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Lightning strikes! blood red skies planes

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    Last week I started painting my P-38 Lightnings for my Blood red Skies americans.

    I bought 6 P-38’s from Armaments in Miniatures since Warlord games still sells no lightnings.

    These were always my favorite WW2 planes and I decidet to paint them in the olive drab camouflage.

    These particular planes are part of the 338th fighter squadron, 55th fighter group.  CL-T „Stinger“, CL-V „Janet“ and CL-D „Diving Eagle“.

    All six planes will get names of historical planes of the squadron. With the exeption of Stinger I have to paint on the nose art for each plane by hand but some little blotches do the trick.

    I hope you enjoy.🙂




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    Interesting.  I ran out and bought Wildcats after I saw the Warlords table with the USS Hornet as a center piece with Zeros attacking.  I’ve just been using P-51 stats cause I don’t want to unbalance the game play.


    What do you use for stats for you P-38s?


    Warlord will release card sets for each nation with new planes which did not got minis yet. It will take a while but usaaf will have a P-38j card as far as I know.

    For now I use the beta stats for the P-38e from the facebook page:

    FP 2


    Speed 8 (395mph)

    traits: multi engine (2), agile, tight turn, heavy hitter.



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    Nice.  I didn’t know about Warlord releasing info on Facebook.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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