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[Kickstarter] Ikwen uprising – 15mm Alien militia expansion

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    9d7fd0e400fc5128141ceed9106ab828_originalLooking for some kick-ass alien militia engaged in an asymetrical war against off-world invaders and oppressors? Then I saw this and thought of you.

    These are great models, building on an initial successful launch by Loud Ninja Games a couple of years ago, and is in response to requests from gamers who want to expand the possibilities of their forces and the background and culture of these poor Ikwen forced to arm and respond to attack another more technical and aggressive force. Or they could be tribal raiders taking advantage of a new source of riches to supplement their normal meagre income, you decide!

    Check them out at:

    The models will be cast up with the support of Alternative Armies, Scotland, and will almost certainly be part of Loud Ninja Games’ models (including exiting Ikwen models) that can be found at:


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