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Napoleonic Bavarian Uniform Question.

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    I am currently painting up some Bavarians from a Stretlets 1/72 kit.  There are some soldiers with caps instead of the typical Bavarian helmet.  Does anyone know some resource or have a picture of the colour scheme?  I can’t seem to find any.  I don’t even know if they were just one colour or if they changed with the uniform colour?

    Here is a picture from the kit.


    Any help would be appreciated.




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    Forage caps typically followed the main colour of the uniform.

    I copied this image from the Internet, so can’t speak for the provenance, but the top right is pretty typical from what I’ve seen for forage caps for other Napoleonic soldiers. I’ve seen Wurttembergers throughout Faber du Faur’s prints wearing blue forgae hats with red or yellow edging depending on the uniform facing. Admittedly not Bavarian troops, but the Portuguese Legion are also shown with brown caps edged with white that again matches their uniform and facing colours.

    Hope that helps!




    the Holzmutze was made of cloth in the colour of the coat and the piping was the facing colour of the regiment. Company badge on the front, either a letter in the button colour for the fusiliers or a red grenade for the grenadiers, both of which would be on a shield of the facing colour again


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    Hi and thanks to both.

    @scribbs – Thanks for the picture.  I also saw the Wurttemberger prints but I was not 100%.  Thanks for clearing that up.

    @averos – Thanks for the breakdown. I never knew it was called a Holzmutze.

    I shall continue painting my Grande Armee know – adieu et bonsoir.


    This has a pretty good collection of all the uniform types in the Bavarian army at the time. It’s pretty self-explanatory from when and for which types of troops:


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    @captainventanus – thanks for the heads up.

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