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Of PoOP and TERDs; philosophic shit

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    Hobby definition when waxing idiotic… or how to shoot the shit when your mind is idling at work without a creative outlet

    • PoOP(n. sing., plur PoOPs; not to to be confused with pooz; see entry: cat) Pile of Overwhelming Potential, typically full of TERDs
    • TERD (n. sing) Time Exhausting Recreational Distraction

    Usage may be as follows:

    I’m wondering about what I really have time for, so I’m going to sort out my PoOP.

    I’ve  been reorganizing my TERDs according to how much investment I have in each.

    Who knows what really makes one TERD more impressive or valuable than another?

    Music inspired by The Greatest Movie Evar!!! (just ask @avernos and @sundancer )



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    Love Funkadelic



    Funkadelic was great to see with George Clinton live for my bday many many many years ago. A good memory for me.

    Continuing the train of thought… what is one of the reasons we enjoy games as we do? I propose as food for thought mental conflict. If The Three Great No-Nos of Polite Conversations are “sex, religion and politics” then we can see their correlation in great literature which stimulate our minds. Conflict with self, conflict with nature and conflict with society are each point that we struggle with. Given that we open up our “neurological assholes”, as Funkadelic was kind enough to sing about, we tend to bump into other people and likely rub them the wrong way. As we are social creatures we find ways of diffusing these stresses in agreed upon mock combat to press into conflict without actual loss of limb or property (mostly). Here we have varying scale of conflict with tiny fighting men or the skill with which we paint/convert or even changing storylines from competition results. Each thing is related and is a microcosm of how we as people affect change. Its a relese valve.

    Your thoughts?




    Continuing on, what is one of the reasons we like gaming as much as we do? I suggest it as a source of mental turmoil. turkish citizenship

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    • This reply was modified 6 months ago by  alidonkaka6.

    Interesting perspective, and a fine moniker to express yourself on a related topic. I appluad this.

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