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    Box contents…

    The starter set contains a new rulebook, 40 Gallic Celts & Celts Command, 12 Celtic Archers, 8 Caesarian Romans with Gladius, 8 Caesarian romans with Pilum, a Roman Commander on foot, a Special Battlefield Sacrifice Miniature and more for just £40/$60!

    SPQR Game and Miniature


    Complete warband lists are included for:

    Imperial Rome
    Dacia & Sarmatia
    Caesar’s Legions



    I saw that a couple of days ago and all I could think was 80 odd celts against 19 romans… weird.


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    Think it shows there maybe Uber armies



    but that only works in context of formed versus unformed infantry, if it’s a skirmish game all I see is 20 dead romans being teabagged by celts


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    I did think it’s a bit lopsided. Roman gods in mortal form I suppose (I know it’s not). But for 40 notes it’s a bargain.


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    I’m assuming the 40 Celts are 4 sprues of their plastic and the same as the Romans (I can’t remember how many come on the sprue).  Though they did say on the UKGE video they were also going down the PVC route for miniatures, so perhaps the archers are going to be in this material as they only do metal ones.


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    The Celts have been reduced to 40 Celts but with zero details about the game itself who can say what that means.

    Warlord have been extremely annoying about this set, acting like everything about it is a giant secret that they can’t even hint at especially with all the people asking about basic things on Facebook and getting no real response.

    Hopefully we can see some play through’s before release date.



    I guess I need to start doing my Hail Caesar armies on a single figure bases…


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    Was sure this was GBP50 a week ago for the 80 celts sans archers, seems a bit unusual to shift late in the process but given it’s Warlord can’t imagine there will be too much of an issue finding another GBP10 worth of loot to add to the order to hit the threshold for free international postage…


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    My thought exactly when the email came through last week. Even if 80 has gone down to 40 it is still a bit of a mixed message as to what this game really is supposed to be.


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    @evilstu It was £50 for 111 figures at one stage then they changed it.  Two boxes (40 figures in each) of Celts  is £44, so maybe the accountant ran the numbers!

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    @evilstu I’d recommend Pullo and Vorenus (From the HBO BBC Series Rome)

    Caesarians Pullo and Vorenus, Heroes of Rome

    Then a Barbarian Command Pack of some type.



    so the first build is out for SPQR

    Pilus Prior, Centurion Atergo Potentes Drusus – 82 Denarii.
    Large shield, lorica hamata, sword, short spear
    Talents – Wall of Iron, Blademaster

    Evocatus, Servius Minatus Marinus – 85 Denarii.
    Large shield, Lorica Segmentata, sword.
    Talents – Shield Bash, Shield Wall

    Immunes, Nonus Vettius – 75 Denarii.
    lorica hamata, sword
    Talents – Voice of Command, Inspire

    Contubernium (Rear Principes) – Auxiliary Archer – 88 Denarii.
    Decanus Aetius + 7 men with Bow, lorica hamata, swords

    Contubernium (Forward Triarii) – Auxiliary – 80 Denarii.
    Decanus Aemilius + 7 men with lorica hamata, large shield, sword & short spears

    Scorpio Team – 80 Denarii.

    Warband Total Cost; 490 Denarii. (leaves 10 Denarii in the bank)


    Heroes cost more than 8 man units, have to say this one won’t be for me, I already play a fantastical skirmish game and don’t need another rule set doing the same thing in a more complicated way. I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be super accurate after the initial pre-order went up.



    Here’s another playtesters(?)  force build.. (from SPQR FB group)

    “So I’ve finished putting the finishing touches to my Iberian warband. Hopefully I’ll be able to put them up against RichC’s marines sometime soon!

    These are all Warlord Games Iberians, plus plastic Celt bits, Celtic casualties, British warhounds, the wolf from the Roger’s Rangers box set plus other stuff from my bits box.

    I’ve chosen to recreate the military arm of a Celtiberian tribe hailing from the heart of the Iberian peninsula. They’re led by Balcaldur, a reclusive warrior convinced that he’s the mortal avatar of Cernunnos, god of the underworld. Wielding a pattern-welded sword forged from meteoric iron, he leads his band of tribesmen out to carve up the invading Romans.

    The List:
    Balcaldur, the Sword of the Underworld (Level 2 Hero) 89 Denarii
    Equipment: Two-handed Sword, Dagger, Helmet
    Talents: Wall of Iron, Lethal Blade, Blademaster

    Naravas, the White Wolf (Level 1 Hero) 86 Denarii
    Equipment: Short Spear, Large Shield, 3x Javelins, Horse
    Talents: Buckle the Line, Horsemanship

    Scutati Band (10 Infantry Minions) 120 Denarii
    Equipment: Short Spears, Javelin, Large Shields, Helmets, Horn
    Special Rules: Flaming Javelins, Strength in Numbers

    Caetrati Band (5 Infantry Minions) 35 Denarii
    Equipment: Javelins, Swords, Bucklers
    Special Rules: Flaming Javelins, Hit and Run

    Iberian Cavalry Band (5 Cavalry Minions) 165 Denarii
    Equipment: Short Spears, 2x Javelins, Small Shields, Horses
    Special Rules: Hit and Run

    All of this comes to 495 points, which leaves me with 5 points in the bank for future purchases!”


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    Guess they aiming this at the “Hero Hammer” market 🙁

    HOWEVER it might be good to get the young ‘uns playing it (they do like math hammering these lists to death). So anything that tempts them towards playing some “proper” historicals is a good thing.

    Then again look at other releases such as Gods and Mortals (from Footsore), it’s not a pure historical game (with bits like the intervention from the gods and healers able to instantly heal wounds). There’s not that many rules out these days that act as a pure historical game anymore (what the word the marketing people keep saying……cinematic…that’s it).

    I’m sticking to my set of Skirmish rules from Tabletop Games (Sword and Shield by Richard Stevens), it’s stood me well for 30 odd years and probably will continue to do so (although newer gamers step back in shock at the amount of maths, D100s ets in such a little book) 😀

    Edit, I just wish there was someway to get hold of these old rules in a PDF (as probably a reprint would be business suicide), mind you looking at the prices they charge for a 38 page A5 booklet with card covers it’s insane 🙁

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