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Mantic Open day, Saturday 21st Nov

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    Mantic open day


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    I hope the live figure sculpting has John Motson commentating

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    Well the Dreadball update is “Support Coaches” which are going to totally mess up the balance (they’ve not really thought it through). The concept is you buy a support coach to help you make dash checks, fouls and armour checks, the problem is some of these checks can generate fan checks (and coaching dice). So if you already have a team that’s better than every other team on making dash checks, then add a support coach to make them even better (and generate those coaching dice like never before). So rather than being used to shore up the downside in a team, I do see them being used to add to a teams positives (imagine a Dwarf Team with extra bonuses to armour checks for example?). But there’s three new minis for Dreadball (that could be used as generic coaches instead which is probably what I’ll do) and the new Zed Support Coach IS genius 🙂


    What Dreadball REALLY needs is for Mantic to re-release the old “restic” teams in either a better PVC mix or even remastered in resin (with less parts). Dreadball is a great game (if Mantic will just leave the bloody rules alone and stop doing a “GW” (rules for rules sake to peddle more minis)), only let down by the old restic minis. I’d LOVE to be able to get the older teams in metal or resin vs the challenges of working with restic.


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    The concepts for new Armada ships look cool.  Looking forward to getting the game up and running in my club whenever we’re allowed in 2021

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