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No Weekender. So what is your "INDY OF THE WEEK"

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    While the team is having a well earned rest and recovery this week. Rather than missing out on an Indy of the Week how about we post your Indy of the Week. I am sure the team would enjoy seeing what we can come up with. Who knows might give Ben and Gerry a few idea for future features.

    State the company name, url if they have one and why you think it is Indy of the Week. They can of course have previously featured on the weekender this is just your personal “Indy of the Week”

    Name :- knightmareminiatures

    URL :-

    Reason for Indy of the week :-

    It is a difficult choice putting a company forward for Indy of the Week. We have a lot of very good hobby companies but most are well know. In trying to bring something perhaps people have not seen before and may bring a smile to peoples faces.

    So I gone with knightmareminiatures. They do a range of figures from SCFI, fantasy but in style of models we had in the 80’s and 90’s. These figures would not look out of place in rogue trader in the case of the space raiders range or Fanasty battles 2nd edition. They have a unqiue and interesting charm that perhaps we lost as models ability to become more life like increased with production quality.

    You can see on many of the models clear references to much loved older models no longer in production. The whole site of figures feels like an an homage to that age of model design. I think they still have a place on the table top today in games, space raiders poping up in my star grave games.

    So that was my indy of the week what is yours ?

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    Brilliant idea @redscope.


    I enjoyed browsing the Knightmare Miniatures website. Some very good sculpts in the old ’80s and ’90s style.


    I’d nominate Amarillo Design Bureau Inc ( Their A Call To Arms game is a brilliant Start Trek starship battle game. Lots of depth that (in my opinion) captures Start Trek original series ship combat very well.





    Great idea, here’s mine

    Name: Oakbound Miniatures


    Reason: They make awesome fantasy miniatures with an old school feel for use in their own game ‘The Woods’ or in any game you want My particular favourites are the Fae and The Tyrants of the Tor with the latter being a bit tongue in cheek



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    the Indy at UKGE was pretty good and he could use a whip


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    Name : Morgue Miniatures

    URL :

    Reason for Indy of the week : They do such lovely skellibobs! And are very nice couple to talk to. Currently they have a new KS running:


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    Fantastic idea, if I may indulge myself I wouldn’t mind throwing a couple in to the mix.

    I expect these will already be on the Ben & Gerry list somewhere and may well be known to many but, as you say, it’s a personal list and these are two of the companies I’m keeping closest tabs on at the moment…..


    Name: Zealot Miniatures


    Reason: The Minotaurs (now available as STL’s through Bestiarum Miniatures on MMF), the Boris Heroquest set, the Mimics, the Funglings and the Dungeon Bunny.  While more recently they seem to be moving toward producing prints from STL patreons I think the older models in their ranges are stand-out.  They also have a lovely assortment of Dungeon & Fantasy scatter terrain and I believe there’s been talk of a kickstarter in the making for a little while as well.


    Name: Black Scorpion Miniatures


    Reason: As far as I’m aware they’re hand sculpted and painted by a single person (Adam).  Whilst I was vaguely aware of the company I hadn’t seen any ‘in the flesh’ until UKGE and the quality and character of the ranges really caught my eye – mainly Western and Pirate-y with a little spooky sprinkled in to both for good measure. There’s also some slightly smaller Blood Bowl and Fantasy ranges with delights such as a Knight on a Chameleon, King on a Toad and the missus’ favourite – Dwarf on a Snail

    There’s a kickstarter up at the moment (8 days left as of writing) for the newest additions to the Fantasy range: Fantasy Adventurers 


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    My Indie suggestion is a bit late, but I would say Pendraken – loads of 10mm goodness, from Biblical, to Moderns as well as fantasy and sci-fi. They also have bases and other sundries as well.

    I love small scales for their value and ease to paint (when I pull my finger out that it!) I have always had excellent customer services from the guys there (Shout out to Leon) so if you’re curious about proper scales, give them a look:

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