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**SPOILERS** Book Club Thread: The Winter King – Part 3 **SPOILERS*

Home Forums News, Rumours & General Discussion **SPOILERS** Book Club Thread: The Winter King – Part 3 **SPOILERS*

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    The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell begins a three-novel story of Arthur, showing him intending to unite Britain against the invading Saxons and Irish, the following thread is open for discussion about Part 3, The Return of Merlin, pgs. 187-266

    Feel free to discuss this portion of the book here, if you have not yet read it to completion be aware that this is likely to be spoiler heavy.

    There will be a catch up on Discord, the exact day and time to be confirmed, if you can join in then please do, for others who can’t due to work or timezones then this is your chance to chat with others about the book.

    Happy Reading

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    Digging this thread from the ground.

    Having finished all three books I’ve got to say: that’s a different Merlin like I have never seen before. Either highly intelligent or completely nuts.

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