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Spring clean or taking stock

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    After seeing @avernos and @lloyd set out there “old” armies for Age of magic/Saga I decided to take stock of my armies and see what I have to finish or what needs to be added.

    What have you got left to do?

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    I have armies and boxes of troops still in their cellophane wrap, every time I open a box I find something I forgot I had bought or backed on Kickstarter.  I don’t need a Spring Clean, more like an intervention!



    I have a spreadsheet of shame that covers “most” of my things to finish (that I already own, same as @robert, all in packaging awaiting attention)…
    Problem is there are things not on there that would be “needed” to complete armies… (I say complete as no army is never complete, but to the place I’d like to get them to)



    I’ve got a spreadsheet of shame too, lots of WW2 in various scales and older warhammer armies in need of finishing.

    I’ve started setting myself points goals with friends to encourage me to finish painting stuff but as always, buying stuff is way quicker and easier to do than the painting.

    Currently working on a Winter themed german bolt action 28mm army, i dare not think of whats next just in case i get distracted early.

    I have started collecting a 4th ed WHFB lizardman army which can sub in for a Warlords of Erehwon force but thats for another time.



    Don’t know what you’re talking about. Everything I’ve got is painted, and I don’t have any Kickstarters coming either. Are you a spy for my wife?



    ohhh man,


    40k Chaos Army

    40k Orks

    40k Imperial guard (so close to being done, but not into 40k for the last while)

    WHFB Orcs and Goblins (which may get retooled soon for 9th Age)

    WHFB High Elves (Again, 9th age re-tool) but these have been around on sprue since…2004?

    WHFB Brets – Decided I’ll just redo this to 5th era standards (again for 9th age) with the exception of pegasus knights.

    I have a bunch of 20mm Vietnam stuff to work on

    I have 2 28mm ww2 armies (Canadians, Fallschirmjaeger) that are in varying states of work

    my 28mm roman/Allemanni project which is currently at “I bought the models and their boxes sit as decoration”

    So yea… I have to start finishing stuff!


    Oh and i just had a kid, so I now have like…no time lol.



    Between the spring clean and the hype of Age of Magic I’ve been hoking through my parent’s attic and pulling out boxes of my Oldhammer Empire army. The old metal Steam Tank is still an awesome mini! Turns out I was an ok painter at 14/15 – probably better than I am now after a 20+ year break!! 🙈

    Don’t really have room for them in my own house but when has that ever stopped us!!

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    Lets see working from latest !

    20 Modern tanks and vehicles for Tanks the Modern Age
    12 MTB’s, E boats Destroyer and whole Italian fleet for Cruel Seas
    8 buildings for Adeptus Titanicus (also can be used for Tanks)
    Decals to put on Warlord Titan to finish 1st Maniple, 2 to build
    3x rougue Pskers , 3 Chaos Marines and Armbull for Blackstone Fortress
    Full box of Speed Freak, Shadow Spear, Urban Warfare and Overkills to build and paint
    Two buildings to finish Killteam
    40 odd Orks and trucks
    All the models from Warhammer Conquest
    40 odd 15mm WW2 tanks
    Dropfleet phr fleet to build and complete
    5 tanks and mechs for an American 1947 army,
    6 Byzantine cataphracts for Saga
    Boxes of Mage Knight Figures to sort into warbands for Saga Magic

    Think I need to retire, though have asked to go part time partly to do above.



    On visible projects near painting table am one behind Gerry on 10!



    Have a few armies I need to flesh out as follows

    high elves….more mounted troops and chariot.

    dark elves ….more bow men, more spearmen,more corsiars,just more and more.

    humans…..more foot knights . I have found out that I have a cavalry fetish of sorts.

    orcs & goblins… ok no need to get any more but if the shinny syndrome hits …well 😂

    chaos….more generic chaos warriors to build on what I have and maybe some demons.

    skeletons….way too many…this was my first and will be my last army.I think!

    beastmen…. can use to bolster chaos might need a few more big guys.

    dont have any  skaven/ratmen….ohhhh could collect them😆😔😆

    can mix and match some of the above armies with dryads and other stuff to cobble a fey army.

    @caileendeas what have you got that I don’t know about lol.

    That is only my fantasy stuff have all the other genres ,historic WWII,sci-fi etc


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    Trying to count the armies I’ve got to do is like trying to count the stars in the universe or grains of sand on a beach …

    it might be easier to do the latter 😉

    I ain’t got no shame. I just find it incredibly hard to focus and finish one … *ooh* shiny




    I’ll try to make a decision before the challenge ends!

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