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Star Grave Solo game Quarentine 37

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    Game 1 opening the lifts


    the Crew of the Silent nova split up whilst searching research station 37

    Captain Sparks took

    rachet   ( recruit with pistol hot shot pack)

    Clank ( burner )

    Gorgana  {Ana} ( chisiler )

    Ishvaharrr ( trooper )


    in search of the cargo lifts to get further into the building


    before the game Sparks activated his drone and made temporary improvements to his armour

    then led his crew into the building


    little did they know that the research station had been conducting experiments on sentients and ended up creating monsters.


    walking into the cargo doc Sparks and his crew split up searching for anything that might be useful loot and for the lift doors


    before they knew it they were set upon by the Zombies , and what also looked to be former gards that had also become zombies .


    running for their lives the crew raced through the cargo dock leaving Sparks and Ratchet to take up the rear and alow the others to press forward


    Ana managed to unlock a create that has sensor tendrils  and the drone managed to get a download of the next few floors from the data console .

    Ishvaharrr climbed on to some creates in the midile of the cargo dock and started laying down suppressive fire, unfortunatly Sparks and Ratchet got bogged down in zombies , Ratchet jumped in front of Sparks saving him from a nasty Zombiwe bite but in the process casing himself to fall unconscious

    sparks with his big Spanner smashed the surrounding Zombies and managed to drag Ratchet to one of the lifts whilst Ishvaharrr and ana laid down fire and held the zombies off


    the whole squad made it into the lift and with some patching up Ratchet was good to go .


    whilst the others were talking Ratchet took stock of him did notice that the bite on his calf was itchy and ooozed yellow puss but didn’t hurt,

    this was going to be the crews biggest score and Ratchet didn’t want to disappoint them so he ignored it


    Mission 2 willl follow


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