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[Question] 6 or 8 mm orcs, trolls and dark elves

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    So the family and me where playing “The Dwarves” (the boardgame) and it’s a lot of fun and the main characters have nice minis. Sadly the bad guys are only little wooden blocks. So I was wondering are there any 6 or 8 mm fantasy orcs, trolls and elves/dark elves available for cheap?


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    Don’t know about 6mm or 8mm (I’ll leave that to Torros)… but Pendraken do lovely 10mm fantasy as does Copplestone – wouldn’t say they are cheap, but I think they are very reasonable given the high quality of the sculpts and casts (they are metals).



    Irregular Minis does a bunch

    not really sure if you’d call them cheap or not as i’m not up on prices for that scale


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    @robert 10mm is to big. they are just used as markes/counters and can’t be bigger then 8mm because it would flood the board 😉

    @orlandothetechnicoloured that’s about what I had thought… I will look into those, thank you


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    How urgently do you need them? I’ve a stack of .stl files for when my resin printer arrives: would be happy to find some “epic scale” minis and print them for practice….


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    Not really urgent. My daughter got the game for Christmas and they had redone the player minis (which really look nice for not even being 20mm high) but the “bad guys” are green, black and violet cubes of wood.

    These are the old minis:


    These are the ones we have (only the left five):


    What I would need is:

    30 Orcs [4mm green cube]

    25 Trolls (or bigger Orcs) [5mm black cube]

    20 (dark) Elves. [6mm violet cube]

    The [ ] is what they are in the box.  So any mini that would fit that space (one orc on a 4x4mm base) would be ideal. If you could do that I’d happily cover postage

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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