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Oh WOW……Wargames Atlantic knock it out of the park with PLASTIC 28mm QUAR

Home Forums News, Rumours & General Discussion Oh WOW……Wargames Atlantic knock it out of the park with PLASTIC 28mm QUAR

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    Yup, just hit my inbox.


    A range of new plastic minis PLUS a new game from ZombieSmith. It just doesn’t get better 😀



    BTW for any of our American Chums. Did the 15mm metal range ever get to retail (beyond the Kick Starter backers)? I keep checking the website, but there’s no mention of when/if it’s going to happen 🙁


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    I see the sprue and my first thought: Banana? XD  blame the colour choice



    Just checked the ZombieSmith website and the 15mm metal Quar HAVE hit the store (alas little or no pictures on the storefront yet 🙁 ). But they looked EXTREMELY nice from the Kickstarter page.


    This Quar’s War – Second Edition! by Joshua Qualtieri » Faction Focus: Coftyr — Kickstarter


    Very tempted with the metals, plus the rules are now free as a PDF on the webstore as well. Prices look good on the store (a Croftian Rifle company is 48 figures and costs $25), and he does a flat rate shipping of $20 (that could bite him in the bum if it’s a large order), but no tracking available for an international order (not sure these days if it’s safe to trust the posties with international orders via surface mail these days on either side of the pond). And of course, VAT adds another 20% and you’d need to keep the order to less than £135 to not trigger another 2.5% in “import duties”.


    Rulebooks… – The Quar (


    If only ZombieSmith could work out at UK or European distributor I’d be a happy bunny.


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    I couldn’t believe it when I saw the post about plastic Quar!!! It’s brilliant!! I will definitely be getting that when it is released next year!

    I got some 15mm Creevan from the last kickstarter and they are awesome! Great sculpts and really good casts. I really need to get around to painting them! I have been thinking about getting about getting another faction from zombie smith but need to paint the ones I have got before getting anymore.

    Is it the Croftyr that you are fancying?


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    They are beautiful

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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