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[MMF Crowdfunding] Official Type S Scout/Courier and Crew Miniatures

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    It’s been a while since I’ve been over to BOW, but before it’s too late, wanted to highlight our official Traveller Type S Scout/Courier.

    For those who don’t know, we make 3D printable starships in 28mm/1:59 scale (and now 15mm scale). For the last four years we have been doing original ships that use the design language from your favourite sci-fi films and series, but this is the first time we have done an officially licensed product.


    We’ve tried something different this time around with MMF Crowdfunding. MMF are our distributor, and it has some advantages and disadvantages over Kickstarter. The biggest difference is that you pledge up front and receive the base files up front.

    Type_S_topView_schematics KS

    The ship itself is our most highly detailed. We spent over a thousand hours trying to replicate a Type S Scout as faithfully as possible, working directly with Marc Miller himself of Far Future Enterprises, to envision the Type S, using the Murphy-class from T5 as the basis.


    We have included a variety of Traveller miniatures suitable for printing at 28mm or greater (they probably will work at 15mm, but will be a bit fragile). We’ve made a heroic crew with multiple poses, as well as some additional Traveller designs that we plan to expand in the coming years of our license to include a variety of races and options.

    We’ve also made a light kit for the Type S which is available separately.

    Rear Pad

    The light kit runs on AAA batteries, and includes navigation lights, as well as 8 engine LEDs which will give a bright engine glow even in natural daylight.

    If all goes well, we will be doing additional classic Traveller designs in the future.

    Hope it is interesting to some here, if nothing else, we recommend checking out our neat launch video.

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    Your ships look great, though I don’t own a 3D printer. So I would have to either find a printing service here or wait till you get a officially licensed printer in europe.



    There is a list of licensed printers here:

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