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[Kickstarter] ArenaBots – Ongoing until December 7

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    Here is the new add-on: 8 Caterbots. Be carefull, despite their harmless appearance, the Caterbots are very resistant!


    Then I wish to show you a fan art drawn by Benoît Bœuf. Thank you Benoît!


    Benoît’s work on facebook.



    There is one pilot I haven’t told about here yet .

    Alice, the mechanic


    The young pilots competing in the arena are all students in robotics engineering. Does not “engineer” contain “engine” ? According to Alice, too many other students are passionate about programming to the point of forgetting the basics of mechanical designing. It would be illusory to consider that this is the simplest part: servos can be easily replaced, but for the rest, it is better to know how to use the contents of a toolbox and know how to demonstrate “ingenuity”. For Alice, dismantling and reassembling is often the best way to repair something. Sometimes it’s just the best way to satisfy her curiosity.


    Level 1: Improved Routine. Choose a Bot. It performs a move action of up to 6 hexagons, or an Attack or a Hack with a free reinforcement.

    A well maintained and well tuned bot is able to execute a more demanding instruction without even overheating. Doing the same as others but better, isn’t the best way to get the upper hand?

    Level 2: Repair. Two “Out of order” Bots are placed in Alice’s starting area. Then each one performs a Move action.

    It’s crazy all that people scrap while there is often so little to do for it to work again … Anyway, to the player controlling Alice, this routine is the assurance to not be short of troops.



    New add-on: here are the MonkeyBots!

    These agile little bots come to throw a monkey wrench in the arena.



    Join us on KS !



    The most talented pilot students in robotics clandestinely gather around improvised arenas.

    CCleaner Happy Wheels VLC

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    We have been asked for it, here it is: the All-in pledge!

    For €169 you’ll have everything, including the addons and even the pandabots!

    So in addition to the basic game, with its 6 pilots, 24 Bots, cards, dice and all game components that come with, you’ll have

    • the Carmine Hadakauma + dashboard + 24 routine cards + rules
    • the Serial Shenron + dashboard + 6 colored bases + rules
    • Scott + dashboard + 6 colored bases + rules
    • the Green Tentomushi + dashboard + 6 colored bases + rules
    • 8 Catbot miniatures + draft cards
    • 8 Pandabot miniatures + draft cards
    • 8 Caterbot miniatures + draft cards
    • 8 Monkeybot miniatures + draft cards

    Now is the time, only 3 days left!


    Closer view on KS

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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