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KoW International Campaign Day OTTer HQ 8th Feb

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    the weekend of the 8th February will host a world wide campaign for Kings of War, starting in Australia and sweeping across the globe. Four games will be played in one of three different time slots with game results feeding back into the campaign HQ, and each game will give advantages based on the local results at the venue you’re playing at as well as global results. So while the bad guys may be smashing face in your local club, good guys may be winning everywhere else…or not, time will tell.


    I’ll be running the games/playing at OTT central on Sat 8th Feb. If you fancy joining in here is the place to come if you have questions.

    The ancient ones that once there were
    Now like the ancient caves of Dianek
    Are quiet, bereft, and cold as stone
    HUM RAM-OCH! The dark cries out!
    The elders their coffins break!
    A shattering sound that fills the void
    But silver kept the barren womb safe
    While the usurpers were torn in twain
    Their aching cries sought to steal
    The bitter refuge of the Primogenitors
    But lost though they were
    The Ancient Ones brought forth
    Their isolation to rend asunder
    Gnashing teeth and wailing cries
    As the sleep of ages fell under.

    -Transcription of the Deum Bello Manuscript 7th Canto, 5th Verse

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    The air was never a subtle thing. Though invisible it made itself both seen and heard whenever it could.
    Howling through the mountain passes. Bending the trees under its strength. Most noticeable of all were
    the storms at sea, where thunder crashed and lightning fell to the dread of the mortals caught in its throes.
    Such it has always been with Korgaan, and gods are not known for changing their ways.
    The ancient deity had clawed his way back from the brink of obsolete extinction. He had found a new
    field whereby to plant his seed and reap his harvest. The hearts of the northmen both hated and loved their
    three-faced god and sought his pleasure through violent submission. But the wind god was still hungry,
    always hungry. He longed for the days long since spent away in the fathomless depths of time so long ago
    that no civilization has ever existed that could name the days for which he yearned.
    The pitiful flames of those lives he claimed in the name of the Reaper, the Deceiver, the Warrior, these
    were the cheap bread trenchers thrown to peasants after feast day was over. The Lord of the Skies longed
    to enter the banquet itself and gorge upon the delicacies of life. The worship of some hardy northern clans was not enough for him. But his bitterness and the harsh edicts of his religion would not take root among
    the softer races to the south.
    And so he wallowed in his frozen wastes, picking at the morsels that were tossed to him as appeasing
    rubbish gifts from his troubled followers. Like small children who give their parents worthless treasures
    that have no value beyond the sentiment in the giving of the gift. It was not enough. Korgaan hungered for
    more, but could not determine how he might sate his appetite. That was, until the day he found the iced
    It had been a relic of the Wicked One known as Winter, and Korgaan was loathe to use something that
    had been soiled with the touch of the Celestians, even if it was a lesser one. Still, as he toyed with the
    frozen dust inside the hourglass he discovered that it allowed him to manipulate time. If he were to turn
    the glass over, the day he had just finished would begin again. Not just another day would pass, but the
    exact same sunrise that had graced the horizon that morning would rise once more and the day would
    begin its march anew as if it had not already done so.
    The few hours that the hourglass could cause to repeat were on such an infinitesimally small scale to one
    such as Korgaan that he toyed with the idea of throwing it back into the frozen glaciers from which he had
    taken it. But an idea gave him pause, and with wicked glee he spirited the hourglass deep into his frozen
    realm and set about scouring his followers for appropriate champions.
    The first was easy to find. A dark-hearted bastard who had built himself a mighty tribe from the blood of
    those that opposed him. Strife followed in his wake and long had he consecrated his efforts in appeasing
    Korgaan. His name was Fregmoln, and he was a towering beast of a man with black hair that spilled over
    his shoulders and a feverish light that bled from his eyes. He was the head of a large tribe that lived
    completely on the bounty of their raids. Thus, they were regularly involved in bloodshed just to survive,
    and Fregmoln was the most bloodthirsty of them all. He had amassed a fortune slaughtering Basilean
    garrisons and Abyssals alike, and had spilled their blood across the snow in testament to his devotion to
    the Warrior aspect of Korgaan.
    The air god wasted no time in reaching out to Fregmoln and summoning him and his tribe to his side in
    the deep parts of the north, and the northman obeyed eagerly.
    The second champion was more difficult to find, but eventually Korgaan discovered that one of his
    followers had found refuge in the city of Chill and his daily devotions involved the slaying of the
    Abyssals which regularly besieged the winter city. Throdjin was this man’s name, and he worshipped the
    Deceiver. He lead the forces of the Northern Alliance into battle by day, and prayed for their destruction
    by night in secret. In all things he shed the blood of his foes and gave praise to Korgaan.
    He did not hesitate when his god called upon him and took up his soldiers to travel north into the wastes,
    bringing with him allies and mercenaries to fight against Fregmoln, who he convinced was amassing a
    mighty army to invade the southern kingdoms.

    The movement of these two mortals attracted the gaze of many more than just their own warriors. Armies
    from across the lands were drawn to Throdjin’s banner just because they knew that he was marching
    against Fregmoln. On the contrary side of things the servants of the Abyss grudgingly prostrated
    themselves before Fregmoln in order to forge an unholy alliance against their mutual foe of Throdjin.
    Korgaan laughed with glee as he accepted them into his servant’s ranks and prepared for the coming
    The forces of Throdjin and Fregmoln met on the icy slopes of the mountain known of Frostbjior and the
    titanic clash that followed lasted all through the day and into the night. Blood turned the mountain into
    crimson and the sounds of battle echoed throughout the frozen peaks. By the end of the night, only the
    two mighty commanders were left of their forces and they stood wearily swinging their weapons at one
    another until wearily they both passed out in the snow, willing to let the elements claim their frozen
    corpses alongside their soldiers.
    Korgaan breathed in the heady scent of fear, of despondency, of anger and malice and ill desires. He
    lapped up the strong emotions that saturated the field of battle much like the blood that had turned the
    snow into a stinking mire of death. He allowed the power to course through his being. He devoured his fill
    and then some from the dead and dying of the two armies.
    Then, the greedy god of wind turned the frozen hourglass over.
    Both Thordjin and Fregmoln awoke with a start in their respective tents, unsure of what had just
    happened. They each felt the biting cold and could still smell the hot stench of their own blood as it wept
    into the snow. They remembered closing their eyes and felt the darkness claim them. But they felt no pain
    now. Their wounds did not mar their skin. Their weapons lay beside their cots and as they walked out of
    their tents they saw that their soldiers were lined up and ready for battle.
    The same birdsong echoed through the crisp morning air. The song of an ice wren as it flitted through the
    air over the two great amassed forces. The two commanders would each think the same thought.
    Was it all a dream?
    Then the trumpets sounded and the thoughts were pushed from their minds. From far above Korgaan
    watched and prepared himself for another feast as he watched the frozen crystals fall through the
    hourglass he held in his hands.


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    To take part in the Campaign Day you will need to write 3 army lists 1000, 1500 and 2000 points.

    You will also have a unique character, a Living Legend, a Commander of your own design to smash face and lead your forces on the table top. Their points are not included in your army list above, free to a good home as they say. So if you include them in your force you’ll be doing yourself a disservice and I will chuckle as you get roflstomped.


    Creating the Commander: – A custom Living Legend hero will lead each player’s forces as the Commander. This unique character may be used in every game played in addition to the regular force chosen by the player and does not need to be unlocked. – This Living Legend should be named.

    Rules for creating this hero are as follows:

    ● Choose a normal hero (not a current Living Legend) allowed by your main force.

    ● A unique artifact may be created by choosing up to three artifacts allowed in the main rule book. The rules for those three artifacts are combined into a single artifact which is given a new name for the Living Legend. The cost of the one, two or three artifacts chosen are added to the cost of the hero. This does not restrict the use of those artifacts by other units in the main army force.

    ● Any upgrades normally allowed by the basic hero chosen may also be chosen by this Living Legend.

    ● The Living Legend is given a stat line improvement of 1 point to any stat of their choosing. The maximum Defense is 6+. The maximum Range or Melee stat is 2+. If Nerve is chosen, both the Waiver and Route values are raised by 1. This adjustment has no point value when calculating the value of this character.

    ● The maximum total point value allowed for this Living Legend is 200

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    If you fancy coming and have played 2nd, but haven’t picked up 3rd yet let me know and I’ll do my best to sort you out.

    the games will run from 10:30am to 18:00 ish.


    Cult of Games Member

    Sounds good. Should be there.



    Ogre Legendary Commander

    Avagddu the Utter Darkness            195 pts

    Ogre Warlock

    Sp   Me   Ra   De   US   At   Ne

    6      4+    –      5+    1       2    12/14

    Spells; Drain Life, Lightning Bolt,Mind Fog

    Legendary Item

    Conjurer’s Staff

    Boots of Levitation

    The Boomstick

    Avagddu carries the eye of the God of Death, Balor. Balor’s Eye is a tigers eye gemstone the size of a man’s fist, polished into a perfect orb it is wrapped in layers of cloth reputed be come from an Elohi’s robes.

    In Battle Avagddu removes layer upon layer to aid him in his mystical arts. Tales told in the taverns say that with removing the first covering the bracken began to wither, with the second the grass became copper-coloured, with the third the woods and timber began to heat, with the fourth smoke came from the trees, with the fifth everything grew red, with the sixth it sparked. With the seventh, they were all set on fire, and the whole countryside was ablaze!

    Although no one living has ever seen him remove more than two layers of worn white cloth, the power of Balor’s Eye is undisputed.

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    Cult of Games Member

    As long as it arrives in time to get it painted, my proposed hero for my Dwarfs is

    Lord Torin Steamhammer – 200 points.

    Steel Juggernaut
    Hero (Large Infantry)

    Sp   Me   Ra   De   US   At     Ne

    10     3+    4+   5+   1     5      -/13

    Special Rules
    Crushing Strength (2), Inspiring, Nimble, Fly
    Hand Cannon: 24″, Piercing (2), Steady Aim

    Legendary Item – The Flying Juggernaut
    Piercing Arrow
    Wings of Honeymaze

    The Steel Juggernaut suit of armour is slowly becoming more common among Dwarf Lords.  While some Lords think it is an affront to warfare and a cowardly way to fight, Lord Steamhammer has pushed his Warsmiths to make him the most advanced Juggernaut suit in the Dwarf Kingdoms.  His suit, The Mallard, has pushed the boundaries of what is possible and has given Lord Steamhammer the ability to move through the air faster than any Elven Lord.   His Cannon, The Pounding Anvil, is feared throughout the lands as Steamhammer blasts his enemy from afar before swiftly crossing the battlefield to smite his enemy with his powerful Axe,  Sky Cleaver.  Many have been returned back to the Abyss by Lord Steamhammer, and both he and his warmachines are gaining a legendary status across Pannithor.


    Cult of Games Member

    I’ll be there all being well along with,

    Gertrude the Broken

    In her first battle she fell afoul of a huge bearded giant. He smote her easily, Gertrudes armour and weapons destroyed beyond recognition. His cruel laughter echoed across the battlefield as he looked upon her smashed and broken body.

    But Dwarven mettle is not so easily tarnished…

    Gertrude survived…and her lost sword recovered. Shield Maiden no longer Gertrude is a Dwarven Lord of War who has led and won many battles since that fateful day! And always she listens, longing to hear the cruel laughter of the bearded giant on the battlefield. One day he will feel her wrath and he will regret not grinding her bones to dust when he had the chance.

    She also answers to Busted up Gerty.

    Dwarven Lord profile with, +1 armour

    Wings of the Honeymaze

    Shroud of the Saint

    Mournful Blade


    Nice one Gerry, I’ll be reporting the results from Mantic HQ on Saturday, more players welcome to join us in Nottingham. Look up the event page on Mantic’s facebook page.

    (Game one for European section starts at 10am, not 1030. Results in at 11am.)



    Naiad wyrmrider Centurion  160pts

    Sp   Me   Ra   De   US   At     Ne

    8      3       –      6       1      5      13/15

    +1 defence

    |Magic item

    Hann’s boots of the seven leagues = scout and lifeleech 1 = 40pts


    Cult of Games Member

    Looking like I need more cannons 🙂


    Sir Hotty FlameLord (Efreet) speed 7, Melee 5+, Defence 5+, Attacks 1, Nerve 11/13.

    Individual, Elite, Vicious. Fireball (15).

    Blessing of the Gods, Chant of Hate, Boots of Levitation.

    185 pts


    Cult of Games Member

    Grebs the Bloody Bellied– 125 points.


    Sp   Me Ra   De US At     Ne

    5     4+ 4+   4+ 0   5 12/14

    Special Rules

    Crushing Strength (1), Individual, Inspiring, Shortbow 18″

    Legendary Item – The Gauntlet of Lord Vorlock

    Blade beast slayer 20point +2crushing strength

    Darklord Onyx Ring 10points regen 6+

    Sanguinary Scripture 10points Lifeleech 1


    +Jareth’s pendant (Headstrong)

    Nerve +1

    Grebs was a lowly member of the rabble when he (and hundreds of his colleagues) killed a powerful vampire lord. He was able to keep the magical gauntlet as it was embedded in his gut. He healed and it gave him great power. He strode up the recently ascended goblin King and killed all his guards and the king himself, after this it was pretty much understood that he was the boss and everyone got on board with it.

    Several goblins have tried to challenge him in single combat only to watch Grebs’ wounds close up as he strikes them down. Some even tried poison but after a troubled belch Greb’s continued about his business. After the third failed assassination it was generally agreed that he could be boss because it was too much trouble to get rid of him.

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    Terrain for the campaign day games will be defined as follows.

    Forests = height ∞

    Hills = Height 3

    Single Storey building = Height 3

    Two Storey building = Height 5

    Over Two Storeys = Height ∞

    Obstacles = Height 1

    Water Features = Height 0, No cover unless majority of unit is in it.

    All tables will be set before the games begin



    Scenario 1B:
    * Game Size: 1,000 points + Commander
    Scenario: Smoke and Mirrors (played on a 4’x4’ table)
    Winning Conditions: KoW Main Rule Book Page 62 “Smoke and Mirrors”

    Scenario 2B:
    Game Size: 1,500 points + Commander
    Scenario: Modified Invade:
    Modification: every charge and “At the double” subtracts D3 from their overall movement which is
    rolled after the order is given and must be carried out regardless of a failed charge. To represent
    the troops trying to charge through the deep snow.
    Winning Conditions: KoW Main Rule Book Page 60 “Invade”

    Scenario 3B:
    Game Size: 2000 points + Commander
    Scenario: Modified Dominate:
    Modification: Player from the Overall winning side of the previous scenario places a token anywhere
    along the center line of the board and that becomes the Dominate center area. The token
    cannot be placed closer than 18” to either board edge.
    Winning Conditions: KoW Main Rule Book Page 60 “Dominate”

    Scenario 4B:
    Game Size: 1,500 points + Commander (Multiplayer Optional)
    Scenario: Plunder
    Winning Conditions: KoW Main Rule Book Page 61 “Plunder”

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