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KS – The Wargaming Stories has launched

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    Haven’t seen a post or discussion on this since it launched last Tuesday (Oct 5 – there was an article on site a week previous). The Kickstarter for The Wargaming Stories is live. It is for the completion of a documentary web series interviewing big names in the industry – Ronnie Renton, Perry’s , Rick Priestly, Alessio, and the brothers Johnston (of OTT fame). Eight confirmed episodes of 60-150 minutes in length.

    It is off to a bit of a slow start and was just wondering if it hasn’t popped up on the radar yet for some…


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    I looked at it, and I would love to watch all the interviews as I expect there’s some good stuff in there.

    However I think the pricing I just way off the mark, for me it’s too expensive and I suspect others feel the same hence the slow start.

    Each episode is effectively movie length which is great but aside from the short trailer clip it’s unknown as to what the final interviews will be like, compared to say backing a board game it’s perhaps a little too much of a gamble?

    As for price, the £15 for an episode is bonkers, the £60 pledge is the only one that makes sense for every episode. At £60 it’s not cheap in the age of Netflix. I understand there’s high production costs however I feel a simplified and cheaper pledge tier might have been more successful e.g. £25 for the series and would have got more backers I tested.

    Hopefully this goes ahead as I said I’d love to watch the interviews.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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