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    Working through my Dystopian wars ships, I got back into the backgroud and thought….. why not finish painting up all the figures I had left for Wild West Exodus, a project I started about  years ago and abrubtly stopped mid paint,  literally , there were Confederate figures left on table nearly finished and just left!

    Anyway I dug them out, and looked at them , and am slowly working my way throught to finish them off, and placed them beside some Star Wars Legion Minis…….. When it slowly dawned on me these are fairly compatable size wise….

    I then had a Drrr! moment

    The WWE figures would work well in Star Wars particularly in Mandalorian type settings Union and some of the more exotic posses  for corporate and alien factions . Some of SWL figures (Cad Bane for one) could cross over to WWE, plus together they could work well for Firefly settings using Rebel soldiers and Stormtroopers for some of the factions in that…..particularly with the upcoming release of Stargrave

    Similarily some of the figures in Conquest could be used particularly some of the Spires for various primative  Aliens and monsters.



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    With Stargrave on the way I’m looking all over for minis to play with. After seeing the Watcher set for wwx (literally this morning, yes after mocking the little minis) I ordered a the Cerulean(?) Prime as he’ll do for some Big Nasty (if required, fun to paint if not).

    TBH I’d not considered SWL so far but I ought to.



    Took me a minute to realise you meant the other WWE, had mental images of the rock or stone cold steve austin fitting into starwars


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    Now don’t get the World Wildlife Foundation in this…. though… Kung Fu Panda? XD

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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