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    We pretty much used this layout today for Warcry. Pretty epic game, where I had to defend and protect on model in my warband, and so I used the Cypher Lords, teleportation tricks to mess with my opponent’s plans.


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    @doctorether that’s an awesome looking board. Is that just one of the card boards you get with the scenery packs?


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    @ceppie it’s not just the lazyness, but some of them have the attitude that if you can read it then it is ‘good enough’.
    As if proper spelling and grammar stops being essential if you aren’t writing for a language course.

    @woldenspoons cheap & rubbish effects have their own charm.
    Besides … what’s wrong with making cartoons instead of live-action ?
    I’d even argue that part of the reason for live action should be to emphasize the stupidity/absurdity of being a superhero.
    I think that’s why I kind of liked how Sin City was done in this over-the-top weird black&white cartoonish format, because it highlighted the crazyness.

    As for having to wait for Doctor Who. I think it is much better than drowning in so many shows you can’t watch all of them.
    I don’t mind waiting for ‘next week’ to see the next episode of a good show.
    I used to like watching CSI (and all of its variants) … but the fact that they were broadcast every day in the week meant I also got bored as the high frequency also exposed the rather weak plots, one dimensional characters and story arcs.
    It also meant that they had to re-start at random intervals because they ran out of new episodes.

    One of the worst aspects of the MCU is that they fail to capitalize on the few moments when they do return to ‘normal life’ like they do when they fight that horde of robots (I can’t even remember the name of the movie ffs).
    Thor has gone from a god-like being from an alien world to just a blonde surfer dude with a magical hammer.
    And the less said about Captain Marvel (in one review referred to as ‘Plank’ due to her wooden acting) the better.

    And then there’s things which are just bad like ‘Bright’.

    Seriously. A cool concept (stolen from Shadowrun, Alien Nation …) ruined by lazy writing, because they chose to rely on names and special effects.

    Oh … and this thing is one to watch : Why is it so hard to remember what happens in Transformers ?

    The concept of a superhero is not bad.
    The execution tends to suck and stink of lazy writing that favours flashy effects to hide mistakes and plot holes you can fly the millenium falcon through with space to spare.


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    @onlyonepinman – well, you beat @oriskany to the party! 100pts. Fashionable? Like Polio…

    As I always say – if you have ‘real world’ stuff going on then that comes first. Where would I be going?

    1. There are still Unions? I thought since Billy Bragg stopped touring they must have ceased to exist. 200pts.

    2. I would rather be next to a woman than with Dave! I just meant whatever springs to mind. I was listening to the radio and they were on about the Beatles and how amazing they are and everything they did afterwards. Really? They must have never heard ‘Mull of Kintyre’.

    Joke: what do you call a dog with wings? Linda McCartney! Anyway, the real Paul died in 1968…everyone knows that.

    3. it’s your answer, my friend! 200pts. I was thinking more of Tom & Jerry or Whacky Races. Titan AE was awesome. 500pts. No matter what people say – I still say ‘Final Fantasy’ was pretty good.

    Confession time: who thought Bugs Bunny as a female was hot?

    No mooziks! I am not sure I can comprehend such horrors. However, some educational TV, or an audio book counts. I have been listening to a few YT videos about the missing bits in JW theology. I can’t get enough at the moment.

    The face on that mini is stunning. 300pts. It looks like it IS riding a fast horse. Beautiful painting too. I can’t paint ‘skin’ to save my life. I did paint one of my older 20mm moderns with brown skin and it looked quite good. I just can’t paint honkies.

    The ‘shield’ guy is still a favourite of mine. Fantastic looking pose. 500pts. The pictures are brilliant…no2 is the best! 1000pts.

    ” I really don’t understand the superhero fan wanking that goes on, I really don’t.” – 5000pts. Brilliant.

    I knew it wasn’t Oswald!!! It all makes sense now. 1000pts.

    @limburger – when I was reading ‘Batman’ it was just before Eve was born in 1993. Batman was going through some dark times, especially after he couldn’t save a little girl that later drowned. He really was ‘human’ character and that bit was killing him. Heavy stuff.

    The only thing about the Joker movie is who is playing the Joker…at least he is a good actor. Still doesn’t put it on my list. I enjoyed ‘Bright’…it was different.

    @ceppie – they are Jamie’s O-12 stuff. The Ratnik is from the USAriadna sectorial. You should check out the Black Jack! Massive HMG.

    Who doesn’t love Battleship Grey? It will look good next to the chrome.

    Your mini is fantastic! 1000pts. Amazing base.

    @woldenspoons – even later that @onlyonepinman! You are even cooler and more fashionable. 500pts.

    You are still wrong about the Superhero genre. I remember suffering the Hulk TV series, Wonder Woman, and a few other horrors, but all this SH stuff is just pure mince. Wasn’t Captain Marvel a dude? DC stuff is even worse. All I need to say is, “Green Lantern”. DC always had the silly heros…Lariet Lass or Matter-eater Lad.

    As I said, Superman III is the only good SH film. I took my first ever date to see it!

    1. Excellent! 1000pts. I dispise “at the end of the day”. I also notice that some people don’t say, “pardon me” now, but just make a grunting noise like ‘urrrh’. Told you we were devolving.

    2. Wacoshop are overrated now. I used to love their stuff. It ruled. I don’t think I have ever ‘seen’ a Mantic mini. They look cool in pictures, but I bow to your superior knowledge. 500pts.

    People who talk about movies annoy me when they say you have to like things like Citizen Kane or Susperia. No I don’t…they suck bum gas and hold it in like a bong hit.

    Dave is into all the He-Man stuff! I wonder why? He also has a collection of weird cartoons where the guy does a one-thousand puch attack and the enemies head explodes. I can’t remember what it is called, but it gets him all excited.

    Jamie told me that Spiderman killed his girlfriend with his radioactive spider-taddies? Is that true or do I need to put a toaster in the bath with him?

    @doctorether – I expected a bit more of a battle report! I like the look of the minis. Funky. 200pts. I might be tempted to get some of the terrain for future games of CoC or Secrets of the Third Reich.


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    I have been a bit absent this afternoon. It is a bit of a struggle at the moment with the PSF and staying verticle. Still, nil desperandum.


    CA nasty sniper!


    Some of the new ITS cards. Very nice new art too.


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    just for piers...

    (told you)


    viz (78)


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    @unclejimmy if you are really struggling with skin tones get yourself a pot of the Citadel Wraithbone and a pot of the Giulliman Flesh contrast paint and I think all your troubles will be over! Sure, I know it’s GW but seriously that stuff just works. I know I said about not putting contrast paint near Infinity miniatures however I might make an exception for the flesh tone. The biggest limitation is that you can really only do pale flesh with it, even if you buy the darker skin tones they’re still pretty pale. The only other alternative really is loads and loads of practice. Which isn’t really a bad thing if you like painting.

    I would not say the Beatles are overrated, however I might say that some of their transcendental shite is overrated. I remember my dad telling me once how amazing Sergeant Pepper was and even the Rolling Stones tried to go the same direction (which they did with At Her Satanic Majesty’s Pleasure). But I reminded him that eventually they all came down off whatever they had been smoking, wondered what the actual fuck they had been doing and everyone went back to proper music as opposed to drug fuelled noise.

    And yes. Elmo is the USAs dirty little secret.


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    @unclejimmy Batman going through dark times is not a bad concept.
    Such a setup works in comics, because they’ve got the time to sell the drama (all the years before the ‘dark times’).

    It doesn’t quite work in the Nolan movies, because the world is ‘dark’ enough in the first of the trilogy, which means he doesn’t really get to fly high enough for a fall to matter. I’d even argue that he lacks the reason for his ‘no killing’ restriction in the first one.


    Another cartoon series needs mentioning : Batman:brave and the bold

    I really liked this show. I think it’s because it is so over-the-top and it knows what it is, which makes it work.
    The MCU lacks the kind of ‘normal’ that allows us to see the team as the *super* heroes that they’re supposed to be, which practically Worfs them ( )


    @doctorether stop showing us how cool WarCry is … I might have to buy into that system and add yet another box of plastic to my mountain of plastic men.
    nah, just kidding. It is good to see that GW has something other than 40K and AoS.
    I do hope they’ve got stuff to add to the game by next year, because they might run out of steam like they sort of did with Killteam and Necromunda.


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    Off to the attic now for some painting, the ipod will be on shuffle so expect some weird and random stuff.

    This came on. I love this song, especially as I know some people who are social workers and honestly they’re unsung heroes. It sounds like a fucking horrible job at times


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    Next two songs on shuffle…

    I love this first one because it’s like someone tried to write a love song and then ran out of words right at the end.


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    Also, fun beatles fact. If you listen to Hey Jude, a beautiful song and worth listening to just for itself, around about 2:38 into the song start listening to what’s going on in the background and you will hear the words “Oh! Fucking Hell!”. And once you hear it you will hear it EVERY time you listen to it.  It’s Paul Mccartney you can hear and it was spotted until well after it was mixed and released and it was too late to do anything about it.



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    @onlyonepinman – thanks, but I think it is more to do with not being able to hold the minis properly and I have always been terrible at ‘flesh’. Now and again I do a good one…well, good for me!

    Beatles = overrated. Some good songs, but you can say that about any band. Not good enough for me. I also remember the cartton series!

    The same with the Rolling Stones. How come they are all still alive? It is not possible. They must be drinking the blood of suffering children.

    Elmo is an anagram of CIA. Think about it! The same as ASLEF was an anagram of ‘total and complete bastards’ – according to Ric. 5000pts for Ric.

    Have you seen a TV series called ‘Damned’ all about social workers. It is awesome. Written by Joe Brand! There is also a great series she wrote called ‘Getting On’ set in a hospital ward. Brilliant. All of the social workers I have ever met were so up themselves they must have thought it was dark all the time. It is a job you should not be allowed to do until you are at least 40.

    Dire Straits – urrrgh! Pass the bucket.

    @limburger – Batman’s world is not very dark. Just go to Hull and you will see the real Dark Future. It is like 40K, but without the technology and they still hunt witches. A bit like Hartlepool. They found a money washed ashore and hung it because they thought it was a French spy. I jest ye not.


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    Told you it would be weird.


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    @onlyonepinman – you mean Faul! The person they replaced Paul with. The rest of the band called him Faul. The Fake Paul…you couldn’t make it up.

    Hey Jude is a very nice song. It is one of the ones I like!

    A bit of glam for saturday night!

    …are you seeing a pattern here?

    You tell them!


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    @onlyonepinman – Doris Day? At least they knew how to make red lipstick back then!

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