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    Hi All, thought it might be helpful to try and collate the information everyone contributed in the comments on the Solo Wargaming article series and have a point for further contributions to be posted.

    General resources:

    – Charles Grant’s programmable wargame scenarios which is big help for solo Gaming and  Donald Featherstone’s book on solo wargaming, plus all courtesy of @torros

    – Stuart Asquith’s  Solo Wargames suggested by @mike Peters

    Solo friendly games: (note I am not re-listing repeat suggestions to try and improve readability 🙂 )

    – Star Saga and Walking Dead All Out War  (thanks @matthew Cross  )

    – Suggested by @limburger:

    – Tiger Leader / Sherman Leader / any ‘… Leader’ game from Dan Versen Games
    Probably more like a solo boardgame

    – Great Hall Burning ( )
    It has basic rules and a lightweight roleplaying/campaign system.

    – Bolt-action:Operation Market Garden
    This expansion for Bolt-Action has a single page (LOL … ) with a few suggestions on playing some of the scenarios on your own.

    – A Distant Plain (GMT – COIN series) has rules that allow for a few of the factions involved to be played by an ‘AI’. It’s not a true solo game and part of what makes this game work is the human factor.

    – Frostgrave and Hellboy suggested by @jemmy

    – The Two Hour Wargames system suggested by @neal5x5

    – Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago and Rangers of Shadow Deep

    – Victory Games ‘, Ambush’ which is small scale solo WW2 boardgame suggested by @torros

    – DVG & hex and counter style games generally suggested by @vikingrkevin

    – Elder Sign and Zombicide, with Imperial Assault, Descent, Mansions of Madness with use of app suggested by @pagan8th

    – Kingdom Death suggested by @golonka

    – Core Space and Reichbusters suggested by @donimator

    – Fallout Wasteland Warfare and Human Interface suggested by @dark Danegan

    – Chain of Command suggested by @ironshield

    – mansions of madness suggested by @alejandro

    – Gloomhaven suggested by @vantorn

    – massive darkness and Warhammer Quest: Sliver Tower suggested by @thorgrim

    – Bolt action suggested by @rogueeldar67

    – Lord of the rings Living Card Game and Four Against Darkness – OTT crew

    – Unbroken

    – Sharp Practice

    – Tunnels and trolls suggested by @torros

    – the original Warhammer Quest suggested by @olliep

    – All the following suggested by @turbocooler:

    On the card game side
    1. Onirim has been regarded as one of the best solo-able games.
    2. One Deck Dungeon
    3. Dungeon Roll
    4. Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game. Sadly out of print

    To name only a few solo card games.

    On the board game side:
    1. Mage Knight — while it is long, it is one of best solo experiences
    2. Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island
    3. This War of Mine — Deeply Thematic and incredibly realistic experience
    4. Machina Arcana — Especially with the new edition due this year, a strategic puzzle at its best

    For RPG:
    Map Maker Adventures — Now on KS for a second edition.

    Apologies if I missed anyone in the above list. If anybody has additional solo gaming resources, suggested games or ideas for modifications or bolt -on game mechanics would be grateful if you could share them below 🙂


    Cult of Games Member

    The Men Who Would be Kings by Dan Mersey (Osprey). It’s the colonial mix of his Lion/Dragon Rampant series. It’s got a short but very good section on solo play.

    No randomness but a good set of instructions beyond just attack the nearest unit (like finish off weakened units before going after fresh ones).

    I’m a few (~150) painted minis short of giving this a go. Will report back when I do. 😂

    It’s adaptable to other systems too I reckon.

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    Cult of Games Member

    Warhammer Quest Silver Tower is a good game for solo play.


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    I’m guessing the Black fortress game is do-able solo too ?

    As mentioned any co-op game would work as you are fighting either random events, the environment itself or some kind of AI :

    – Pandemic and any of its’ non-legacy variants

    – Forbidden Island (as well as Forbidden Desert and Forbidden Sky)

    – Flashpoint


    Cult of Games Member

    Imperial Assault has a single player mode now that there is a free App to download. Its customisable to your collection and is none too shabby


    Cult of Games Member

    Favourited for viewing later.

    Star Realms Frontiers works as a Solo Play card game.


    Cult of Games Member

    Fallout: The Board Game from FFG has singleplayer too.



    Always on the look-out for solo-friendly games I discovered two that are.

    Here´s Negan is, according to some play-videos on the internet, solo-friendly, and it also has some beautiful minis you can use with The Walking Dead All Out War as well. For this please check out, among others, the unboxing video by OTT from this week.

    The other one´s called “In the Trenches”. The Publisher is “Tiny Battle Publishing”. They have two core sets and a few expansions. Topic is the First World War. It´s a strategy game with counters and all the stuff @oriskany loves. There are maps. scenarios and more. The product description on my dealer´s website doesn´t state whether the game is particularly solo-friendly or not, but on the “Tiny Battle Publishing” website it is described with having a High Solitaire Value”.

    For @oriskany : One of the start boxes deals with the American offensive 1918 St. Mihiel you described in your fantastic history article series. I think that´ll be my start box.

    Thank you for your attention.



    In our games library you can filter by the Minimum and Maximum number of players, here’s the link:

    There is currently 225 games that can be played by a single player.

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