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    @fightcitymayor have backed a couple of the Bones KS’s and from my perspective and personal experience I both agree and disagree with regard to stuff getting gamed with.

    You are right on the money as far as the core pledge goes – it is usually an ad-hoc grab bag of a bunch of different themes and lines. From previous versions I have wound up with standard fantasy, modern, horror, steampunk and sci-fi. I like to think of it as going to a restaurant and ordering a fixed banquet. You get to try a little bit of a wide variety of things, whether or not you are a particular fan of what you are getting or not. From that perspective it can be both a good and a bad thing. While it is not targeted enough to make sure that people will game with every mini it does mean that backers will have a diverse range of things to paint or test different techniques on should they feel the need (Keep in mind that not everyone will be buying these for use as gaming pieces, some people will just enjoy painting them. Even for more experiencers painters, testing a new technique r product on a 50c Bones minitt aht you can then strip and re-prime for later might give a bit more comfort before tackling that really expensive limited run resin mini that they are about to work on…)

    Where these KS’s really come into their own however is the optional add-ins. The $50 extras pledge are always themed/targeted at a specific genre or setting, and are pretty much custom made for RPG groups. I like to think of them as sort of a ‘campaign in a box’. And the larger buy-ins are great value for money for those of us who need more giants/trolls/dragons (or in my case, mammoths) to bulk out fantasy tabletop forces/armies.

    The bones KS’s aren’t the right place to go to scratch-build a new army or perhaps even warband of minis (well you could get it to work for Frostgrave…) but it is a handy resource to have on hand for character models for new forces or projects etc.

    Finally, as an occasional DM myself I find some of the minis will actually inform stories or encounters that could be run. If I had the Bones 5 Core pledge sitting in front of me as I was coming up with adventure/encounter ideas I’d happily use them to shape encounters. Have just looked through the core pledge (which does appear this time to be a lot more ‘fantasy’ targeted than previous iterations) and out of the 120+ minis there were only three I couldn’t personally immediately see a use for or build an encounter around (#1017, #1097 – although you could use the trope of cursed or enchanted painting/canvas/mosaic/tapestry coming to life as a trap mid-dungeon, and the Pizza Dungeon dragon).

    Of course this is just my opinion and my mileage will vary from everybody else’s 🙂

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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