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Rohan Stronghold kit sold out?

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    At least they got the bits for the set still available for sale, but it is a very dirty trick to have a collection of those sets be so limited as to be practically unavailable.

    I doubt that a minimum of 2 weeks would work for an on-line webshop with worldwide delivery, but I do think there needs to be something to prevent these ridiculously short availability spans.

    The various faction unit cards are probably the worst thing ever. If you don’t get them at release there’s no way of ever getting them again. OTOH they are kind of useless (stats are in the codexes and in the boxed sets as part of the build instructions), but one shouldn’t offer something that has no practical re-supply/update plan in place.


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    Different on the Necromunda Cards. The Gang Tactic cards and Campaign Territory cards are the only way to get the rules (they are not printed in the rulesbooks). I wouldn’t mind so much if they were…

    But back to the OP, the whole Limited Release “deal” is going to frustrate customers who didn’t get it in the first 10 minutes, and even if they buy them separately later on (at an increased price) it’s just going to be annoying that they missed out. And it’s that annoyance that’s caused which is just bad customer service. Keep a deal available for a month (and then remove it) fair enough, but to have “limited” availability on items that are going to be available again later on?

    Wouldn’t it have been better just to release the items and not have ANY limited deal (or even better have a deal offering a discount for a “bulk” order)? If a customer can get the same deal as the next chap, then theirs’s  no frustration to be felt. It’s all just very over marketed from GW of late 🙁


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    @phaidknott not having the option to buy the bundle from the start would be the only solution, because that is what effectively happened to 99% of the people who wanted it.

    One could argue that they might have underestimated demand for a LoTR scenery product, but I’d argue that their marketing team is living under a rock and lacks the imagination required to think outside the box.



    It get me pretty frustrated as well. In the end I have just decided I can live without those buildings and GW lost my £150 🙂


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    Id just recommend 4Grounds fabled realms and their Dark age line is perfect for Rohan.  Has the added benefit of build and done!


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    Yeah, I just went back and rewatched the Zorpazorp series on Edoras and I’ll be cracking out my foam core and coffee stirrers 😊

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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