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Poland 1939 – Preparing for 80th Anniversary of World War II

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    Don’t work too hard and get better soon @yavasa !

    Yeah, just to be clear, I’m not saying the Soviets didn’t invade in 1939 … just pointing out the perspective used to justify the position of certain Russian revisionists.  There were armies, troops, tanks … it was in invasion.  😀



    Get well soon @yavasa.

    Sorry it has been a while.  Back to back non days are not fun especially when I get a double dosing of them.

    @oriskany as you opened with you were playing devil’s advocate. A role I am well versed in.  The company that I worked for several years had a policy that each meeting head to have some one randomly chosen to play that role.  All part of the modern 360 review.  So at no stage did I think this was your own opinion.

    Generally if the person I talk to is over 60 I just nod my had and made non committal noises,  they are too entrenched in their version of the truth and so there is no point.

    On the other hand if they are much young and have growth up here,  then that’s a different matter.  They should know better and well you know what happens when I dig my heels in.

    I think that this is how history works.  Once they were the enemy and now they are an ally.  Tomorrow who knows.  So I think to make comfortable bed fellows history is made a little bit more vague and uncomfortable facts get lost.  This continues until all major parties concerned can live with the current story to move forward on.  I think if this does not happen we would end up like the Middle East,  still arguing over something that happened over 2,000 years ago.

    I was conferring something this morning.  I was reading about the building of the modernisation of the US army 1920’s to 1941. If the US shared a boarder with Germany if mid 1939 it would have faired less well.  It’s modernisation program was not as advanced and is army was smaller and would not have had time to mobilise.  Yet look at how it developed over the next 4 years.  Poland just did not have the time required nor the financial strength to be ready to defend itself.

    timp likes to talk about war at the political/ economical level.  So I have got a copy of Axis&Allies 1941 last week.  We will have or first game this Saturday and it will be interesting to see how he finds it.  As you know each playing piece represents a whole army corps or fleets or air army.  It had been a long time since I have played at this level.  The last time was back in the 80’s with SPI’s World War III.  It is similar but was a more complicated hex and counter game.

Viewing 2 posts - 121 through 122 (of 122 total)

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