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    It was probably reported last month by the diehard indie cinephiles  but the awesome fanfilm Vader Episode 1:Shards of the Past has just blown me away. Likely all the Star Wars:Legion fans have mobbed it and watched it a few times. I just wanted to drag this into the mix to give some love to an awesome IP that has come back full Force to fans.



    Yep, entirely fan made.  Stand up guy went to lucas arts films to get approval for it.  They couldn’t of course, but they said he can still do it as long as he doesn’t crowd fund or monetize it any way shape or form.   So out of his own pocket, he went ahead.

    The video was a huge hit.

    Then it was copy claimed by Disney/Warner Chapel, so they could monetize it and collect their hard earned money.  Which they did.

    Literally, making bank on some one elses hard work and financial expenditure.

    When contacted by the guy about it.  Disney/warner basically told him to back off and if he even tries to appeal it or make waves, they will copyright strike the video and have his entire channel deleted by youtube.    His youtube channel is literally his livelihood, for the record.

    Classy move.   So yeah.  Awesome IP coming back to the “fans” indeed, as long as Disney/warner get their cut and the fans keep their damn mouths shut.


    I think Lucas Arts has gotten involved now, on the creators side.  Not sure how that turned out.


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    I watched just now, it’s 3 weeks old. It seems that LucasArts have got Disney to back off, and it’s running as intended!

    I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the film. It has been very well done.


    I’ll say that fan films have been on Youtube for a bit andthe quality has always been surprising.

    The first one I saw was Batman/Predator/Alien

    The latest one was Fallout: Red Star

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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