniature games played: I have far too many to list here, currently favouring FoW when I get time.




    Name: Liam

    Spawned: I’ve been 29 for the last 10 years

    Status: Married with 3 kids

    Location: Dromore, Co Down

    Occupation: Simple servant

    Current Games Played: Not played anything before. Bought the Know No Fear box over the summer for something to play with my boys that wasn’t PlayStation. Painted the marines, and just started the death guard yesterday.

    Other interests: Gaming, football, blah etc


    Cult of Games Member

    Name: Jo(anne)
    Build Date: 14th October 1969
    Status: Single
    Location: Portishead , North Somerset, UK
    Occupation: Cleaning Supervisor at a local school
    Current miniature games played: I try most games, but mainly GW games. i also do D&D , Cthulhu and World in drakness RPG’s


    Cult of Games Member

    I’ve been here for a couple of years but what the hell…

    Name: Damon
    Build Date: Nov 1966
    Status: married, one daughter.
    Location: Derby, UK
    Occupation: Clinical advisor/auditor/trainer
    Current miniature games played: Rapid Fire, Bolt Action, Black Powder, Beneath the Lily Banners, Cruel Seas, Fire When Ready, Legends of the High Seas, Zombies, Gladiators and a few other bits



    Hi all,

    • NAME: Ashley
    • YEAR OF RELEASE: 1989
    • STATUS: Male, Engaged, Balding, Bearded, In need of a salad but it’s not yet critical
    • LOCATION: Southampton, UK (by way of Liverpool, UK)
    • OCCUPATION: Laboratory Technician
    • CURRENT MINIATURES GAMES PLAYED: …Does collecting a backlog count as a game? I’ve got HATE, Hellboy, Nemesis, Blackstone Fortress, Killteam, Guild Ball, Aeronautica Imperialis…there’s more but just writing this has made me feel bad XD. I collect miniatures/busts/figures from Creature Caster, Gundam, Darkstar/Iter, Karol Rudyk, Scibor. I’m constantly world building for D&D (and/or other RPGs) and have a number of stories I want to write when I get the time. I’m a Cooking nerd and a functioning Kickstarter addict…

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    Morning all. I’m not as sociable as I should be, so I’ll throw my hat in.

    Name: Mike

    Build date: 10th September 1974

    Status: Married, 1 son (22 (eek!))

    Location: Birmingham, UK

    Occupation: Motor vehicle technician at the local college.

    Currently playing: Flames of War and Joan of Arc.


    Cult of Games Member

    Name: Bob (never)

    Build Date: 14th Sept 1958 (according to label on bottom)

    Status Single ( I did consider getting married but got better)

    Location: Walsall ( we all have to live somewhere)

    Occupation: Lorenzo Data Quality Validation Officer (its on my badge)

    Current miniatures games Battletech , Warhamster 4ok ,Battletech, WW2 15mm & 28mm ,Battletech, WW2 naval various scales , Battletech , Killteam  Star Wars legion when I paint figures ,oh and did I mention Battletech!

    Ex biker , though still would love to take a Triumph Thunderbird to Sturgis

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    Well been here a while but been to shy to join in really. So here goes,

    Name: Steven Paxton

    Inception date: 16 February 1977

    Thornaby-on-tees, North riding of Yorkshire

    At this moment in time so much stuff it silly. Just finished my necromunda gang and warcry warband. All using those wonder paints from GW e.g contest range. Finished my red sister of battle and started in my iron special figure then got to get my SPQR Roman done. So many models and so little time.


    Cult of Games Member

    Name: Dave

    Build Date: August 1, 1966

    Status: Single

    Location: New York, NY (by way of Baltimore, MD – Victoria, BC, Canada – Castlegar, BC, Canada)

    Occupation: Scientist (Astrophysics)

    Current Games: Age of Sigmar, Warcry, Killteam, Dr Who, Malifaux, etc. I actually don’t play that much but I collect a lot with the intention of playing I just can’t seem to find the time to paint and get my armies on the table.


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    How does GDPR feel about this thread?  Are we going to get OTT in trouble?

    Name: Joe
    Build Date: February 1979.  I’m the wrong side of 40
    Status: Online, 53% battery, some signs of wear  (Not what you mean?  Oh.  Sorry.  Single).  Not actually a giant bird, as my pic suggests.
    Location: Leicester, England
    Occupation: Sales Administrating ex-Psychiatric nurse.
    Current miniature games played: Warmachine and Space Hulk, but I tell myself its a lot more than that to justify my spending


    So Warrens kids are 8, 4, 6 and 2?  Mrs Warzan clearly needs to sleep in a separate bed this year.  Or stay away from the milkman.


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    Hey @warzan will you include this thread in the “newcomer experience”? 😉 Maybe pin this thread (if technically possible)


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    I’ve been around BoW/OTT for a while now,so i’ll chip in.

    Name: James
    Release Date: 1972
    Status: Self Partnered ( that’s the phrase nowadays ? )
    Location: East Anglia ( Suffolk )
    Occupation: Forklift Driver
    Current Games: MB:P,ToL:Joan of Arc,Conan,Dreadball,TWD: All out War,TWD: Call to Arms,Vanguard,SAGA,SW: Legion,Spartacus: Blood & Treachery and many,many more.

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