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Introduce yourselves (New member thread)

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    Why do i feel the sudden urge to invade a small east Europe country ,to reclaim my former territory  ?


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    Sounds like you may have caught a dose of historical gaming, have you been exposed to any dangerous miniatures lately?





    Name: Conor
    Build Date: Nov 1981
    Status: Partnered to a Swedish warhammer fanatic
    Location: Derry
    Occupation: Graphic Designer
    Current miniature games played:…


    i dont actually play any tabletop games. i started with heroquest, space hulk etc in the late 80s, did a bit of fantasy battle, the odd game of 40k but then fell out of touch with miniatures around the age of 14, usual story. been back with a vengeance in the last 5 years or so.

    im mostly just into painting, i have fantasy/aos/40k armies im building up but if me and my woman were to play some games it would probably be mordhiem/kill team/warcry/necromunda. she has some friends who play those. i hope one day to see some gigantic armies back on the table tho.

    so im from croydon originally (lol) but my parents and extended family are all from derry and thats where i live now. might move to sweden some day if current relationship goes the distance.



    welcome to the fun house, if you fancy organising some games one Saturday in Coleraine give me a poke.

    hej då


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    @neca welcome to the loony asylum! 8) We have coffee!

Viewing 5 posts - 106 through 110 (of 110 total)

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