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Rasta's Log of Sporadic Painting [Epic, AoS, WFB, DystWars and small buildings]

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    Ok, so this time around we have a detachment of Rough Riders on bikes for my regiment. I prefer to base “cavalry” units on 2×2 cm so usually only have them 1 to a stand because I think 2 to a stand cramps the base too much, so here we are. I also am still undecided on whether I like the bases for the infantry as I got them and whether I really want to rebase the older ones, so these have no bases done yet.



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    For me personally, I’ve always quite liked the two bikes to a single base look, but that might just be nostalgia!



    No, I get that, but to each his own – I also do Tau Battlesuits one to a small base, though in my case the base is octogonal.



    So, I haven’t been painting in a long time. Real Life ™ got in the way and was kicking my ass for a long time. Things are calmer now, and with the lockdown in Portugal as well I got to painting again. In fact, I’ve painted more in the last month than in the whole year of 2019. So here is my progress for about a month!

    I am, as you guys know, very unfocussed, so there’s plenty to show (I’ve painted 54 pieces so far this year)

    I’m working on a small warcry warband made of Stormcast Eternals, that will then be ported over to AoS, so, my first Liberators:

    stormcasts 1

    Then I speed painted some Skaven Clanrats for WFB or probably Kings of War 3 – Just the back ranks of a unit, actually

    skaven 1 frenteskaven 1 lado

    And the whole unit looks like this

    skaven regiment ladoskaven regiment

    Then I changed scales and went down to 6mm to paint some Leven Miniatures houses

    housing 4housing 1

    These are for my WWII and Cold War 1985 projects.

    Then I went down in scale to old Dystopian Wars Covenant of Antarctica and painted these:

    covenant of antarctica

    and brought my DW forces to this level:

    full DW forces

    And finally went back to 6mm – to Epic, my true wargaming love. First up I finished a previously started ork Evil Sunz warband by mechanizing it with very old Space Marine 2nd ed battlewagonz:

    evil sunz warband

    And finally, but certainly not least, the start of my Epic Horus Heresy Imperial Fists force, with a Tactical Detachment and Heavy support:

    imperial fists 1

    imperial fists 2

    These are long OOP forumware models.

    And that concludes hostilities for the day. I’m painting an assault detachment for these Imperial Fists next.

    Cheers and stay safe, dudes and dudettes

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    So, after those, I went and painted up an assault detachment for the Imperial Fists, and have just today finished a Mastodon:






    2020 was a good year in my hobby accomplishments! After the models that I painted before, I went through a few dozen more:

    So here we go:

    Imperial Fists Land Raider Detachment (Epic Scale, Horus Heresy)


    Imperial Fists 3d printed Land Raider Proxies


    Then I went and painted up a few jetbikes for these dudes:


    Then I got some more printing done and painted up 3 Pallas Grav tanks for my Custodes to support the Imperial Fists:


    And a few more orks – a Kult of Speed formation, this time for Epic Armageddon


    These guys needed an airlift, so a Vanguard Miniatures dropship materialized to serve as a Landa:


    But wait, there’s more!!!

    Since I’ve bought a couple of 1/3000 scale Soviet and US Navy vessels, it would be fun to paint them up for some naval support on cold war games, so I got carried away and did a couple of Task Forces:



    Then I went and painted up some T’au Barracudas – 2 of the old Forgeworld resin ones and 3 new ones to see how they stacked up. The modern ones are much more detailed, but they’re totallry not compatible size-wise, which is a shame:



    Since I was up in the air, I had a few Aeronef French vessels lying around, so I put some paint into them:


    And then back to Epic, with a detachment of IG biker rough riders and a couple of old (very) Marauder bombers:



    And buildings, more buildings for my 6mm collection (WWII and Cold War)


    Then, 6mm Fatimids happened – these are still without a base, and will be used for SAGA – 3 models per base



    This brought me to Orctober and Norcvember, with these dudes for Warhammer 40k/Kill Team and possibly Stargrave:



    And then I decided small dudes were back in fashion and December brought me knights, beautiful little Adeptus Titanicus Knights!!!


    Then, on December 26th I decided I had to give myself a challenge to round out the year, finishing up my plastic, very old, GW IG Epic infantry, so I painted 3 companies for my Epic Armageddon Steel Legion force, 45 stands in total (to account for some Commissar options).



    And boom! that was 253 stands/models for the year!!!

    Now, in 2021, I think I’ll try out the projects system and put the current thingamajingy there!

    You guys have a great year. I’ll just call up @warzan here for a little bit 🙂



    Always happy to get an email saying there’s been a post on this thread and you didn’t disappoint this time! Some truly fantastic work last year, already looking forward to following along your project for 2021. You always make me want to try Epic, the armies look so good at that scale but I think it may be one of those too little too late games for me (no pun intended)



    You rang me lord! @rastmann lol

    Dear lord that is beautiful work! Congratulations! @brennon check these out my man 🙂



    Amazing painting! I am very impressed at the amount of detail you are putting into these tiny tiny figures!



    Thanks, @ninjilly and @kharegim! You guys are too kind! To be honest, in the infantry the detail is rather simple to paint, as it’s mostly a case of pushing contrast, I think.

    I did indeed ring, @warzan, to let you know that we think you should put on a great big battle of small little dudes!!! On a more serious note, I thought you’d appreciate the small scale!




    Here we go, my dudes – I’ve created a project for my IG force., but also decided to put the pictures here, to keep a log of what I’m painting this year.

    First up is a Bombard detachment and a Shadowsword, both for Epic Armageddon



    Next will be 15 Chimeras to transport a couple of the infantry companies.




    Nice new batch for the start of the year. I love going back through this thread and seeing the various items throughout the photos for scale! How long does it take for you to paint this many models?



    Thanks! It really depends, but I rarely paint more than 2 hours a day and most usually stick to 30 minutes to one hour. The Infantry at the end of the year took me 5 days. These last guys were started on January 1st but I think I’ve done no more than 30 minutes to one hour per day since starting these dudes, and didn’t paint at all for some 5-6 days, so 8-10 hours. I’m a bit of a slow painter. though, from what I gather from watching other people’s work.

    in any case I tire relatively quick of doing the same thing, so I usually go to one project, then change armies and often scale to do another. That will usually have me slowly building up to some goal. Right now that is 10k pts worth of Epic IG, but I think I’m going to do 2 Cerastus knights next



    Nothing wrong with being slower when you are regularly sitting down and getting it done. I’m following your IG project and that header photo is inspiring. I’m the same though, skipping between different things is the way to keep things interesting and not feeling like work.



    Alright my mates, time for a new update, this time with what I painted in February. 15 Chimeras, which are in my Steel Legion project, as well as a small Imperial Fists Battlefleet Gothic force, 3d printed from Soul Forge Studio’s Patreon:



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