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Solo film discussion – SPOILERS ALERT

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    Sooo, having seen the film infact 24 hours ago I was walking out the cinema, I definately found it more fun than Last Jedi.

    The reveal at the end being an actual reveal with cloak and everything.


    The only thing worries me about that is the fact that we know what happens to the head of the Crimson Dawn, at least eventually.

    I was glad they brought Han shooting first back into his character, thats one thing from the New Hope they should fix.



    I Liked the WW1 trench mud warfare…but err not sure about the rest. The macguffin story all seemed a bit pointless for me unfortunately and lots of ‘that don’t make no sense’ moments :/ It was a midnight first screening viewing though, so perhaps less tired would enjoy it more 😛



    I absolutely loved the film. Yes, there are some “makes no sense” moments, but that’s Star Wars.  I particularly enjoyed the opening scenes from Corellia. There’s some serious gaming potential right there!

    The only thing worries me about that is the fact that we know what happens to the head of the Crimson Dawn, at least eventually.

    I think we don’t know and this is a bigger reveal than you might have thought…



    I saw it last night and I really enjoyed it, definitely better than I expected it would be.


    Solid heist story, some wtf moments, but overall enjoyable

    There were a couple of nice twists on traditional Star Wars auto includes. Like Han having a “good feeling about this”.

    The reveal at the end was great and if this gets a sequel, they better not last Jedi it!

    Han shooting first was great, and the betrayal makes you see the foundations of his future character – he starts shiney and optimistic, but you see the change in his dementor starting to come in at the end of the film, particularly when Qi’ra leaves him on the planet.

    Overall I’d give it 7.8 out of 10.



    Well Maul’s fate in Rebels did pretty much end his story there, so how he ends up, well yeah we do know. How he goes from head of Crimson Dawn to not will be interesting to see though. Could well be we get to see 3 stories fleshed out, Jabba, Maul and Solo. Plus any of the other characters we’ve seen brought in.

    For gaming potential, if this doesn’t say Legion needs a scum faction, then I don’t know what does. It shows that for all there obvious dominace of the Empire, there were clearly some well set up organisations not afraid to to act in the Empires shadow.

    As for twists and turns and wtf are there any heist movies that don’t have that, so not really left field thats what we got in Solo, all imo of course.



    always tough to call a STAR WARS movie after the 1st viewing and i’ll feel better about saying my piece after that all important 2nd one.

    however my first impression was a good one. a lot of folk have been crying out for a movie featuring the complex and dark underbelly of the setting, in which Solo is firmly rooted.  Seeing Crimson Dawn introduced to the movies was a good move, would have been easy to just go with the Hutts but they took the opportunity to introduce the tangled web that is the STAR WARS underworld. this really opens up the story telling potential and has me more than a little excited.

    I’d like to say well done to Alden and Donald for taking on the impossible task, talk about a tough act to follow.  i wasn’t taken out of the experience at any point and was at ease with their take on two such legendary characters.

    so much to say and so little time to say it, i’ll be back over the bank holiday to say more.





    I thought it was far to dark.

    Literally. Too dark, too much backlighting, not enough illumination, difficult to see what is actually happening on the screen.

    This might be the fault of the projector settings at the cinema I saw it at though.


    Apart from that, I loved it. I did however leave the cinema with the feeling that something was missing. Not quite sure what though.


    Maybe it was the lack of lightsabres or force use?



    This might have been the projector alright, I didn’t have any issues with the lighting. Overall I found the cinematography was quite good



    I thought it was a great, fun film.  It felt Star Wary enough but had some really cool unique stuff.

    I LOOOOOVED the train heist scene.  That was the point I turned around to my girlfriend and said “this is actually awesome” in the cinema.

    It’s made me crack out the old WEG Star Wars D6 books that’s for sure!



    I’ve seen it … and I thought it sucked. I had more fun watching Deadpool 2.
    Rogue One still is the best of the spinoffs.

    Plot was a by the numbers adventure that showed him getting his gear and a bit of his character.
    It pretty much proved that his backstory should not have been revealed at all.

    Did he really get his name like that ?

    And you just knew the Kessel run had to be in there like that the moment it got mentioned.
    There was a complete lack of tension as a result.

    Glossing over his days in the army without showing how he got kicked out of flight school was a mistake IMHO.
    Heck, it would have made for a better story too as him meeting a bunch of criminals in the middle of a war was many things, but believable it wasn’t.

    His meeting with Lando was another missed opportunity. Why show that he cheated and only let Han get his ‘revenge’ after the plot is done ? It’s almost like they filmed the encounter and then discovered that they had forgotten to give the ship to Han so they fixed it. *blergh*

    Lando himself had more character than the rest of the cast, with the exception of his droid.
    L3-37 was hilarious. ( L337 … lol)

    The reveal that the mercs were actually ‘good guys’ was kind of boring too.

    And the end ? I kind of was expecting Qi’ra to die during the fight, so seeing her ‘turn evil’ was more like “ok, so yeah” moment and less of a surprise. Her entire character arc was wasted.

    Worst aspect of the movie was that 3D is not suited to fast moving fight scenes.
    I don’t even know why they bothered.

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