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Some questions about the Burrows and Badgers world

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    BB_w_giantsDoesn’t entirely fit with this discussion, but it has reminded me of an old picture I snapped of some Burrows & Badgers critters with a 28mm scale giant in the background. I pictured it as the animals being their true life size and the ‘giant’ being normal human size… funny what ends up on one’s painting table sometimes.



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    So, basically, people are free to assume whatever they like about the world! But if you want to know how Northymbra looks in my head, here’s a few pointers…

    Sentient / Non-sentient animals.  All mammals, lizards, birds and amphibians are human-level sentient. Things like insects, worms, arthropods and fish are not.

    So basically what you are saying is I can have a water vole riding a salmon? I need this in my life. 😛

    I’m working on the RPG version right now!

    This would be interesting to see as my gaming group gave Ironclaw a good go last year and we loved the way it tackled this idea but the mechanics where a little shaky, particularly balancing magic casters in combat.
    Looking forward to seeing another take on the idea.

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    Who doesn’t love the idea of vole riding salmon 🙂


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    @davehawes: John West?  It’s hard enough fitting a salmon into a tin without trying to squeeze a vile in too.




Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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