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    Well guys we have a lot of news, some we going to do some changes in this thread. Here you will find an advance of our ongoing campaign. If you want to get the last news about us, just check the last post ๐Ÿ˜‰

    grupos facebook

    Nowadays on undeads are on Kickstarter avariable if you wanna be a backer!


    Hello guys!

    We are LastSword, a tidy business from Spain!

    This week we have launched our fourth kickstarter campaign, The jungle’s Awakening.

    First time that we try we Lizarmen, but after successful elven campaigns, we hope the reach the goal!

    Now some pictures:

    Kickstarter-JungleAwakening-Cover- facebook



    Campaign will be open until the 30th and Early birds are still avaliable. Do not miss your opportunity and have a look at: The Jungle’s Awakening Kickstarter Campaing.

    Thank you!

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    I worry you’re going to get a cease and desist order from GW – some of those are awfully close to existing, copyrighted GW designs ๐Ÿ™




    Those models do look amazing but i have to concur with @richbuilds theres not a lot of subtlty behind the design origins.

    They do look very dynamic and more aggresive than GW’s stuff, so good job on the design.



    we were looking at these today, lovely minis.



    Thank you guys for your comments.

    We have desinged all these models thinking in The 9th Age rulebook, Saurian Anciets.

    Lizarmen is a very common idea in all fantasy universe, so…

    Anyway Have you ever see our Thyroscutus? Looks like an Anquilosaurus


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    Hiya guys.

    This is the last fourth days of our campaing, so lets go to review the lizarmen models!

    The Quatl:


    Saurian Warlord:


    Skink Priest:


    The Bearer Storyteller:


    Saurian Warrior


    The Skink


    The caiman:


    The Thyroscutus!!


    Furthermore we have some scenery elements that you can included in your tabletop.

    Have a look to our campaign before it finishes and if you can share it in your socialmedia will be great! [url=]The Jungles Awakening campaign[/url].

    Thank you so much guys!



    Great work guys! Glad to see this happen! Hats off to you and Sov ๐Ÿ™‚


    As for those espousing legal concerns? its an original piece of artwork – there is no legal claim. If there was, GW would have been sued into oblivion by those holding the rights to Tolkien/TSR back in the 80’s for making minis of similar likeness.


    a major motivator behind the new AoS line is to make highly specialized aesthetic in the miniatures line – Ones that are highly specific to their IP world, and less ‘generic fantasy’

    Last Sword designed their own stuff for use in a different game – they are more than safe!

    Whats more – they have amazing minis – so don’t fret or fear the legal hammer ๐Ÿ™‚



    I am not a lawyer but doubt an action from gw would succeed. As long as you’re not using their silly-but-copyrightable names there’s no IP clash they could defend.

    Lizard men aren’t on my life but they look lovely. ยกQuรฉ tengais suerte!



    Hiya guys!

    We are so busy these days with our first campaign for undead. I drop here some pictures of our campaign, Undead, The fallen county of Ampurias.



    Tituulo scenery

    I hope that you like our models. Any comment about them or abour us are welcome guys!

    Before to finish I let you here a link with the campaign:ย

    Take care!


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