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Side by Side comparison FireForge games vs Warlord game Ashigaru

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    22AA335A-A4C5-4C71-8BBB-C17FAB11662BA side by side comparison!

    Warlord Games on the left and FireForge Games on the right.
    Warllords is a true scale 28mm foot to eye.
    FireForge is a Heroic scale 28mm foot to head and to be honest probably 30mm because he is not as erect as the Warlord miniature .
    Piece count are the same believe it or not it is 8 . The difference is Warlords the spear is separate and you had to bore out the hand to make it fit 🥴
    And yes I know I left the sword off of the Warlord mini.
    FireForge the spear is attached to the hand but face is separate from the helmet. The face slides in perfectly.
    I have no idea why FireForge did this. Maybe because it might be easier to paint . I really don’t know.
    As far as painting goes I can already say with great confidence that the FireForge mini is going to be a lot easier to paint because of going with the Heroic scale. The detail is larger and crisper than warlords.
    As far as assembly goes it went together with no problem and I had no instructions at all. I used Mr. Hobby’s Mr. Cement it’s a plastic cement and I strongly suggest you use a plastic cement when assembling these models it cures fast but you have some play time to maneuver your parts into place and it makes a strong bond.
    I don’t know what the price point is going to be but I am liking what I have seen so far with the FireForge’s Ashigaru miniature a lot .



    great review, really nice contrast showing the scale difference, I would love to know how it sits compared to some of the larger metal manufacturers like Steel Fist, actually I think I have warlord samurai sprue somewhere so I may be able to answer myself


    I don’t have any Steel Fist miniatures but when I get home from work I’m going to do a side by side of a newer Grey for Now miniature.


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    Warlord mini screaming:”It’s not the size of the spear that matters! You need to be good at using it!!1!”

    Nice comparison there.



    Very useful info thank you. What about Perry Samurai? Did you get the Fireforge model from the kickstarter or are they selling in retail channels now? Now we just need decent rules for bigger battles.


    Not from kickstarter but from FireForge themselves. I have a Facebook page Feudal Japanese Miniature Wargaming. And they were kind enough to give me a few sprues.


    9DF1CBDC-1BFF-4AA2-ADC7-DD9B0380321ESide by side FireForge vs Grey for Now miniature.


    Sorry I don’t have any Perry miniature 🥴



    That’s ok – I can tell they will be quite large next to them. Thank you!



    I didn’t back the KS but I’m thinking these minis from FireForge might be the kick up the ass I need to actually build an army, as I like the size of the minis and I’m not held back buy owning any BUILT Ashigaru/samurai (I do have loads of unbuilt boxes lol).


    The heroic scale looks like it will paint up a lot easier than the old sets . We have a three day weekend here in the states so I’ll be building and hopefully painting up some of these sprues . I’ll fill you in how it goes.

    and as far as those unbuilt set still in there boxes. Have a car boot sale 😉


    1st Perry miniature

    2nd Zenit miniature

    3rd AW Miniatures

    4th Assault Group miniaturesi3E083CD2-7681-4C84-8BA8-385CF700D11A7F38C1AF-B331-49E7-A9D8-47A0D07838C3A95653E2-F464-4667-85E7-2FD747AF2508D06CAFFD-8E56-4FB7-9F2B-F9DF5A375442


    I actually had a Perry miniature after all.

    also a few others .FEBA1007-524E-46B4-B296-572DD0A66065

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