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    @cpauls1 it is Nurgle, of course it is going to look like a dog’s dinner. That is the point!  Just mould lines and the tentacle things that fit on the side to finish.


    As for the Panzers, I don’t know.  I don’t even think they had camo added when they left the factory, they were sent out in dunkelgelb.


    Cult of Games Member

    Okay, project is complete.  These were metal 1:48 / 40mm Knuckleduster Miniatures (saloon girls, cowboys, gunfighters, each with three figures).

    These miniatures were being put together for my Dad’s “O” scale model train set.  His birthday was last week (my trip to see him delayed one week due to Hurricane Dorian).  He themed his table on the American Old West, so 1:48 / O scale miniatures seemed the perfect fit.

    So I sawed the women off their metal bases and re-based them on new American nickels, covered in hardwood floor pattern I printed on cardstock. This is because these figures will be on porches, balconies, etc … on or in saloons rather than standing out in the open prairie.

    The three trios set up. Saloon Girls front and center, Gunfighters at upper left, Cowboys at upper right. Note the Gunfighters and Cowboys are on more typical “outdoor” bases.

    Trying to take better pictures in better light on a curved white surface.

    White / Blue Interference acrylic paint (thanks again @ceppie !) used in the gunmetal mix to give a “gunmetal blue” on these old style Colts, Derringers, Winchester lever actions, and double-barreled sawed-off shotgun.

    Miniature detail was great. The pistol ammo in the belts was one of my favorite parts.

    I hope my Dad likes the present!

    The textures and details in the minis were great. Those bustles on the back of the ladies’ dresses practically painted themselves.


    My first try with eyes.

    I think the “Lady in Red” is my favorite of the batch. And the cowboy in the green vest.

    The whole gang.

    I borrowed some of Jenn’s “purple glitter” paint to use in the mix for the Madam’s dress. Washes weren’t working on the color that dark so on that violet skirt and the “Virgil Earp” older gunfighter here, I used manual highlights to get some texture.

    So that’s it.  Project complete.  My first try with 40mm (1:48) minis.  Heading out of the office today early to get on the road and head up to my Dad’s, where I’ll given them to him as a birthday gift for his 1:48 Old West model railroad table.  Hopefully he likes it!

    Looking back, maybe a few things I might have done a little different.  But it was definitely fun.  Knuckleduster Miniatures definitely recommended.

    If you like it, check out the project thread:

    Oriskany’s Old West 40mm Miniatures



    I’m sure your dad will be thrilled with those models @oriskany . That’s a very thoughtful gift! I think I may have dated that girl in the bloomers. What caliber is her pistol? 🙂


    Cult of Games Member

    @doctorether – very tasty looking minis. The terrain is amazing! 500pts.

    1. Yeah, I can imagine! Why would you hit a fascist? Why not clobber a socialist or wound a communist? I do love secective hatred. If you are ever up my way then me and my dad will take you to a pub where ‘fascist’ types drink. I am sure any of them will even let you throw the first punch for free.

    I imagine you would last less than 10 seconds against my daughter…when she was 12! Please tell me you don’t agree with these Antifa cowards?

    2. I think you have answered the wrong question! 500pts. My wife likes to be in charge too. Try some Yoga. Maybe it’s an age thing, but there is nothing satisfying about a 2 minute poop. 100pts.

    3. Everyone knew in my school – the teachers were just as bad! All of the time I spend avoiding the roaming gangs looking for me was not mis-spent either. When I did E&E training it was a doddle. If you can do our school cross-country course, while being chased by local neds mounted on Honda C90’s and shooting you with air rifles (filled will tic-tacs) or cross-bows, and get back to school uninjured you can stroll through the Army training version.

    If the Army guys had started using hot screwdrivers on my legs I might have given up, but that was what my school bullies liked to use.

    By the time I went to Uni I was in my 30’s and had nothing to prove. Other than my genius!

    Where did you go to school? (rough geographic position will do)

    As for your “pledge”, “likely some terrain for Warcry” is not good enough. Is that what you say to your wife? I’ve said it before, but I was SAS and i’m trained to get in-and-out without being noticed…that is why my wife left me! Boom-Boom.

    I was not in the SAS, but if you know Paul then he will tell you I was. Then again, he will also tell you about the ‘big cat’ on the loose which is the size of a Puma, that I know loads about UFO’s because I was in the Army and must have seen loads of them, and that controlling his powers is getting harder the older he gets! I did try for the SAS, but when they discovered what school I went to they rejected my application because they found out what school I went to.

    I joke about that, but if you know the story of ‘Bravo-2-Zero’ then you will know that only one member of that patrol managed to escape on foot and made it to Syria. A guy called Chris Ryan. Guess where he went to school?

    @ceppie – I think @doctorether might want to hit you! That wouldn’t be pretty…like watching a Bullfight. 500pts.

    Your up early. Must have wet the bed again. What is on your pre-course reading list, anything I would like? See this might get me fired-up a bit.

    Watery stuff – semi-opaic nail varnish! Yes, the wash did just that. The bare metal hides a fair bit of detail.

    The wedding will ruin things as you will end-up totally blooter?

    1. Anyone who takes minis needs to be melted down. Like the little bastards that smashed up those model railway displays. If they had been my models they would have needed to leave the planet!

    Someone took your camera? What kind of people are out there…

    2. I thought you might be like me…long stay parking! 200pts. Maybe I am half-German?

    3. Being a geek I didn’t discover girls until I was 16. Never really looked at them either. No interest in football, cars, drinking, or any ‘usual’ teenage stuff. You would have thought my mother would be over the moon, but she was always trying to get me out of the house and “doing things”. I would just walk down the street to my grandparents and build a model!

    Volleyball! Really? Totally gay. One of Dave’s mates plays water Polo…

    @robert – I used to love ‘damaging’ my Nurgle Defilers. Have you got a Dremmel? If not buy a Chinese knock-off and you will be like a pig in glabour.

    Not adding bush…sounds a bit rude! 500pts. Washing while sitting in the same water is gross.

    I only asked what type of school it was…left or right?

    @sundancer – you can never have enough! 200pts.

    @kiranamida – …and what do we have here? New meat. Hello, nice to meet you. Are you sure you didn’t mean to turn right?

    There is nothing to ‘succeed’ at here, just make an arse of yourself and play with your toy soldiers! If you children are away should you not be doing dirty stuff? Well, as much as I disaprove of Wacoshop I do like to hear that someone takes the time to drills barrels. 5000pts.

    However, you forgot something. If you need some help ‘talking’ then I can help with that. Electricity or hot sand?

    You will also have to take “the test” since you are new. Your character must be proven. Do you think you are up to it?

    @onlyonepinman – there will ALWAYS be a spot for you! 1000pts. I never forget someone who sends me such nice things. Well, if you want something to perk you up then you have come to the right place!

    If real life needs a visit while you are here then not a problem. It’s not like we have anywhere else to be! 200pts. If there is anything you want to share then go for it.

    1. It can be anyone or anything! It is fantasy fight club. Before my stroke I would have had a shot at Myamoto Musashi, but he would have a good chance now. There was this horrid turd in my class called Mark Turner and him and some of his friends, at his behest, decided to spend 10 minutes kicking basketballs at me. I would give him a prescription from “doctor foreheed” – apply at once to the bridge of the nose. I could list many, many more, but that wouldn’t be fun.

    Captain Kirk would kick my ass, but it would be a cool boast. “Oh aye, I wiz doon the boozer and this gadgie wuz slingin’ us the beadie and I sez, ‘Oi, Kirk, wit the fuck are you looking at…you learing my bird?’, and it all kicked aff. One lad wi’ a red jacket on got chibbed and went straight doon.” True story. (S02E15 ‘Scotty’s Night Oot’)

    See the more things stay the same the less they change. Rasta entropy.

    I will happily accept Parliment. A bunch of self-satisfying, self-serving wankers. That is not a political analysis, but based on their personalities. So it is not a political answer!

    Little Hitlers are always a pain in the rear. 200pts. You want to try small Corporals!

    “Kevin the Gerbil” – wasn’t that from Roland Rat?

    You should keep a 10kg plate at the top of the stairs, wait until they are halfway up, turn on the light and throw the weight at the first ned – shout “catch” as you do it. You then jump down the stairs onto the first guy (the second guy is now under him) and have a quick chat with No2 about private property while you are elbowing him unconscious.

    I would advise three good blows into the eye socket/temple. Then you drag them both into the road (down the street a bit) and ring the Police – telling them there are two drunks fighting in the street. Job done.

    Failing that just charge them bollock naked while holding a sword. You can play a couple of rounds of “run, piggy, run!”

    I would cnut that guy too! 500pts.

    2. there is nothing better getting a weight off your mind while being paid. Dave goes for a power nap on the dunny. He says his longest was 2 and a half hours and nobody missed him.

    3. I dreamed of being in the middle! 100pts. Not really. Less physical interaction would have been nice, but nil desperandum. Nothing changed things either.

    Lots of the lads were into cars and when my uncle was visiting he would come and collect me from school in one of his American cars. He decided we would go to the cinema and see The Empire Strikes Back and just turned-up at school just after lunch in his Bewick Century. This was in the good old days when a total stranger could arrive at a school and just ask for a pupil and the school just sent you off. However, next day I got a kicking because my uncle had a posh car!

    If memory serves it ended when Eric Gill tried a shoulder throw on me, but only ended up fracturing my collar bone!

    Well, this sunday you can come and play with us to help chase the blues away. We make a bit more mess though! 200pts.

    As for your ‘attendance’…I think I can sort something out. I know the guy in charge and if he is an arse i’ll slam the door behind him and trigger his PTSD. Sorted.

    It pains me to say it, bit the real world has to come first. I need a shower now. No pressure from us, but it is really nice to ‘see’ you again.

    What side are your going to play? This time I went alien…if you want another set of the terrain just let me know as we won’t be using ours.

    @sundancer – what kind of choob lets Luke die? I hope you are ashamed of yourself. Unless someone dropped a Star Destroyer at him! 700pts.


    Cult of Games Member

    @sundance – when I glanced at your post it looks like you had send a Bible verse…Luke 1, 8. Now I am going to have to try and remember what that is or I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

    When I was 10-11 and we were out somewhere in the car my dad would beep the horn, and wave, at some old dear as we drove past. His rational was that for the next week she would be going through all her photographs looking for a match and then ringing people and saying, “Who do we know with a young boy and they drive a Ford Granada?” My mother used to go real Happy Mondays when I would wave too.

    I looked the quote up…pretty apt for an optical illusion. 500pts. I did remember it refered to Lot. 100pts for me.



    @unclejimmy I doubt you would like my textbooks. They’re all about the methodology of teaching English to a classroom that doesn’t know any, and have nothing in common with you or each other… much like Toronto.

    Nope, won’t be getting legless at the wedding. I’ll stay the minimum amount of time and head for the door when no one is looking. I’m not big on that sort of thing anymore. I’m more comfortable alone or with an intimate group.

    Haven’t listened to this in a while:

    I’m going to put my head down for a bit, and then I’ll see if I can get something done on my game boards.


    Cult of Games Member

    Stayed up until gone midnight painting which was fun at the time but when my daughter woke up at 6:30 this morning it didn’t seem so fun.

    I am currently trying to prepare for a gaming weekend in January. The guy running our game has given me a list of stuff he needs. So I finished off some Rohan Infantry that I have been working through over the week. All I had to do for these was the bases, the models were painted.   I have managed to get all 12 of them painted over the course of the last week with about an hour and half of work per night. I have been getting to grips with Contrast Paints and I think you can get some pretty nice results with them. They also work really well if you dull the model down with a brown wash like Strong Tone. That said I wouldn’t put contrast paint anywhere near my Infinity Miniatures.


    On top of that I have been told we need some Barbarians so I picked up some of the Frostgrave Barbarians, managed to get two sprue on ebay. I managed to get 5 of them done using Contrast Paints. Again, I have brown washed them at the end.


    And while I painted I just put the old ipod on shuffle. These are some highlights


    Cult of Games Member

    @unclejimmy I reckon I am looking forward to painting the O12, I love the police style colour scheme but honestly those Shastvastii are just next level. I really like them so at the moment it’s a no lose for me, I like both factions.  I have to say I think Wildfire is without doubt the best starter box they have made to date.

    I recently rebased all my Infinity stuff. I found a company making clear plastic bases with a hex pattern engraved on the top. I asked if he could do them in other colours and he added that as an option to the webstore.



    I ended up ordering some for my Yu Jing and Haqqislam. Guess I will now be ordering for Shastvastii and O12!


    Cult of Games Member

    @robert – I think I must have missed a bit last night…I didn’t see this beast! 300pts. I love the face. 500pts.

    @oriskany – I missed these too. I ‘cowboy’ loading his rifle is awesome! 500pts. It’s a great pose too. We have talked about playing something ‘Wild West’, but have never even started. I have some PDF rulebooks and I have read that the Warhammer rules are pretty good. Has you dad been adding to his train set? If he is anything like you then he will have moved into a trailer because “it has grown a bit”.

    The wooden bases look really effective. Especially if you put them in a Saloon. (sniff) Too many beans! 500pts. Now i’m going to have to watch ‘Blazin’ Saddles’ tonight. Woe is me.

    @ceppie – you are right! I would give them a look-through if they were in front of me, but i’ll stick to my dirty magazines! 500pts. That is another symptom of the “third mall from the Sun” – I downloaded 58 ‘adult’ movies last week and after I gave them a quick look I only kept 3. Can you believe that? Female adult actresses need to get a grip of themselves! Since when did tattooed boobs and hands/fingers become sexy? It certainly isn’t. [shudder]

    I ordered two books last night while I was passing the wee hours. A book about Kursk (£3) and a large book/magazine about collecting and painting FoW minis. It was only £2.50 (new price is £11) and I thought I could teach myself some new tricks. I have a few bases of Russians that I would like to paint, but last time I tried they just turned-out a mess.

    If anyone who knows Heather asks her to go to an ‘event’ they don’t even ask if I want to go – she just takes Carley. They know I am a shut-in and beyond help.

    As you go to bed I have just come back from ze chemist.

    @onlyonepinman – all that sleep and you are complaining! You are out of condition. 200pts. What are you two doing today? I am on my own until the boy gets back from work. Heather stayed at her mums last night and might not be back today either.

    Her mum pulled a muscle in her back and is having a few problems…the painkillers are making her very sleepy and she is a bit worried. Other than that she is fine. So, I will be doing a few Infinity minis (the new ones) and spraying the Trakto Muls…at last. Everytime I decide to do them this week ‘something’ stops me.

    I love your statement, “That said I wouldn’t put contrast paint anywhere near my Infinity Miniatures.” 10000pts. Not bad considering I am listening to Joy Division.

    Top picture – far right, the guy pulling his bow – awesome mini! 200pts.

    Amesome film – The Magnificent Seven. 100pts. There are quite a few movies that I like with numbers in their titles. Strange. That was just about the Cult killed themselves. I liked them better as ‘Southern Death Cult’.

    Those Infinity bases are amazing. 200pts. We need to replace all of our soon. I have been looking at a few different types, but I haven’t seen anything like those. The Mod-Plods are pretty good too. 200pts.

    The Grenzer rules!

    I am already looking for another 70-100pts for my Aliens…take the starter set and the limited edition stuff to 300pts with a few bits to play about with.



    Cult of Games Member

    Question: I need a FoW style artillery base…why do I get them from…anyone help me?

    @onlyonepinman – you have to get a TAG too. They are now extra nasty with the army list changes. Jamie shudders at the thought of my Geckos!


    Cult of Games Member

    @unclejimmy I didn’t let Luke die…. I KILLED HIM!


    Cult of Games Member

    Some mooziks for you to get you motivated this morning:

    You should read their cookbooks!

    Great cover version.

    I love the drummer winking at his mum.

    I think there is a subliminal message in the video, but I am not sure! Great to drum on Rock Band.

    She really does cry…the song is about her boyfriend who just left her!

    Uncle Fester on vocals.

    Why did an old guy hang around in the toilets with school boys?

    Is there a vet in the house?

    The song to calm you…now get painting!



    Cult of Games Member

    @sundancer – Oh, that is fine! Little wuss, he should have gone to the dark side the first chance he got the chance. 200pts.

    If the ‘Dark Side’ is like other cults then there is lots of fun to be had and some money to be made. You can make a fortune as a leader, but you get more sex as a follower. I imagine that is what it is like. I did do a little bit of cult infiltration what I was a student – research for my disertation. It wasn’t Satanists or anything like that…Jehovas Witnesses.




    @onlyonepinman Those acrylic bases look stunning. Good find.

    1. Celebrity fight clubs. I’ll do this properly. Spiderman, cause I reckon I could take him. Anthony Joshua, he should knock me out pretty quick for a bumper pay day. And for 3 for technical personal growth and finding out about myself and my personal mental toughness, I’d mud wrestle the Bella Twins.

    2. My toilet visits are a thing of legend. I’ve grown beards in there before now, and I mean like a gandalf. Also useful if I run out of paper. And I aim for 2 a day at work. If they paid me enough I’d consider dropping it to one.

    I tend to refer to it as ‘dropping the kids off’. Which reminds me, there is an older lady who I talk to at the bus stop who had been waiting for a plumber but made sure she dropped the kids off before he got there… That’s 3 full stops @unclejimmy.

    The only term I have is where you’ve been, finished, flushed and as you go to leave some floats back into the bowl. I call it Satan’s finger. True story.

    3. Nerd. And I went to a very rough school in a very rough village. Luckily I could handle myself and I was good at sport so I somehow survived with nothing worse than melted fingers.

    Pledges. I did a Pathfinder event last night for Here’s Negan. That was quiet but good. Picked up the Call to Arms rulebook too. I’m playing a mate at All Out War today. So all a bit Walking Dead this weekend.

    Painting wise I’ll be adding the second layer of water effect to my Trident Realms Warband.


    Cult of Games Member

    Right, time for me to play! I am going to make a brew, a bit of “White Rabbit”, and off we go. I will post some picts of what I am doing right after this.


    The older CA aliens…still extra sexy!



    One of the Antipode assault pack. Needs a bit of filling and filing on the bigger joints, but very nasty looking. If it starts to come for you then just throw a stick for it!


    I want to try some highlighting on one of the Geckos. So while I am spraying the Traktor Muls I might as well give this a couple of coats of paint.


    …oh, more boxes!

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