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KS: Car Wars 6th Ed.

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    The original game of car carnage has returned with a fast paced version that still retains some of the feel of the high fidelity original versions.

    If you are a fan of car combat, you should check it out.   Miniatures are included for the first time.  2 or 4 player pledge levels are available.  Game now plays in 90min or less versus whole day affairs which was very much the style of BattleTech and other games invented in the 80s.

    The new version is a mashup of some X-Wing Mechanics with the flavor of the original Car Wars.  Can be scaled from 2 to 4 or 6 players.  While the original launch will focus on Car Combat only, future version will expand the game.

    While not part of this KS, note that Autoduel, the PC version of Car Wars returns in April 2020 updated for modern computers but retaining the original story line.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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